Outdoor Kitchens – Designing the Perfect Backyard Cooking Station

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Do you love to cook in the lap of nature? Do you enjoy having a barbecue in the backyard and relishing it with your family and friends? If the answer to the questions is yes, then you would love the idea of an outdoor kitchen. If you are considering to set-up a kitchen outdoors, you might want to make best out of your money and space. In-depth planning and understanding of what you need would be the very first step towards a beautiful outdoor kitchen. A well-thought design which either gives a different touch to your home or carries on the same theme. Let us see what are the things we should keep in mind before going for an outdoor kitchen.

The spend

Remodeling the house can cost you a lot, and an outdoor kitchen would need some changes even inside the home to make perfect sense of such a kitchen. The design, marbles, cabinets, etc. could cost you anywhere between $2800 to $13000 according to the level of details and functionality you want in the kitchen. Such a cost can be reduced by using affordable materials. A professionally designed kitchen could increase the aesthetics of the home and make the outdoor kitchen a part of the home rather than an extension. It is not a secret that if such outdoor areas are properly developed you might as well observe hike in your property price.

The design

If you want to control your cost and do not want to hire a professional designer just to decide the layout your kitchen, you could look at different images and use them as a reference. These images can be given to professional construction services which could do the drill for you. These construction experts can make the same design or can tweak the changes which you demand. There are multiple designs you can choose from ranging from U-shaped to island designs.

You should choose the layout with utmost care depending on the spatial constraints and other requirements. Although there are multiple basic designs, but you are free to deviate from the normal and add your personal touch by including additional accessories. Creative and custom designs are what is going to set your outdoor kitchen apart from the others. Some common designs and layout which you can look for are

  • U-shaped & L-shaped: If you want to make your kitchen look much more organized, this is the design you should look for. This layout helps in dividing the kitchen in specific parts.
  • Basic Island: This design keeps things short and simple. Keeping the kitchen fixtures to a bare minimum like the sink and preparing stations.


Making an outdoor kitchen on a strong foundation such as a deck in the backyard could save you a lot. Little things such could ruin the perfect plans such as the direction of the winds, which could direct the steam and smoke towards the home. Holding large parties and gatherings would also need much of free space for accommodation and sitting arrangements. In such a situation, a U-shaped or L-shaped layout could be beneficial.

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