Practical Design Tips for a Small Kitchen

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A small kitchen can often become a nightmare, if it is not planned well. Lack of planning can often end a small kitchen in a chaos, which would be a storage disaster. Often, a small kitchen ends up in a clutter with household items being left at the countertop, and appliances which can’t be shifted elsewhere. If you do have a small kitchen, and if you are facing storage issues in the kitchen, then you have come to the right place, because we have got some tips for you, which would let you make your kitchen a more effective and uncluttered place. But, for that, you need to make design changes in your kitchen.

Cabinet Heights

If you want to increase the area that you can use in the kitchen, then one of the most effective methods is by increasing the heights of the wall cabinets that are already in place. This will make some of the space intended for the wall cabinet clear, where you can keep stuffs.

Use Alcoves

Alcoves are a great addition to a small kitchen. Since, in small kitchens the floor space is limited, using alcoves will save you the floor space, and at the same time give you an extra storage space. Look around the kitchen to find out ways that you can make storage cabinets without actually reducing the floor space.
If you have a considerable budget, then you can even go for a pantry, and then install custom cabinetry, to make it look more natural. This would be a great addition considering the design perspective as well as from the storage perspective.

Vary Depth

If you are thinking of having cabinets at a depth of 300mm, then you can easily ask the designer to increase the depth up to 600mm, which would give you more space. Also, at the same time, ask your designers to mount the cabinets or to make cabinets above the prep area, so that you get enough space at the countertop to keep utensils or other things.

Eating Area

A dining zone is one of the most loved areas in the house. Since, this is where the family gets together at the of the day to have their food, you need to make this area a little spacious and comfortable. But, at the same time, it should look aesthetic and should go well with the kitchen.
Keeping all of those in mind, you can go for tables which can be changed in to a sofa or something like that. A circular table will also give a good look to the dining area and, is also easy to move around from place to place.

Dual Purpose Surfaces

If you are having your dining area in the kitchen only, then, to make sure that you don’t waste the space, you can install a floor cabinet. Above that would be a countertop, which would act as a dining table. This would look aesthetic.
The countertop should have an identical look to that of the existing countertops already in the kitchen. The dining area should not look, as if it has been made differently. It should look as if it is a part of the whole kitchen.

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