Preparations You Need To Make Before You Get Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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People find it difficult to go to wax their hair every once or twice a month. They wish they had a permanent solution for this and to all those, and if you are one of them, your wish has finally come true because you can opt for permanent laser hair removal treatment without worrying about growing your hair back. Instead of going for waxing appointments every now and then for all your life, now you can remove your hair permanently in just two or three sittings. Hair removal can be challenging, and one needs to be fully prepared for it mentally and physically.

People who are opting for hair removal treatment should know that they have to make some preparations before they visit the dermatologist for their first appointment:


Keep out of the sun:

If you are going to the dermatologist for hair removal treatment, you will have to keep in mind that you do not expose your body to the sun that may cause burns. The burn will cause excruciating pain in the body while hair removal. It is not only about the sunburns, but you will have to make sure to prevent your body from tan.


No plucking and waxing:

If you want to remove your hair permanently through laser, you have to stop plucking or waxing your hair three to four weeks before the appointment. Laser treatments work by targeting the roots of the hair, and if you pluck or wax them, it won’t be easy to find the target root, and you will not get the desired results.


Shave the area:

You will have to shave the hair before the appointment, so you do not have to suffer the burns, and every hair follicle can be targeted with ease. Waxing and plucking of the hair are on the plate but shaving 24 to 42 hours prior will be beneficial for you. You might be thinking, why not waxing but shaving? It is because the laser has to target the pigment in the roots, and it becomes easy when you have shaved the area, unlike waxing or plucking.


No bleaching:

Bleaching the area where you want permanent hair removal is a big no-no. Bleach will color the pigments, and it will be difficult to find the target by laser. This will lead to no accurate results, and you will come back disappointed. If you want to get the best results, you have to put down the bleach at least four weeks before the hair removal appointment.


Talk to the laser professional:

Before you decide to opt for laser hair removal, you should talk to the laser professional and tell them about your medical history, if any. They will help guide you in the right direction so you can know the consequences before going with the said option. Hair removal treatment is a complicated task, and you should know that not everyone is suitable for this treatment. If you are on any medications, you will have to open about it to the professional to make sure this is right for you.

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