Questions To Ask Before Hiring Basement Waterproofing Contractor

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If you want to have a beautiful and inviting basement throughout the year, then make sure to prevent excessive moisture from trickling into it. The best way to protect your basement is to hire an experienced basement waterproofing company. You may think of DIY waterproofing, but it is a bit difficult. You cannot do it as efficiently as a professional can. 


However, selecting the right waterproofing company can be an overwhelming task. With so many companies available, it becomes difficult to spot the best one. Not all waterproofing contractors have the right skills to do the job correctly. In order to make sure that you hire a reliable waterproofing contractor, ask them the following set of questions. Getting answers to these questions, you can find whether the company is worth hiring or not. 


Question 1. Are you licensed?

The first and the most important thing that you need to check when hiring a basement waterproofing company is its reliability and validity. The best way to do this is to check the presence of the license. Any professional receive license from higher authorities after undergoing proper training. Thus, the license indicates authenticity. If the company denies showing the license, look for some other waterproofing contractor. 


Question 2. Do you have insurance?

The second important thing that you should not forget asking about is insurance. Basement waterproofing contractor has to be insured; otherwise, you may have to face unwanted debts. So, make sure that the company has liability as well as worker’s compensation insurance. 


Question 3. Can you provide references?

A good company always maintain a list of its worthy clients. So, you can ask them to provide you with a list of referrals. You may think that this step is not important. But, if you want to receive the best waterproofing services, then this step is a must. Talking to their previous clients, you will be able to know whether the company is worth hiring or not. 


Question 4. From how long you have been working as a waterproofing contractor?

More the number of working years more will be the experience. The knowledge gained through experience is priceless. A knowledgeable professional can provide better services, thus, making your basement waterproof on a more efficient way. So, make sure to ask about the number of years the company has been into the waterproofing business.


Question 5. What is the best solution to my problem?

Asking the solution to your problem, you can judge whether the contractor has the right waterproofing knowledge or not. The way they answer your question will also let you know how they work and how they view their profession. 


Question 6. How long will it take to complete the waterproofing job?

Now, this is also an important question that you should not skip asking. Answer to this question will let you discover how much time will the professionals work in your home and will you be available during that time period. 


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