Questions to Ask Before Hiring Residential Cleaning Services

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I know how hard it is to manage work with cleaning your house. Therefore, many people tend to hire home cleaning services to deep clean and sanitize their house, which they cannot do on their own.


The environment you live in must be maintained and free from all sorts of germs and if you cannot take up the job in your hands, then relying on cleaning services is the best alternative.


Hiring a cleaning service for the first time could be intimidating since every company offers different deals and have a unique way of working. If you are perplexed about which company to hire? The best way is to do some research, compare and create a list of questions to ask from them before enlisting.


Here are some questions that will narrow down your choices-


How do they set their home cleaning charges?


Before finalizing the company, it is better to ask whether they charge by hours, a day or on a monthly basis? Or According to the number of employees and projects? There are numerous ways of paying the company depending upon their plans so go for the one that is up to your expectations.


What type of services are included?


Ask them what services do they provide since you don’t want to end in disappointment after you hire them and do not get a particular service. When discussing with them, outline what daily tasks are included in their cleaning schedule. If they are providing the required service at a fair price, that is a deal you must accept.


What services aren’t included?


There are usually many items that fall out of certain cleaning services and you must know them. They may require a special program or may fall under a different category. Therefore, get yourself cleared with the services that you need and the ones the company is ready to provide.


What cleaning products will they use?


That’s the most important question since you must know what kind of cleaning products and chemicals they will be using in your house. This is necessary because there may be people in your family who are allergic to certain chemicals.


Apart from knowing about the cleaning products, find out whether the company provides its own supplies or you need to purchase them. If you are concerned about the products, mention them to use organic or mild cleaners.


What experience do they have cleaning the house?


The more the experienced staff, the less will be the errors and mistakes during the work. Is the staff well trained and qualified? You can check the reviews of their previous customers on their sites, which will provide you with ample information regarding their work style and staff.


Is their company insured?


Check whether the home cleaning service you intend to hire carries liability insurance and bonds incase workers are injured. Insurance will provide you with the security and peace that if any damages occur, they will be taken care of.


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