Questions to Ask When Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

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After a serious accident securing compensation for injuries can be a challenging task. You may need to hire a personal injury lawyer to file a claim. Personal injury lawyers are specialized professionals who go through intensive schooling and education before representing their clients. Thus, because of their expertise, they can make your life easier. However, you cannot hire any lawyer for the settlement. You need an experienced professional who can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf efficiently. Moreover, the lawyer is someone who will work with you very closely. So, you must feel comfortable with him/her. For this reason, prefer meeting three to four reputed lawyers of your area and then take the final decision.


Probing further, choosing a reliable personal injury lawyer might seem a difficult task. But it is not so if you ask a few relevant questions before hiring an attorney. To help you, I have jotted important questions below that you should not forget asking.


Question #1. From how many years you have been serving as a personal injury lawyer?

Although this question alone cannot help in judging the expertise of the lawyer, it’s a good question to start your conversation. Answer to this question will also help in knowing about the experience of an attorney. More the number of working years more will be the experience and hence more knowledgeable the lawyer will be. So, prefer hiring a professional who is having enough experience to help you with your case.


Question #2. How many cases do you handle at a time? 

If you want your lawyer to handle your case competently, it is important to ensure that he does not take too many cases at once. So, it is always good to know about the cases the lawyer work on at a time. If you think that he/she does not have enough time to dedicate to your case, then look for some other lawyer.


Question #3. What kind of strategies do you use?

It is a great question to ask as you can get a good about the strategies of individual lawyers that they use as the case proceeds. Some lawyers are impulsive while others are patient. It is up to you to decide whose strategy can work best for you. You have to think smartly while taking the decision.


Question #4. Have you ever handled the case similar to mine?

There are some people who only want an experienced attorney. If you are also the one, asking this question can be a great help. No doubt, having experience in a similar case cannot define the success rate. But, it will definitely be helpful as lawyer already knows in advance what problems can be faced in such a case.


Question #5. What will be my total cost?

Different personal injury attorneys have different fees criteria. So, it is suggested to ask the lawyer before asking.

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