Questions to Ask When Hiring Personal Injury Lawyer

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Selecting a personal injury lawyer to secure compensation for your injuries can be a daunting task. It is not easy to find someone who can be trusted for legal cases. With so many personal injury lawyers claiming themselves as the best, it becomes challenging to find an honest person who is not only affordable, qualified and trustworthy but also represents your interests efficiently for settlement. But, by interviewing the attorney, you can determine whether the professional is worth hiring or not.


Below are a few essential questions that you should not skip asking your personal injury lawyer. You will be working with your lawyer quite closely, so make sure to check the way he treats you while answering your questions.


Question #1. From how many years you are working as a personal injury attorney? 

This question is important if you want to learn about the experience of the lawyer. More number of years means more experience and hence, more knowledgeable will be the lawyer. Because of years of practice and gathered knowledge, the lawyer can secure compensation for you efficiently.


Question #2. How much do you charge for handling the case? 

Learning about the fees of the lawyer, you will get to know whether you can afford him/her or not. It should not be too low or too high. Make sure to hire that lawyer who handles your case at competitive prices. Also, don’t forget to ask them about the fees if your case ends up in court.


Question #3. What different types of cases do you handle? 

It is imperative to ask about the different types of cases that lawyer handle. Some lawyers practise general law, and some handle special cases only. Try looking for a personal injury lawyer as he/she has studied the rules and laws for personal injury in-depth and hence will understand the case in a better way.


Question #4. Can you provide the list of references? 

Hiring an attorney after talking to his/her past clients is a smart approach to choose the most trusted services. If the lawyer denies rendering you with the reference list, then there is something wrong or lawyer is not confident enough about his/her work. In such case prefer looking for some other reputed personal injury lawyer who readily provides you with the contact details of his/her previous clients.


Question #5. Who will be working on my case? 

Some law firms are run by a single lawyer, and some are run by a team of attorneys. So, ask the lawyer whether he will handle the case or it will be handed over to some other professional. Meet the lawyer in person who will be working on your case.


Question #6. How can I stay in touch with you? 

Learn about the mean of communication with which an attorney will keep you informed. It will then become easy for you to talk to the lawyer if you have any query.


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