Questions to Ask When Installing Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors blend well with the rest of the decor of your house. If you are thinking of getting them installed, then you must know that they are available in many types- oak flooring, maple flooring and cherry flooring and all of them are good choices. But the problem here is even if you buy costly hardwood flooring for your home and they are not installed properly, they can wear out easily.


Finding a professional hardwood floor installer is the real task. Randomly calling any contractor can leave you in trouble at times. However, doing some research and contacting a reliable installer can be beneficial since he is trained in the process. How can you find a reputable hardwood installer? Here are some questions that will help you select the one who is right for the job-


What type of hardwood floor is best for your home?


When you have decided to get hardwood flooring for your home, you must discuss it with your contractor. Although you have selected the hardwood and have a good idea about it yet taking expert advice from an experienced contractor can help you explore the other options too. For instance, you might have gone through the advantages of the bamboo, but maybe options like hickory were more suitable.


If your contractor has a vast knowledge and can guide you correctly then choosing him for the job is the best idea.


Are they insured and certified to do the job?


Make sure the company you are choosing for the work is insured and provide the appropriate documentation. Many people overlook the step, but it is important to have a security of work if something goes wrong. This is what insurance is for. If a company is insured, they will probably take all the measures to maintain the integrity of their work.


What is their anticipated installation timeline?


A contractor must be able to explain to you the installation procedure, time required and other related information. They must be able to work according to your time limit and prior to the arrangements, make sure to know whether the old flooring will be removed by them or not.


How will they handle unexpected installation issues?


Issues can happen anytime during the installation process, maybe due to the damaged or unrepaired subfloor. Your hardwood installation contractor must be able to handle all the arising problems with comprehensive solutions and appropriate equipment.


What do they charge for the installation?


Different contractors have different charges; some may offer free estimates, while others can charge a standard fee. Therefore, never hire a contractor without getting an accurate in-home estimate. Besides knowing the expenses of your contractor, ensure that the hardwood floor you are purchasing is worth the cost.


What does their flooring warranty include?


It is mostly seen that most contractors offer at least one year of warranty while others can provide an extension too on the material. Ask your contractor about the warranty before buying the material.

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