Questions to Ask Your Garage Door Company

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Are you looking for a garage door company for installation services? Don’t know what to ask the contractor before hiring? If yes, then you are at the right site. In this article, I will let you know what important questions you should ask your garage door contractor to ensure that he is reliable.


So, without wasting any time, let us see the list of questions you need to ask the garage door installer.


Questions #1. From how many years you are working as a garage door installer? 

The first and the most pressing question that you should ask your garage door contractor is about his experience. More the number of years he has been working as a garage door installer more will be his experience and knowledge. Hence, you will receive outstanding services because of years of experience. As garage door needs to be installed in a perfect way, don’t hire an amateur contractor to save a few bucks.


Questions #2. What services do you provide? 

It is necessary to learn about the services that garage door contractor offers, especially if you are looking for a commercial garage door company. It is so because not all residential garage door installers provide services for commercial garage doors. Moreover, asking this question initially your time will be saved as you will get to know in advance, whether it is useful to hire the contractor or not. If no, then there is no fun to interrogate him further.


Question #3. Do you have a license and insurance? 

Presence of insurance and license with the garage door contractor is paramount. License signifies authentication and insurance protects you against uncertain situations that can happen at your place during installation. Moreover, a professional is provided with the license only if he completes his training and all the legal formalities to start his business. So, make sure to hire the contractor who is licensed and insured as well. If the garage door installer denies showing his certifications, then there is something fishy, or he is not an ethical person. In such a situation, look for some other company.


Question #4. How many garage doors have you installed till date? 

More number of doors installed means the contractor has reached the level of perfection with regular practice, and therefore, you will get clean and flawless services.


Question #5. Can you offer a cost estimate?

Never forget to ask this question as it will aid you in making the right decision. Collecting cost estimates, you will be able to compare the services and prices of different contractors, and it will become easy for you to hire the one who meets your needs and budget too.


Question #6. Will you provide me with references? 

Expect a yes in return. With the reference list, you will be able to contact the past clients of the garage door contractor and ask them whether they were pleased by the services of the garage door installer or not.


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