Questions to Ask Your Hardwood Flooring Installer before Hiring

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Whether you are constructing a new house or revamping the old one, floor installation is the most crucial project which you should not overlook. While selecting the floor for your place, make sure to consider your lifestyle and house style. And to ensure that the flooring is installed perfectly, you need an experienced floor installer.


With several hardwood floor installers available, it is not easy to find the most reliable one. However, by asking the following questions, you can learn about the installer and ascertain that you are hiring the best one.


Question #1. Are you licensed and insured? 

These two documents are crucial, and every professional floor installer must have them. Presence of license and insurance indicates that the installer is trustworthy and has taken all the vital steps that are important to run the business legally. License signifies that the installer has acquired the right knowledge and is allowed by the higher authorities to provide floor installation services.


Moreover, you can rest knowing that you will be covered if a mishap occurs or something goes wrong. You will not be held liable for anything that happens during the project at your place. So, make sure to check whether the installer is licensed and insured or not.


Question #2. From how long you have been working as a floor installer?

This is the most important question that you should not skip asking at any cost. The answer to this interrogation will help you in knowing whether the floor installer is experienced or not. Only hire the installer with maximum experience. It is because with experience comes the right knowledge. Experienced professional has attained perfection in his job because of several years of work. An amateur will never be able to match that level of perfection.


Question #3. What type of hardwood flooring is best for me?

If you have decided to install hardwood flooring in your home, then you must be having an idea about the types of hardwood flooring. But, an experienced contractor can provide you with expert advice. He can suggest which kind of flooring will be best for you depending on your home’s style. Additionally, by asking this question, you will learn whether the installer has enough knowledge about hardwood flooring or not.


Question #4. How do you handle unexpected installation issues?

Issues can arise anytime during the project. So, your hardwood floor installer must have a pre-prepared plan to handle unexpected problems. See whether your installer can handle the issues efficiently and ask about how the total cost of the project will be affected.


Question #5. Can you provide references?

Speaking to the past clients of the floor installer will let you have an idea about how your experience can be with the contractor. Ask them how they were treated and if they will hire the installer in future or not. If they were satisfied with the work of the contractor, you can consider hiring him.

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