Rhinoplasty: Have You Selected The Right Surgery Technique?

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If you need to change the appearance of your nose, you can easily achieve that goal by going through the procedure known as rhinoplasty. But it’s not just people who are concerned about the size and shape of their noses who have a nose job, since the procedure can also be used for corrective purposes in helping you deal with breathing problems.

Surgery of the nose may be achieved through several methods:

1. The Open Method Of Nose Surgery

You can easily tell that someone has gone through the open technique of surgery if he/ she has a tiny scar. Such scarring occurs simply because the procedure involves making an incision on your nose. The normal site for such an incision is the small strip of skin found between your nostrils. Hence, a visible scar would be found on the underside of your nose. Moreover, if you do have a dark skin complexion, you are more likely to have visible scarring compared to someone who has a lighter skin complexion.

The process of applying this open technique is quite simple and straightforward. After making the incision on your columella (the part of your nose between your nostrils), your surgeon would lift the skin off the top of your nose. This will allow him/ her to access the cartilage and bone in your nose for the actual reshaping procedure.

Despite the fact that an open technique would cause scarring, unlike a closed surgical method, it is actually much more efficient than the closed technique. Indeed, the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons notes that your surgeon would have a much better visualisation of the anatomy of your nose. This enables manipulation of your nasal shape to be performed with much greater precision.

2. Closed Technique

If you wouldn’t like to have any visible scarring, the closed technique would be a good solution. The reason why visible scarring doesn’t occur in this technique is simply because incisions are made inside your nose, rather than having it done on the tip of your nose.

However, there isn’t much difference in what is done during reshaping of your nose in the closed method, as compared to the open method: as soon as your skin has been separated from underlying bone and cartilage, such underlying structures can be reshaped to suit your desired look.

Despite the benefit of having no scarring after surgery, this procedure has the disadvantage of limited freedom in reshaping your nose. This is largely due to the fact that your surgeon wouldn’t have direct visualization of the internal structures he/ she is working on.

Regardless of the procedure used, an expert surgeon would always strive to deliver a natural-looking nasal appearance. There’s no way you can ever be fully satisfied with a nose that doesn’t look as if it’s part of your face. Hence, expert cosmetic surgeons would always consider naso-facial harmony as a critical aspect in choosing the most appropriate look for your particular face.

During consultation with your surgeon, you’re sure to get extensive advice on the most appropriate re-structuring of your nose. You would also be thoroughly examined, in order to identify what would work best for you.

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