Signs You Need Windshield Replacement

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Just like an engine, the windshield is an important part of your vehicle. For proper visual navigation, a clear and flawless windshield is a must. However, many car or truck owners do not pay attention to the sings of windshield replacement. The main reason behind their ignorance is that they presume windshield replacement is costly. But in reality, the replacement is not at all expensive when its benefits come into action.


Windshield damage can lower your visibility, that can lead to accidents. And if you consider windshield timely replacement, you and your co-passengers will be saved from any mishap.


Mostly, people go for windshield replacement only when it is cracked or totally broken. But several other signs indicate that your vehicle needs windshield replacement and it is advised not to overlook them. Let’s see what those signs are.


  1. You have a wide crack on your windshield – According to experts if the size of the crack is more than 1.25 inches, then you should consider windshield replacement. And if it is lesser then go for repair as soon as possible. Otherwise, the crack will widen, and the situation will get worse with time.


  1. The damage is blocking your view -While driving your vision should not be compromised in any way. Even one small chip hindering your view can put you in trouble. So, get your windshield replaced if you are unable to see through it clearly.


  1. Your vehicle inspection is coming up – If you live in a region where chips, cracks, and damages in the windshield can lead to vehicle failure, then it becomes even more important to replace the windshield. Neglecting the cracks when inspection day is near, you can face trouble from the officials. Be smart and don’t leave your qualification for inspection renewal on God.


  1. Your windshield has experienced harsh winters -Winter is the season that can be extremely cruel with your windshield. Rain, snow and hailstorm damage the glass of your windshield that can obstruct your view. Thus, it is crucial to pay attention to the condition of the windshield and get it checked for replacement. If a replacement is suggested, then go for it at the earliest.


  1. The PVB is parting from the glass -PVB stands for Poly Vinyl Butyral. It is a transparent sheet attached to your vehicle’s windshield for protection. It is this PVB that ensure the glass does not break into small pieces on collision.


To see if the PVB is separating or not, notice the edges of the windshield. If you see the white haze, then it indicates that glass and nylon are imparting like the red sea. It simply means that it’s time to replace the windshield.


If you notice any of the above signs in your car’s windshield, then your next move should be to go to auto glass replacement professional. They will carefully examine the glass and will efficiently replace it.


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