How to Stay Safe from Internet Scams and Frauds-10 Tips

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Hasn’t internet become a part and parcel of our daily life? What do we want to wear, where to go for a night out, what do you want to eat? Every small thing starting from scratch, from rags to riches is available online now. When it comes to gifting, eating, dancing in a dance bar, internet has answers to each and every question of yours. But when it comes to the internet safety, we seldom heed it. We end up getting caught in nasty nuisances which we never intended to commit. But nonetheless not everyone is aware of the mishaps which can ruin your life in minutes. It is better to keep a distance from such happenings and row your boat in the still waters. Let us have a look on some of the handy and easy to perform tips if you don’t want yourself to get caught in risky businesses. There are many different types of cyber-crime. You don’t want to end getting all messed up.

10. Avoid scams


The net can be a great place for those who wish to have fun and gain some knowledge at the same time. But not everyone has good intentions. Some may harm you like you would have been never stroked before. One wrong step and your personal information will be in the wrong hands put to no good use.

9. Lock your screen


Ever forgot to lock the front door to your room? Why not lock your laptop screen as well? You never keep your phone without a passkey. But you seldom heed towards security reasons for your laptop. Reduce the time out for your screen. Hide any important documents from the desktop. Do not give your friends or strangers any chance to steal away important information and blame them later for their bad deeds. It is your irresponsibility which makes you the victim.

8. Sign out!


How much time does a typical sign out take? 2 seconds or may be a slow network connection can fetch you more than a minute. I am sure it will not cause you any harm when it comes to hacking. Two seconds or a minute stand nowhere compared to long time repentance. We often forget to sign out of G mail or Facebook accounts out of laziness. But it is a blunder on our part not to sign off properly from any social networking or email site. We might think that no one would take the pains of logging in time and again on our laptop. We access these sites n number of times throughout the day so we ignore this small thing. Either do not give away your laptop to anyone or else sign out from every site that you have logged into.

7. Have a secondary id


Sometimes there are places when you are required to provide your email id. If not sometimes, these days identity circulation has become a common nuisance. It is the most effective way to get a sneak peek into your personal life. Create a secondary email identity which does not reveal your name or surname. You can use it to give it to your not so close mates or even to your professors.

6. Do not ignore Google security


Read those pages where you are asked to give your phone numbers carefully! Do not just scroll away and fill in the details. Read Google documents of security carefully and follow the steps. Do not ignore them for being the most boring read outs of the season. They may be hard to read but are very useful from your security point of view. Let us get a little more practical and aware at the same time. It will not any harm after all!

5. Use https


Do you often see that little red cross over your protocol? Is it bothering you like the little worms? It is time to give them a fix. It depends on your website and your computer security which gives you an edge over other malware. It may not allow you to access some of your daily routine sites but it will not do any harm. It is high time you take a break from such malware sites and give some secure rest to your system.

4. Don’t hesitate to report


It doesn’t matter to you much if it is a simple stalking in the beginning. But when it gets seriously worse never step back from reporting the crime. There are various provisions for reporting an abuse or a complaint. You just need a little more information. Most of us use internet but are unaware of such happenings around us. Make yourself aware of others and your system’s malware.

3. Don’t give away your phone or laptop


If your friends are way too adamant give a blunt no to them. Just answer them a negation when it comes to your privacy. Nobody has a clear mind regarding this. I am sure we are more interested to read our roomie’s messages on Facebook rather than checking out our lives. It is human psychology, do not let it ripen! Your laptop is your life. You cannot just hand it over to anyone who wants to watch a movie. If you are willing to do so, then use password for every folder containing important files. They can even change your network settings and spam your system with a malware. Horrendous it may sound, but it may happen!

2. Learn to distrust


Well it is a general advice for every one of us. Learn to distrust! You must have done enough with the good attitude which goes along with everyone. There are instances when you are left with gaping because of your friends’ disloyal behavior or a stab in your back. So when anyone comes to you and say let me use laptop to access internet, go along with them through it. Or better make an excuse. This way they will get the notion and will think twice before asking for it. Stay protected, stay internet safe!

1. Your password is the key


Isn’t it the most basic of all tips yet the most important one? Sometimes your passwords are distributed among your friends and kins. You may feel that it is in some safe hands. Learn to secure your passwords by making them hard to interpret. Construct longer passwords with alphabets, numerals and symbols. Do not throw away your passwords like old clothes. Of course it is an obvious reason but sometimes the most obvious reasons are the most neglected ones. Password should be just like your secret friend who should never reveal its identity to anyone save you. Internet can be fun if you try and follow these simple steps just to make sure that you are not stalked by every guy next door and are in the safe web area.

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