Steps to Fight Cellulite

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Cellulite is a common occurrence in women of all ages. It plagues women of different shapes and sizes alike. Most sources suggest that the dimpled appearance of cellulite happens due to imbalance in the connective tissue and fat in the body. The causes of this imbalance could be diet, lifestyle, hormones, genetics or a combination of these. Cellulite mostly settles on the thighs, belly, arms and buttocks. The chances of occurrence of cellulite in overweight women is greater as opposed to thin women. Here are a few tips to reduce the affects of cellulite, if not eliminate.

  1. Exfoliate

Selecting the correct moment to exfoliate is as essential as exfoliating itself. You must do it after a hot shower when the pores in the skin are fully open. Use a scrub that allows for deep cleansing and apply it generously to the affected areas. For best results, use circular, strong motions, working your way up from bottom to top. Wash the exfoliant and pat dry your skin.


  1. Prepare

A few necessary steps must be taken before applying the anti-cellulite cream. To prepare your skin, lightly stroke along the lines of muscles. Perform a palpate and roll to aid microcirculation. Gently take the skin your thumb and forefinger and massage it. Knead the skin to increase its elasticity. Take the skin on the affected areas with your full hand and left and massage them in a circular fashion.


  1. Treat

This is the most crucial part of the exercise. You must apply the anti-cellulite cream regularly to get the desired results. Apply the cream to the affected areas in circular movements, preferably in clockwise direction. For your legs start massaging from the back of your knees and then to the outside and inside of your thigh. For your belly and hips, massage the anti-cellulite cream into your hands and massage using strong and broad circular motions. Select a cream that suits your skin and give the desired outcome.


  1. Firm

It is important that you do not stop and proceed further to this step. After applying the anti-cellulite cream, use a firming cream. It helps you eliminate fatty tissues. For the cream to penetrate your skin, use circular motions from bottom to top. Pick a cream that suits yours skin type and is complimentary to anti-cellulite cream you are using.


Following the above routine would definitely help you reduce the effects of cellulite. You must make it a point to religiously stick to it to see any difference.

In addition to the above tips, you can also try a few other ways such as eating gelatin, which is known to tighten loose skin and help improve cellulite; myofascial massage, helps smooths the layer of connective tissue; consume omega-3s fatty acids, reduces imbalance of fatty acids and detox baths, which is claims to reduce toxin build up in skin and fat tissues.

Sometimes these are home remedies are not enough to eliminate cellulite. Nonetheless, you can always take professional help if required. A pro would be able to guide and help you in difficult situations.

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