Teacup Kittens – The Pros and Cons of a Smaller Size

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Pets have always motivated us to seek adventure, be affectionate, loving and loyal. Out of all the animals cats are one of the cutest, most interesting and loving animals. About two decades ago, none had heard of teacup, miniature and dwarf cats. A research showed smaller or miniature varieties of the pets made their owners more attached to their pets. Hence these shorter species of cats have recently attracted lots of people, who are dying to own them.

The market for small cats was literally nil in 1900s’ when they were introduced in the market, but after a decade there was a sudden boom to pet these beautifully small creatures. It is important to know the difference between smaller variants of cats. A miniature cat has a small body, all the limbs and the parts are in the ratio of the body size. On the other hand, the dwarf varieties have smaller limbs (legs) as in proportion and the ratio of the body size.

The origin of dwarf cats can be traced to genetic mutation which was heredity and miniature cats to sustainable selective breeding of the cats.


  • Humans are kind by nature and protect anything that is small, for example infants and small children. This instinct is affected when a teacup cat is purchased, making them satisfyingly cute and satisfying the protection giving instinct of the humans.
  • They are the choice of people with smaller homes and places, and these miniature cats fit in the small houses or apartments very well, as they might not need a very spacious place to live.
  • These cats are sociable, playful and active. They love to explore, you would be surprised to see how agile these cats can get when they jump around your kitchen and living room.
  • Their small size makes them harmless to kids, and thus are suitable to be their pets. Unlike extremely big species of dogs, who can harm the children or old people (generally they do not) these cats are too small to prove any harm.

There are also multiple disadvantages of petting a teacup cat.


  • Miniature cats need special care and as the cats get smaller more danger there is to keep the cats in outside environment, as there could be more predators, like large eagles, dogs etc. and also much grooming is needed like combing the coat.
  • There are multiple health problems which can affect the teacup cats. There could be bones (especially spine and rib cage) deformities.
  • People prefer smaller cats and the flattened faces give them a much more dwarf look. Hence selective breeding to get the desired results can lead to health problems like eating and breathing and their breeding could result in neurological imbalance, kidney diseases etc.

The biggest problem could be the age of the cats. Many a times the natural age could be as low as 10 days, which could be result of faulty breeding, and treating the diseases could easily burn a hole in your pocket.

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