The Top 3 Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin in 2019

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Are you wondering if Bitcoin is worth investing in? Bitcoin is the new darling of the digital age, creating a buzz in the financial market. But is Bitcoin really the get-rich-quick investment? Most people are curious to know if Bitcoin is worth investing. However, the answer to this question is somewhat complex.

If you want a quick answer to this question, consider two features of BTC coin that makes it great for investments. First, Bitcoin is limited in supply and secondly, it’s transparent. At the time of its creation, the supply of Bitcoin was fixed at 21 million. And as you know, anything which is scarce like gold becomes more valuable with time. Also, it only exists online which means that you don’t need to rely on any central bank or financial authority.

By looking at the last year’s steep price correction, some people believe that the “crypto bubble” may have finally burst. However, despite the recent price fluctuations, there are still several smart reasons to buy bitcoin in 2019. So, let’s take a look at the top reasons why investing in Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the world is a wise choice.

  1. Global Adoption

In just a few years, Bitcoin has become global. The global adoption rate of this cryptocurrency is on the rise despite the recent drop in its value. In 2018, the number of Blockchain wallet users increased considerably which indicates people’s increasing interest in bitcoin despite its price correction. There are numerous digital currencies but Bitcoin is the most popular crypto. Its adoption rate is highest as compared to the other cryptocurrencies because of its credibility. Bitcoin was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto with an aim to become the new form of money. In recent years, bitcoin adoption has reportedly expanded globally and in countries like Colombia and Venezuela, the bitcoin trading volumes has multiplied throughout 2018.

  1. Regulations

When it comes to investing in the crypto market, people are usually reluctant because the market is unregulated. But now there is good news for these fearful investors. During the G20 meetings in 2018, there was a serious discussion about bringing in a global regulatory framework for cryptographic assets. The lawmakers and financial regulators globally are looking for ways to impose rules for crypto assets similar to equity and forex trading. With these probable regulations, more investors will join the league. Moreover, Bitcoin exchanges are already regulated and KYC/AML checks are being implemented. In 2019, regulations are expected to make the bitcoin trading ecosystem more secure.

  1. Ongoing Development

Bitcoin is not static because developers are still innovating and improving technology. Bitcoin developers are continuously working on the development of the Bitcoin network. With these ongoing improvements, Bitcoin is becoming more secure and its scalability has also enhanced. Bitcoin cynics argue that altcoins with superior technology will replace Bitcoin in the future. However, this is not going to happen because there is regular development in the Bitcoin technology. In 2018, Bitcoin developers have also released the Lightning Network and the Liquid Network which is a proof that Bitcoin is here to stay.

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