Tips for Choosing the Right Outdoor Flooring

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Depending on the outdoor space, there a number of options to choose from when it comes to laying down new outdoor flooring, or replacing what is existing. The options range from vinyl and wood, to composite and concrete. But before deciding on a particular flooring, it is important to take into account the budget that is available, as well as whether or not one plans to install it by hiring a professional or on one’s own. Listed below are a few types of floors along with the area and situation that they would be best suited to.

  1. Vinyl Tiles: These tiles are an excellent option for outdoor areas that have roofs. Vinyl tiles can be placed on top of existing floors or on top of plywood. It is important to use tiles that are water resistant to weatherproof the flooring. There are a number of colours and patterns that are available and can be used to beautify the outdoor area. The advantage of using this type of flooring is that in the case of rot, only specific tiles that have been affected need to be replaced instead of the entire floor.


  1. Wooden Floors: Wooden floors are usually used for decks. It is important to ensure that the wood used has been treated. Wooden floors are stained, instead of being painted, and these stains come in a variety of colours. After the staining process is complete, it is important to use a sealer to ensure the colour remains. Wooden floors can also be covered using ornamental rugs.


  1. Composite Flooring: A new kind of flooring, composite flooring is now trending. These floors are made of recycled wood and plastic that is broken, blended, and moulded into blocks. This type of flooring is quite durable and can withstand different weather conditions. Further, the colour of the flooring remains and there is no need to repaint it. Composite flooring is perfect for patios and small sitting areas in gardens. These floors are also easy to maintain as all they require is a simple hosing to clear the dust and dirt.


  1. Concrete Floors: Concrete floors are ideal for patios and outdoor floor spaces. If the colour of concrete is unappealing, one can tint it or paint over it with any colour. However, the floor should be repainted regularly every two or three years to ensure that the finish on the floor remains. Concrete floors are extremely long lasting and are the ideal option for those looking for a permanent flooring solution.

The overall appeal of any outdoor space depends to a large extent on the flooring that has been used. For more elaborate looks, one can use vinyl tiles that look like wood and for a simple look, vinyl tiles that look like woven bamboo. Multiple kinds of tiles can be laid in a pattern for aesthetic appeal.

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