Tips for Getting started in IIoT

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The current age is moving towards Industrial IoT as more and more companies are stepping into connected systems. If you’re thinking of stepping in too, this article might ne helpful. Here are some tips for getting started in this journey.


Results of IIot first steps

Bsquare conducted a maturity study to ascertain how companies are actually adopting IIOT systems and how satisfactory they have found them using them. More than 300 companies with annual revenues of over $250 million took part in the study. The companies that took part were from three major industry sectors: Transportation, Manufacturing and Oil and Gas.


This survey showed that although many companies are excited about starting IIoT projects, the actual projects to be initiated are still very small in quantity. Among the respondents 86% are currently adopting IIoT. Most of them come from construction and transportation (89%) and manufacturing 77%. Approximately 85% of them believe it to be effective. The majority of the projects are based on connecting devices and machines either by cloud services or Ethernet. The rest involve data visualization.


Steps for companies entering the IIoT

A lot of companies are still thinking of how to start their IIoT journey. A recent guide from Michael McEnery, Professional Engineer and President of McEnery Automation outlined some useful steps which are mentioned below.


  1. Before you start the project, make sure that your company or the end user is committed to using it. The IIoT projects connect several devices to monitoring systems and sensors collecting huge amounts of data.


  1. Get familiar with the common applications of IIoT. Some of the most common tools include:
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Energy consumption
  • In-line quality sensors
  • Batch optimization
  • Inventory planning
  • Proportional-integral-derivative loop turning


  1. Having a secure and stable connection is essential for having a successful IIoT system. Due to the massive amounts of data being collected and the increased number of users on the network, an old outdated system can block your growth. First things to focus are network segmentation and boundary protection.


  1. Avoid getting distracted by the hype and numerous buzzwords that are created by the IIoT community. Some tools are developed all the time such as edge analytics and fog computing. This can become quite overwhelming. You should focus first on the development of basic systems such as network connection and implementation of sensors before using cloud based services and fog computing.


  1. Reach out the other vendors for IIoT solutions. IIoT is a growing business and there are various options for implementing methods and other technologies. Working with a vendor you know and trust will outweigh the benefits provided by other vendors.


  1. The main goal of any IIoT system is to recognize the improvements from the work. Work alongside other users to show how its going to benefit the company. Calculate the financial benefits and share these information with those who are supporting your project. They must know that their investments didn’t go to waste. It also helps with securing the financial investments for the development of your IIoT system in the future.

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