Tips for Keeping your Car Secure

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Your car is probably one of your most valuable possessions. In addition to its financial value, it probably has a lot of sentimental value attached to it as well. Your car also has an endless list of functions in your life and in fact, you may feel crippled if it is sent for servicing for a few days. Therefore, you need to make sure that you keep it safe and secure by implementing as many security measures as possible. Listed below are a few tips you can follow to keep your car safe-
1. Car Alarms- car alarms are the biggest way to prevent thieves from breaking into your car. The sound of the alarm usually intimidates the thief from proceeding as it alerts people in the vicinity to the theft. Irrespective of the make and model of your car, you can have an alarm fitted in it
2. Car Immobiliser- a car immobiliser is a device that prevents the car from being started without the use of a proper, original key. This means that thieves cannot use duplicate keys or even hot wire your car to steal it
3. Car Tracking- while this is certainly an expensive option, it will certainly be worth in in the long run. Car trackers that are placed in the car emit transmissions in the form of GPS or VHF. This allows you to track your car to its specific location even if that happens to be underground or in a storage space
4. Secured Parking- when you travel, make sure to park your car either in the garage or your driveway. When you go to different places, you should try your best to park your car in a lot that has attendants or ticket barriers. If you cannot find a secure parking lot, make sure that you park it in an area that has CCTV camera coverage and is well lit
5. Hide your Valuables: ideally, you should try not to leave any valuables in your car when you leave it unattended. Thieves would try to steal your valuables rather than your car as this is easier as well as safer for them. If you have to leave your valuables in the car, make sure to hide it in the boot or the glove compartment
6. Steering and Handbrake Locks: these are locks that you should put into place as a great way to deter thieves from breaking into your car. The function of these locks is to prevent the handbrake as well as the steering wheel from moving when they key is not in the ignition. So, even if a thief manages to break into your car, he will be unable to getaway in it
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