Top 10 1st Birthday Party Ideas and Themes

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Is your little one turning 1 soon and you are still not able to decide, what to do for the party? Don’t you worry we have got you the top 10 1st birthday party themes which are sure to make you and your little one smile through heart. For a child’s first birthday, there are a lot of things that needs to be done from the menu to the venue, from the gifts to the decorations; everything needs to be just perfect for this so very important party. Out of all the things the most important thing to be taken care of is the theme of the party, as this the base on which you will eventually decide your venue, menu, decorations, etc. So, read on and decide which one is best for your baby.


10. Princesses


If it’s a baby girl for whom you are planning this party, then I must tell you this one is every girl’s first love. You most start with dressing your little princess gown (surely something that suits her age), the dress must not be heavy. Then go on with the invitations, you can download and print various princess design invitations from the web that too free of cost. Add a lot of pinks and purples in the decorations and even in the party menu by including stuff like strawberry ice cream sundaes, pink frosting cupcakes, etc. And to make the party more fun, don’t forget to plan some activities for the kids. Some of the activities can be make your own tiara, princess’s makeover, etc.


9. Magical Fairy Garden

magical fairy garden

A super cute theme it is, which will make every child fall in love with it. Set up the whole party as a fairy garden. Select suitable invites and don’t forget to give the party a similar dress code, like everyone getting ready as pixies or other fairy land elements. Order for a good cake that suits the theme, maybe something like a fairy house. Set up the party in your garden and include a lot of flowers, butterflies, pixies, fairies, etc. in the decoration; in short add a lot of color to the party just like a magical garden. And you are all set to see a fairy magic at your place.


8. Airplane


Airplanes excite every kid, irrespective of their age. So why not bring down all those aircrafts in the play area on your baby’s birthday. Move on from the age old traditional colors like red, blue or white and instead bring on some pop with vibrant colors like orange, grey, turquoise, etc. Include some banners like “take flight” with sky color background with lots of clouds and airplanes. Keep the invitation strictly with the theme like maybe an airplane shaped invite. Though there is not much that you can alter in the menu for the theme, but yes you can improvise it like cloud and airplane shaped cookies, similar cake, world map printed party wares, etc.


7. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

mickey and minnie mouse

These are every kid’s favorite pals. Include lots of blacks, whites and reds in the decoration keeping it identifiable to Mickey and Minnie mouse. Bring quite a number of those mouse ears to be sent with the invitation, so that at the time of party your house will be full with mice and mouse and it should also be full with food for them. Get the candies and cookies in the shape of mickey’s face and big cake that too obviously with regards to the theme.  Apart from the balloons and banners, don’t forget to place Mickey and Minnie cut-outs and plush toys.


6. Cupcake Shoppe

cupcake shoppe

It has been a long way that we kept our cupcakes in accordance to theme, their colors matching the decorations and all have them decorated with various cake tops; so this time why not make everything else in accordance with cupcake. Yes, here I am talking about a Cupcake Shoppe themed birthday party. Make everything look as cute as a cupcake with all those pastel, light colors. You can even combine this theme with other elements like carousels so that you will have more options for decorations.  The best thing to do in this theme is include a huge cupcake shaped cake. And another help to you is that you can easily give away cupcakes as party favors.


5. Basketball


This is one theme that not only kids but every adult will also enjoy. Start with setting up everything in the shades of blue, black and most importantly orange. Going by the theme you can include a variety of orange and chocolate flavors in the menu too. Mark different areas of your venue in accordance to the different areas of a basketball court and decorate with labels and you can even set up photo booths like cutouts of famous players or something else. This theme gives you a lot of space to go creative.


4. Cute as Button

cute as button

I must say that things cannot get anymore cuter than this party theme. It is just lovable. Whatever is the shape or color of a button but it is an undeniable fact that they are so very cute in one or the other way. Things could not get any cuter than this for a little baby girl. Add pastel shades of pink, blue, green, etc. in the decoration. Cupcakes can be topped with eatable buttons or spools of thread. Get cute cookies in the shape of buttons of different sizes and colors. This will not just add to the simplicity of the party but take it to a different class. Make the invite a very sweet and girly one with fun usage of words describing the theme, like “sew” can be used for “so” and so on.


3. Circus


Take any kid to circus and more than enjoying the circus, you will enjoy your child’s expressions and laughter. They so love the clown’s act, the animal’s fun and everything around there in circus. So why wait for your little one to grow up so that you can take him there, when you can bring all that magic, right here in a room on his birthday. Things can never get as colorful as a circus. This theme does not require a lot of thinking job, just add as many colors as you can. If you are planning the party outdoor, then you can do the whole set up in a place like circus tent. Add lots of patters and figures like stripes or polkas as on a joker’s costume and different animals and funny faced jokers and magicians. You can incorporate all these in food very easily, like sandwiches and cookies cutout of different shapes or a tier cake denoting circus. In all there is a lot that can be done with this theme.


2. Fish


Following the age old logic K.I.S.S. i.e. Keep It Simple Silly, we have brought you a fish themed birthday party idea. A very simple yet adorable theme it is with detailed inclusion of small elements. Go on with an indoor party, decorated with all blue, order a very simple cake or maybe a “Nemo” shaped would also do. Arrange for some sand art activities for kids, like making fish. For the food, put fruit punch, lemonade or iced tea in a fish tank and add those cute little fish in it for the added effect. You can even go for fish shaped ice cubes for the serving purpose. Keep it sweet, keep it simple but strictly stick to the theme.


1. Rainbow


Every kid denotes a different color, and how wonderful it would be if all the colors of the rainbow come into your backyard. This theme is suitable to be planned indoor as well as outdoors. As in most of the themes there was a splash of colors, so in this one we would take a different approach. Keep the base color of everything white or off-white or maybe any light color. Then start decorating it with rainbow colors and that too in the specific order of colors. You can start with rainbow balloon backdrop or the entrance way. A rainbow cake would fit in the idea perfectly. Adding color in the perfect rainbow order is the basic idea, apart from which you can let your creativity flow like colored water, candies, cookies, cupcakes and anything else that you want to add.

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