Top 10 Most Abandoned Places in the World

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If we Google or look into an oxford dictionary, appropriate meaning of ‘abandoned’ comes out be a deserted place with few or no inhabitants. Now the question arises why a place is deserted when there is a population outburst and several don’t even have a shelter to cover themselves? Answer is very much ubiquitous and understood by all. That particular place is considered to be ghostly, packed with spirits or any other supernatural power; and therefore it is left abandoned. There can be many reasons for such desertion like lack of infrastructural support for the people residing in the area, the prevalence of supernatural entities and so on.Such situations results into an abandoned or deserted place. Many of the above reasons are true but some of them are myths and are based on superstitions acquired by the local natives of that particular place. After researching through the newspapers, magazines and web blogs, I have a collection of 10 most abandoned places around the world and here is the list:
10. Screaming tunnel Niagara Falls, Ontario:-

As the name depicts, this place has an abnormal and ear-piercing scream arising from one end of the tunnel and echoing its way through it. This abandoned place is situated in Canada and was originally built as a railway tunnel. Located near the Niagara Falls, this tunnel is assumed to be abandoned and haunted as well. There are stories that travel from mouth to mouth among the locals about this place. It is considered that a small girl was burnt alive here and therefore her screams still echo all around the premises. Another assumption circumscribing the screaming tunnel is that, if we light a matchstick in this tunnel, the loud screams of the girl will put the flame out. This place is left abandoned as people have claimed that the ghost of the small girl haunts this place.


9. Gadsden Hotel, Douglas, Arizona: -

Listed as a historic place in US, this hotel is in Douglas, Arizona. Initially it was functional but later inhabitants observed bizarre things about this beautiful historic hotel. They encountered various paranormal activities involving this place. Visitors, who had stayed, claimed that whenever they used to close the bathroom door, it would open up on its own. This is strange. Don’t know whether it is paranormal or a stupid door hinge, but the truth is still unexplored.
8. Ghost Town of Kuldhara: -

Incredible India apart from its culture and spicy food also encounters weird and eerie activities. A place in the middle of Jaisalmer is often quoted as a ghost town of India. This place  was established in 1291 by rich Paliwal Brahmins. Presently it is distorted and into ruins. Kuldhara was supposed to be cursed by the villagers who migrated to other parts of the country. Since then this place is into wreck and is listed amongst other abandoned places of west India.
7. Peoria State Hospital, Ilinois:-

Built for the purpose of curing mentally challenged locals, this hospital turned out to be a haunted place. This is a mental hospital which was abandoned in 1973.This hospital treated patients from 1902 till 1973 and performed psychoanalysis for efficacious treatment. However situations were not alike forever and it took a different turn later and remained abandoned since then. The place is residence of spirits, ghosts and other supernatural powers.
6. Lighthouse of Alexandria, Egypt: -

This lighthouse situated in the city of pharaohs and pyramids is world’s first lighthouse. It was designed primarily to enhance trade amongst the harbors and upgrade country’s economy. After the treacherous and continuous earthquakes this lighthouse was left to nothing but ruins. Since that time it is left abandoned and isolated with no inhabitants but only debris and wreck.


5. Sarageldin Palace, Cairo:-

This palace lies in Garden city of Cairo. Famously known as a sleeping beauty,it is engraved with attractive carvings and impressive traditional infrastructure. Many speculations have been made after it was found haunted. However most spoken and highlighted was, residents of this palace have left the villa after the revolution in 1952.But the most strange thing is that the furniture’s and things are arranged properly with dust surrounding the things.
4. Kolmanskop in the Namib Desert:-

Situated in southern nambia this place is deserted and has become a tourist spot for its various paranormal stories. Considered as a controversial area because of its soil which was rich in diamonds. This place came into picture when various Germans settled here to exploit the field and extract the precious diamond stones. Particularly known as a ghost town, this city adorns demolished buildings and is occupied by sand dunes now.


3. Jaco Island: -

This is a beautiful yet abandoned place in a small Asia pacific island called East Timor. This country got its independence in 2002 and is termed as an under-developed nation. Initially United Nation had its mission over here for many years but since 2012 the mission got ended and now it governs everything on its own.Jaco island is considered sanctified and he once it is unoccupied and scarcely inhabited. However we do encounter localities here and several tourists also visit the island preferably during the day time. Camping is prohibited and we see fishermen as the regular visitors. Uninhabited this island is known for its remarkable beach and there lies hardly any lasting structures on the surface of this island.
2. Bhangarh Fort Rajasthan:-

Bhangarh is considered as one of the most supernatural and abandoned places of India. Positioned in Rajasthan, it is known for supernatural and paranormal activities. It lies at the edge of Sariska Tiger Reserve. This place is assumed to be cursed by Guru Balu Nath and it was his curse that buried the town into debris and ruins. Another story circumscribing this abandoned place is the story of a princess named Ratnavati.No matter how many myths surround this place, it still remains as the most haunted place of India and people are still apprehensive in entering its arena after twilight. As per the Indian laws, the gate of the fort gets closed before sunset (6 pm) and it is also advised not to visit the premises before sunrise and after sunset. People who do not abide this instruction are into deep problem preferably they would never return. This place is also abandoned due to the unavailability of electricity in the premises.
1. Union cemetery, Connecticut:-

Cemetery from its very name is fear-provoking and daunting. Union Cemetery is situated in Easton is desolated and abandoned. Apart from its accustomed localities even the police and fireman had observed a white lady roaming in the premises. Another peculiar character haunting this place is a man with a pair of red eyes. All these unusual things and activities make this cemetery deserted and it comes under the banner of abandoned places.

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