Top 10 Advantages Of Arranged Marriages

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“A man is happy when he marries the girl whom he had longed for. But, he is happier when he loves the girl whom he has married.” Sounds exciting? Yes, this is all what an arranged marriage has to say. Two unknown souls tie a knot to unite with each other and from then on get tagged as “soul mates”. Marriage is a long-lasting commitment and when it is the case of an arranged marriage, one can actually feel the love and affection growing day by day. Little is known about the life partner prior to marriage but one wouldn’t be surprised to see that their life would have completely changed, that is changed for the good, post marriage. That unknown individual starts playing an important role in our life and even before we realize, we feel that life would just be incomplete without him/her. Such a beautiful thought can be related to an arranged marriage. The life partner, picked and selected by the family, continues to rule one’s heart and life and in days to come one would really witness that fact that leading a happy life could have been just next to impossible without this marriage. The main context of arranged marriage is the trust and blind faith that one shows towards his/her life partner. It is this mutual trust that has led ways to a successful and emerging life ahead. Someone has truly quoted an arranged marriage as a blind date that doesn’t stop with an evening but continues on for the rest of the life.



Lower Rates of Divorce

The word ‘divorce’ can send a chill across the spine. Known to shatter and devastate families, divorce is a very bitter experience that leaves a deep scar on the lives of the couple. Whatever be the reason, divorce can make lives go topsy turvy. Expectation is the most common cause of couples getting divorced. When expectations are not met, it happens that life tends to get harder for the couple. That is exactly how an arranged marriage helps to tackle the situation. When one is getting married to an alien person, hardly anything would be expected from the marriage. Both the partners work towards achieving same goals and living a happier life. In a case, they tend to adjust with each other in order to cope with spouse’s lifestyle. As a result, affection tends to increase and a strong unknown bond develops between the two of them. When life’s all happy, there would be no question of divorce.



Family Takes Decision

In arranged marriages, family has a major role to play. The parents decide what is suitable for their kids and hence choose the right partner for their son/daughter. With parents getting involved in this important decision of life, one can be rest assured of their conjugal life. Not just that, if at all any problem creeps into their lives, then kids can definitely count on their parents for support. We completely owe our lives to our parents as they have always nurtured our lives for the better. So, when they take up the onus of finding a suitable partner, it will always be for our better.



Similar Cultural Backgrounds

Arranged marriages always take place between families hailing from a common background. With similar cultural values and lifestyle, it would not be a difficult task for the bride to blend with the new family. In most cases, the bride would feel her new family as a home away from home. Not just cultural values, even the mindset of people would be similar that would help the bride to adapt to her surroundings. Be it a festival or some function, the bride would be able to participate in the occasion gracefully without any problem.



Financial Stability

As discussed earlier, parents have a major say in arranged marriages. So, they make it a point to choose the right groom for their daughter. Not just values and education, parents also ensure that the guy is financially sound and hails from a good background. For this, they wouldn’t mind doing a background check on the groom’s family to be assured that they have made a perfect choice. On the contrary, groom’s side also confirms that the girl’s family is hailing from a respectable clan. Both the partners can be rest assured of a successful life in terms of happiness and finance.



Better Commitment

‘Marriages are made in heaven’ is perfectly apt in the case of an arranged marriage. Though commitment and mutual trust are the most factors in any relationship, it tends to get stronger and better in arranged marriages. This changes the myth of ‘love at first sight’ as the individual starts to understand his/her spouse better. Also, he/she begins to love the partner unconditionally that nurtures their relationship and commitment for the better. Amongst all, commitment is found to be the key factor responsible in the success of arranged marriages.



Chances of Adjusting Better with Spouse

Not just commitment, but the two tied in a nuptial knot also needs to get along well with each other. The scope for such sort of adjustment is evident in arranged marriages, wherein both equally take up the responsibility of understanding and adjusting with one another. With such adjustments, life tends to be stable and happy, free from all kinds of tension and worries. When both partners have an equal say, it is but natural that their compatibility levels also dose increase. With such unique characteristics, all the loopholes in a marriage, if any, are filled. Also, the confidence instilled on them by their families further enhances their understanding capabilities towards a better relationship.



Builds an Eternal Bond with the Family

It is a known fact that marriage is not merely a union of hearts but also families as well. When a person gets married, not just the partner is involved but he is developing a bond with partner’s family also. In arranged marriages, both families provide the required love and affection to the couple. More necessary for the girl, such an eternal bond helps the girl adjust quickly to her new environment by showering that extra scoop of love on her. She no more feels alien to the new house, instead gets very comfortable there.



Blooming of Love Day by Day

In arranged marriages, hardly anything is known about the life partner prior to marriage. One gets a complete hang of his/her personality only when they begin a new life. This new life would be filled with surprises and excitement that also paves in way for strengthening the relationship of love between them. The excitement gets increasing day by day with love blooming in both the hearts. Such is the wonderful power of love in an arranged marriage.



Considering the Partner to be Equal

For any successful relationship, it is utmost important that both partners treat one another in equal status. Only then would the relationship have a proper meaning. Be it education or profession, both partners should be given the opportunity to share their opinions and views. In arranged marriages, it would be much easier to treat one’s spouse equally as the whole affair has been well-planned by both families. Only after a proper match would the families have really thought of the marriage.



Mutual Respect

Respecting other person’s feeling is also one among the important criteria for a long-lasting relationship. This is more commonly seen among couples involved in arranged marriages as this becomes a question of parental prestige and pride. No one would want to let their families down and hence would take all possible efforts to strengthen the understanding and respect in their relationship. Thus, the couple would work towards building mutual respect for a successful married life.

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