Top 10 Animals That Everyone Loves

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When it comes to loving, humans have never restricted themselves to loving only those of their own kind. The bond that man shares with animals can be traced back to the ages when he dwelled in the caves. Be it for food or fun, animals have always found their space beside humans. Based on the nature of behavior shown by different animals, he even stared the trend of domesticating animals and sharing the same roof! Animals have also shown similar feelings of love and gratitude towards human beings. Here we take a look at the animals that have deserved a majority of the love of humans for them.

10.  Tigers


Have you never fancied having a tiger cub as a pet? Well, I am sure you must have. Tigers are some of the most gorgeous animals on this planet. Of course they are ferocious, but you cannot ignore their elegance either. They roam about the forest, undaunted, unhindered. In a poll conducted by Animal Planet, tigers were voted as the most favorite animal! People have always loved to adorn their mantelpieces with tiger heads and tiger skins have been preferred to goatskins as a natural apparel. But that, is quite bad given the dwindling numbers of these majestic animals. Posing beside a tiger is quite a feat many would actually like to achieve. They are the greatest attraction in any forest. So, there’s no way you can ignore them!

9.  Horses


Besides the fact that horses monopolised the transport industry in the medieval ages, they are really wonderful animals. Horses are elegant creations of Nature and have inspired many a work of art over the ages. You cannot, but enjoy the sight of these beautiful animals galloping through a field. Horses make wonderful rides and actually helps you relax when you might get tired of the hustle and bustle of life. They are sensitive to nature and can really know your feelings inherently. Maybe that’s why girls have a special softer corner for them too! Horses also represent an all-round physical fitness and might even inspire you to shake off a few calories and shape up fit and fine!

8.  Elephants


You might actually wonder what could be so special about those humpty dumpties. Elephants are one of the finest animals that you will find in the forest. Remember, the hospitality they showed when the last time you went of jungle safari? Well, if you haven’t then I suggest you should surely get an experience of riding on the backs of those majestic animals. Mahouts, the people who keep them as pets, depend on them for their main source of income. Of course they are moody, and can get really nasty if irritated, but who isn’t in today’s world! The kind of love elephants can show for their babies and family is really unparalleled. They are also known to possess excellent memory and their trumpets can be quite musical as well. If you think you have a really BIG heart, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t love an elephant!

7.  Panda


They are look simply lovely, with their cute innocent faces chewing upon young bamboo shoots. They are fluffy and you would love to be hugged bugged by one! As lazy they are, they are extremely well-mannered, in spite of being in the wild. Some might even consider pandas as the epitome of equality, given the colour of their fur. They are known to be very caring, not just their family, but also anyone they interact with. The red panda are quite smaller in size, and just couldn’t be lovelier. Of course they are not Kung-Fu champions, but they are brave enough. The fact that we love pandas is very well expressed when we gift a stuffed panda toy to our loved ones! Destruction of bamboo forests have put these animals in danger, but we are always trying our best to care for these splendid animals.

6.  Dolphin


These intelligent mammals are high on the favourite list of humans because they are known to be gentle and caring animals. The interaction with these animals is quite unlike any other animal. You can either play with them, or just watch them play for you – you will not get bored either way! But dolphins maybe quite aggressive as well, when it comes to their choices. They seem to have a special fondness for ladies and kids. Dolphins have made quite a display of emotional connection with humans on various occasions. Their precision diving combined with extremely skilful underwater acrobatics have made them the main attraction of various pools and amusement parks. You might be quite lucky to have actually spotted one blow a bubble ring in the water! What more? Dolphins love dogs too among other animals!

5.  Deer


There are so many of them, and each one is as enchanting as the other. However, the spotted deer, the most elegant of them all, has been people’s favourite since the old ages. And that was the reason, behind the reckless hunting of these beautiful animals, for their hide and musk. Does and fawns are so adorable that you might never get bored playing with them. Though you cannot have one as a pet, yet you may have them visiting your gardens if you stay close to the wilderness, where deer thrive in abundance. Historic tales have always had the mention of how girls loved to adore a deer or the people being bewitched by the musk in the wild. Perhaps people have been able to realise soon enough to prevent the hunting and trading of these lovely animals.

4.  Squirrel


If you had really enjoyed the antics of a squirrel the last time you went to a park or in your garden, it’s no wonder that you might end up wanting one as your pet. Of course if it’s not illegal in your state! They are just cute and lovely animals, though their wild nature becomes difficult to bear with sometimes. You can pick one up in your palm and tickle it or just watch it play in the woods. However having one as a pet is not a very good idea because, squirrels are hard to control owing to their messy nature and sharp claws and teeth. These animals should be left to cherish the bounties of the green trees that they love to wander upon. Perhaps that’s what we love about it the most!

3.  Cats


Though it is a highly debatable topic whether cats make better pets than dogs, cats are one of the most common of pets that people prefer to have just because of their sweet and loving nature. If you are a believer in Egyptian Mythology, then you might actually be worshipping one as well! They are actually more preferable to people with tight schedules and less patience. Cats need less maintenance and they can take much care of themselves. They are good-mannered, at least they don’t back at strangers! Cats are often considered lovelier, more comfortable to cuddle and more suited to your drawing room than any other animal. You can just point a laser pointer at a wall and there starts your entertainment show. It is also proven that listening to the purring of a cat actually lowers your blood-pressure levels. Cats are very sensitive and independent natured, which makes them quite elegant as pets.

2. Rabbits


“You’re my pumpkin pumpkin… Hello Honey Bunny!”
I consider rabbits as one of the cutest animals on earth. Those orange nose-tips with the long whiskers makes it a pretty good sight to watch them gnawing at their carrots. Human association with rabbits dates back to the 18th century, though it was only for food and fur then. British poet William Cowper is known to have kept hares as pet, which supposedly helped him combat his severe depression. Rabbits have a strikingly attractive and affectionate character. While they can be as playful and silly as puppies, they are also as fascinating as cats and loyal as dogs. Though it can sometimes be difficult to choose your bunny, with proper care and love, these animals adapt awesomely well in human environments as well.

1.  Dogs


They are not called a Man’s best friend for no reason. Dogs provide us with a sense of emotional well-being and unconditional acceptance of who we are. If you have ever owned a dog yourself, you have never cherished anything more than the taking a long walk with your dog in a beautiful spring morning or watch it greet you with a wagging tail at the end of the day when you get back from work! They are one of the most common pets man loves to keep. One of the main advantages of having a dog is that you actually never forget to have a walk or indulge in some activity for physical fitness. What more! Owning a dog can boost up your morale and self-esteem and can even get you lots of friends in your society.

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