Top 10 Annoying Things That Celebrities Do

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Celebrities across the globe are people whom we commoners look up to, even in small day to day activities in life. We all have an idol whom we secretly, or openly follow as strongly as possible. We idolize these celebrities, who are not necessarily actors or actresses. They can be a singer, or a social activist, or filmmaker as well. We follow them blindly on social networking sites, the television channels to catch a glimpse of them, their concerts, their interviews and every possible thing. Some people even go to the extent of dressing up like their favorite stars, having hairstyles and mustaches like them. I have a friend in college who studied Mass Communication because her favorite superstar graduated in Mass Communication. Such is the madness about high profile celebrities. But there is another angle to them which very few of their fans know. Their annoying side. We cannot really ignore them, can we? Media and journalists constantly fall prey to this flip side of the stars and celebrities and all they can do is to smile their best smiles, even when they do not want to. And with the bloom in showbiz journalism, stars find it more profitable to get annoying. Now, the question is, what are the very basic annoying things that celebrities do? I have listed ten of them , which irritate their poor fans.

10. Presence on Social Networking Sites


There is no denying that social networking sites like Twitter, Instagram etc have gained such an immense amount of popularity because of the presence of big and small stars in them. But their obsession gets very annoying for us. The numerous amounts of updates and pictures they post, and the way we are overdosed on their pictures and selfies, it really has to stop. Big time! Okay, we love them, but that does not mean we will be hooked on to all those semi nude pictures they post and all those “Feeling good”, “Life is good”, “It’s a bright sunny day” and all.

9. Juggling with Age


This is not uncommon for celebrities. Even we do that at times, hiding our age. Because nobody wants to seem aged. But celebrities, I tell you, they go out of their way to hide their age. Cosmetic surgeries, botox and what not? There are stars whom we have literally grown up watching, but they never seem to come out of their late twenties or early thirties. It is almost like a trend now. There is no harm in reducing your age by two or three years, as we understand the need to stay successful in the glamour industry and keep the fan following alive. But with all those surgeries seldom working miracle, it is a pity that our favorite stars, whom we have idolized all these years, are unable to  handle all that adulation.

8. Pregnancy Denials


Pregnancy is the best gift to a woman. Stars and celebrities do not take this too seriously. We are not school kids that whatever reason or logic people give us, we will buy that. Come on, it is very obvious from that baby bump that a particular woman is carrying a child. But there are stars who have constantly denied their pregnancy, and one fine morning, the entire world and the fans go gaga over the baby. This is really very irritating. What’s wrong in accepting that you are pregnant? And if you are so ashamed of being pregnant, then you should have thought about it earlier.

7. Extravagant Spending Habits


We know that you work tremendously hard throughout, be it for a film or in daily life and all the money you have is what you  have earned. That lavish lifestyle of the celebrities is what sets them apart from us. But at times it pains to see the way they waste money because of their blind love for brands. When the extravagance and grandeur goes on the wrong side, it gets irritating. There are still millions of people worldwide who are denied even the basic necessities of life, and then these few people spend lakhs and lakhs of money on a watch or a bag or shoes. I personally appreciate Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s efforts in make the world a better place. If every celebrity does some charity, at least a few among those millions of people will have a healthy living.

6. Wardrobe Malfunctions


Celebrities and wardrobe malfunctions go hand in hand. One evening there is some event or a party or an award show, and the next day the newspapers, social media and other websites are overloaded with pictures of a particular star whose wardrobe did not remain loyal to him or her the previous day. My point is, why wear such outfits which at the very first glance is known that it will betray the one who wears it? Moreover, we all know our body types and what clothes we can carry off. There are certain outfits we know we cannot carry off at any cost and something is sure to go wrong. Then why wear them? Experimenting is good, but these stars often cross the lines while experimenting with their outfits. If you are so keen on experimenting, why not experiment with your accessories or look and spare us the terror?

5. Tantrums


Stars are born with tantrums. When everything goes fine, someone or the other has to throw a tantrum and make things go wrong. They need everything as they want to. Adjustment is a virtue that celebrities and stars have never learnt. Every newspapers and websites dedicated to the film industry are flooded with news of a star throwing tantrums here and there. In fact, there are stars like Charlie Sheen who are globally famous for their loud mouth and short temper.

4. Tiff with the Media


Which star hasn’t have a clash with the media? There are days and times when a particular star is in a really bad mood and the whole anger unfortunately comes out on the poor media. This particular annoying habit should have come under the previous point of ‘tantrums’, but the clash between media and stars are a different zone altogether and deserve to find a solo mention in this list where all the annoying activities of stars are listed.

3. Stupid sayings


Often we have seen stars making random comments about everything, and later coming out with an apology. They go on and on saying some stupid things, which go on to become headlines the very next day. The peer pressure makes them apologize. And in the entire process they are reduced to a laughing stock among lovers and haters alike.

2. Publicity stunts


Publicity stunts at times get so cheap that we literally feel like hating the stars and wish we could put an end to their career. Every high profile star takes the help of such cheap stunts when their career graph sees a low phase. The saddest part is after being so highly educated, they resort to such methods to stay in limelight.

1. “I am  a total foodie”


This is something I cannot tolerate. I mean, we all can see how hard you have worked to get that perfectly sculpted body. Why not accept that and be applauded for all the effort? Instead, they will go around to say that they are a big foodie and want us to believe that the fat belly is natural? Rubbish!

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