Top 10 Bad habits that you should Quit ASAP

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What’s the time now? Oh, 2 am in the morning so you need to run to the refrigerator to grab some food, right? And there is a beep in your phone, so you have to run and check who is that person leaving you with a text message? So now you must be wondering as what I am blabbing about rather coming to the point. But I am sure you have got an inkling about the subject and you are right- the bad habits that we all have regardless of the quantity but to which we all can admit. But most of the times, despite our willingness to break off these bad habits, it gets really difficult to get rid of them, making it a tough call for us. But the fact that nothing is impossible holds our determination. Breaking bad habits is like breaking up with a slutty partner. Initially this might leave you frustrated and all the more craving but this would prove healthy for you in the long run. Usually we see people with some bad habit or another and often they seem to be ignorant about them or to be precise, those habits are involuntary. On the basis of that, people start judging them, their character and personality and come with some kind of preconceived notion. Some habits are engraved into a person and it becomes a person’s second nature while others are acquired. So why cast yourself aside and make yourself an object of mockery? These foibles add up to your misery and can also prove stressful if not discarded or quit right now. Want to know some of the nasty habits which you and me seem to be indulging into even though some are oblivious to us? Have a look.

10. Making excuses

making excuses

Most people have a knack of creating excuses for some reason or another and putting on the blame to someone else. Either they make up a cock and bull story for not getting their work done or not making up in time to their destiny. When things are not done, they immediately look for something or someone for the sake of shifting the blame in order to save them from the pain of re-doing it or facing the deserved criticism. Don’t tell me you didn’t ever make up an excuse for not doing your homework or for bunking class.

9. Laughing anywhere, anytime

laughing anywhere

Laughing is good. Well, yes it is and it is the best medicine to keep you fit and happy but surely it does not mean you should go around laughing at any place you go or in front of anyone. Certain occasions demand a ‘laughter free’ situation and ambiance as in a funeral or some important business meeting, etc. But some people crack up at the simplest of the simple things they find funny which does not suit the particular environment. At times, they even burst out laughing in front of someone or anyone who may not like this particular act of theirs and get hurt in the process.

8. Complaining


Are you one of those who keep complaining about everything in life, let alone a petty issue? Did your friends ever call you a ‘complaint box’? There are some people or should I say almost everyone who always seems to have an inner instinct of complaining about one thing or another. They are the tormented souls who can never get satisfied with what they have. Some put up with a complaint for not getting their things right or are not happy about something and someone. The reasons will amplify and so will their list of complaints.

7. Staying up all night

staying late night

Oh, that midnight oil is still burning! Students keep up all night preparing for their examination or office workers will be working their fingers all over the keyboard. This habit of staying up late night and working hampers one’s health in the long run. Many people sleep during the daytime and start working post midnight as they believe this helps them to put up more concentration. Today’s youth spend the night talking to their boyfriends or girlfriends till the break of dawn being ignorant about their immunity.

6. Wearing headphones

wearing earphones

Most of you have your ear plugged in with headphones or earphones throughout the day for hours listening to music. This seems to be something in vogue today with both young and old as a means of time pass. Even while on a travel, what you do is switch in to your earphones and start nodding your head in rhythm with volume at its peak. What you do not realize is the after-affect of such a habit. Plugging in headphones for long durations may cause hearing loss in the long run.

5. Smoking


One of the minor vices, smoking has become a regular habit for people of all ages and of both the sexes. You will see small shops at every nook and corner of the streets selling cigarettes and people standing beside those shops taking a relaxing puff. Even the public places like a cinema hall or a train would not be devoid of smoking. Even after knowing the hazards this nasty habit is going to bring, they cannot have a control over them and go on becoming a chain smoker. After every 5 hours, they need a cigarette in their mouth.

4. Nose poking

poking nose

This “digging gold” is one of the grossest habits that people seem to be doing unconsciously. This habit is not only regarded as unhealthy but is also against the social etiquette. No doubt it goes un-questioned by people but this very habit of poking nose and taking out sticky substances can lead to various diseases as it is a good way to transfer germs. This seems to be really annoying at times but you will find most people digging their nose even while talking to you or in some public place.

3. Nail biting


You will find your friend biting off their finger nails constantly and I bet that must really be irking at times. Nails are there for a purpose- to help you scratch the itch you feel, to pick up tiny objects, etc. Having your fingers inside your mouth persistently is not really a good idea. To top it off, it is quite unhealthy and unhygienic leaving you with nothing but germs in your bloodstream. Many inculcate this nasty habit of biting their nails at any given time without their realization.

2. Texting


It has become somewhat of a trend to keep texting your friends almost all the time throughout the day. It can especially be seen among the teenagers who cannot resist the urge of their message tone in their cell phones and go about checking in. With the latest development of new modes of texting such as Whatsapp, people keep flying on their mobile keypads day in and day out. This results in wastage of time and they hardly focus on their work.

1. Facebooking


Another form of the latest malevolent habit which people have indulged them into these days is to sit for hours in front of their computer screen or mobile screen going over the various profiles of people. Yes, the fad these days of Facebook seems to be running in the blood of everyone starting from a kid to an old person. This addictive habit has made people dissipate most of their valuable time where they could have rather done something productive. The very own adage- ‘I am always on Facebook’ can be seen in their actions.

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