Top 10 Beach Essentials you must Carry

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Summers lure us to go to places that are comforting and promise us a change of ambience, a place where nature dominates. The beach is an exciting option when it comes to spend a summer holiday because the beach is a very fun place where we can do many things. A careful planning is needed when you decide to head out to a beach. There are some essential things one must take with them for a trip to beach to avoid any problems. So if you are heading to a beach do not forget to check our list for a memorable and enjoyable journey.


1. Bathing suit. 

Heading to a beach without a beach dress is similar to going to a party without wearing a party dress. A bathing suit also called as a swimsuit is the most important thing you must carry with yourself while heading towards a beach. Are you thinking of enjoying the sun at the beach and the blue ocean in your tight jeans and fancy topper? Wear a banana hammock, board shorts or a two piece, whatever makes you comfortable to a beach as these dresses makes you feel free and comfortable in a place like a beach.

2. Sun block

If you are not going to the beach to get tanned then do not forget to carry a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. It is an essential product one must not forget to take on a beach trip. I hope you won’t be happy with a sunburned body after coming from the beach. So choosing a sunscreen might seem to be a cool option. It is obvious that when you go to beach you will be exposed to the radiating heat of the sun. Sunscreens protect our body from harmful UV rays which increases the formation of melanin in our body and causes other skin problems.

3. Sunglasses.

One of the most important accessories you must carry with yourself to a beach is a sunglass. Sunglasses not only make you look more stylish and sophisticated but also protect your eyes from the shining sun at the beach. Without an eyewear it can become difficult to enjoy at the beach with the sun blazing in your eyes. As already stated that UV rays can be very harmful not only for the skin, but also for the eyes and hence we need a cover to protect our eyes from the harmful radiations. Buy cool looking shades and enjoy your beach trip.

4. Beach Blanket

A beach blanket is another most essential thing to carry to a beach. I hope you are not planning to sit on the sand or on your beach towels. If you are, then do not search for the towels in the bag when you need to dry yourself because they are what you are sitting on. Carry a beach blanket to sit on. Carry a thin sheet of a blanket which is enough to prevent the sand from getting through it. Place a large beach blanket underneath you and find the beach a much cosier place to sit.

5. Towel.

If you do not want to get disappointed when you check your stuff at the beach, then the first thing you need to stock up with you while going on a beach trip is a towel. At least take two towels for each member so that even if one towel gets wets you can use the other one. Even when you forget to take your beach blanket, a towel can be used in place of it. The beach is all about swimming and playing in the water, it is essential to take a towel large enough to soak the water from the body. If you do not want to lie down on the sand, then do not forget the towels.

6. Flip Flops

If you are not going to the beach to torture yourself, then keep the sneakers and heals at home and wear some cool flip flops at the beach. Not only flip flops make you look more stylish but they help you to walk on the beach comfortably without any problem. Flip flops are easy to clean when sand sticks on them and as they are light in weight as compared to other foot wears, they become the most ideal option to wear to a beach. Though snickers are also comfortable, but they get wet easily and it takes a lot of time to dry. So prefer wearing flip-flops to the beach.

7. Food and Cold beverages. 

Most of the beaches do not offer many things to eat. Even if they do offer, the food is not very nutritious. For any outing it is very much important to carry food items with you. A beach bag will be incomplete without potato chip, fruits, water bottles and some other snack items. It is very much important to carry beverages as the radiating heat of the sun can dehydrate your body. So if you do not want to starve with hunger and do not want to cry when you are thirsty, put some snacks and bottle of beverages in your beach bag.

8. Entertainment.

It is not easy to spend a whole day at the beach doing nothing and just laying down on the beach. Entertainment can be anything- books, magazines, football or even your friends. Time flies away when we have something to keep us busy. When relaxing on the beach you can read your favourite book as reading a book and listening to the sound of the wave can be very relaxing.  Footballs and other things to play can also make your trip memorable.

9. Camera

You obviously want to capture the beautiful memories of your beach trip. So pull out your camera and capture the memories so that you can relish it in the future. You do not have to buy a costly camera, but a cheap one that is enough to click good pictures will be helpful. When you will look at these pictures at some later point of time, it will provide you with the glimpse of your most memorable days. So do not forget to carry a camera with you.

10. Beach bag.

Stuff your entire beach essential in a beach bag that is big and strong enough to hold all the important things you need for the beach. If you are not planning to carry all the above mentioned things in your hands, then I am sure all you need is a big beach bag. A beach bag should also have small zips inside it so that you do not need to fiddle with all your items when you need a small pin or a small thing. You can carry some extra small zipper bags in a big bag in case you need to keep your camera or the shells that you have collected from the beach.

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