Top 10 Benefits of Being a Single Child

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Self centered, self obsessed, spoiled, poor social skills are just few of the many stereotypes and myths associated with single children. However, one should keep in mind that the kind of a person a child will grow up to be largely depends on the parenting style of his/her parents. A lot of parents in today’s time do not believe that ‘an only child is a lonely child’. The number of single child families has increased drastically over the past few years. The reasons for this can be many. A single child means that parents will have to invest lesser time, lesser efforts and lesser money in raising the child. Having a single child has a lot of benefits for the parents.

There are a lot of advantages of having or being an only child.  You receive the undivided love and care of your parents, you do not have to bear a competitive or non co operative sibling and you do not have to compete with anyone to become your parent’s favorite. Here are the top ten reasons why being an only child is awesome!

10. Happy parent happy child


More children mean more responsibilities for the parents. On the other hand, raising a single child is a lot easier than raising two or more children. Parents of a single child experience the joys of parenthood without making drastic sacrifices. Parents raising a single child have lesser responsibilities and lesser problems to deal with and this results in a happy healthy family!

9. No sibling rivalry


Being an only child saves you from the dreaded sibling rivalries! You will not have to compete with anyone for your parent’s attention and affection. From jealousy to emotional unrest, sibling rivalry can be the cause of a lot of problems. If you are an only child, you will not have to fight with a younger or an older sibling for being the ‘star of the family’.

8. Higher self esteem


Only children receive greater admiration and acceptance from their mother and father. As a result, an only child has a higher level of self esteem. Constant comparison with a sibling can really affect the self esteem of a child! An only child does not have to hear statements like ‘look at your brother, why can’t you be like him’ or ‘why don’t you score as well as your sister’ and this makes them more positive and self assured. Too much attention, at times can really spoil a child but if the parents are doing it right, all that attention and focus can  be helpful in boosting the confidence of the child.

7. Only children are more creative


Although only children miss out on the fun of having permanent playmates (i.e. siblings), the situation certainly has a bright side! Only children are more creative than those who grow up with brothers and sisters. This is because single children spend quite a lot of time alone. They often come up with new and creative ways to entertain themselves. They may invent new games and compose stories.  An only child does not have to rely on other children for having fun. Only children have no difficulties in keeping themselves occupied and having a good time alone owning to their rich imagination and creativity.

6. Single children are Achievers and leaders


It has been observed that single children are more academically oriented and ambitious as compared to those coming from multi-children families. This can be a result of the undivided attention and motivation single children receive from their parents. Although an only child may find it difficult to be a part of a social group, it is often seen that once the child finally enters a group, he may become its leader! A child with no sibling to seek help from grows up to be confident, responsible and independent and this helps him become a good leader!  A major benefit of being an only child is that you are capable of being an excellent leader and a high achiever!

5. Stronger relationships


Single children share a very strong relationship with their parents. Since they are the sole contender for the love and care of their parents, the ‘parent child relationship’ in case of only children is really great! For single children, relationship with their peers (cousins or school mates) is a serious business. An only child knows that he has no siblings who will be there for him no matter how badly he behaves.  He realizes that he needs to take efforts in order to protect and cherish the relationship he shares with his peers. Single children do not take relationships for granted. They may take a little time to make friends but once they are your friend, single children will do all it takes to keep the relationship going.

4. Getting the best of everything


Raising a child is really expensive. Education, activities, toys, clothes and the list never ends! Parents with more than one child may find it hard to provide ‘the best’ to all their children. From education to social security, those who have a single child make sure that their kid gets the best of everything! A single child usually gets all that he asks for .

3. An independent individual


Undoubtedly, having a sibling has a lot of benefits. You have a permanent companion to help you in times of crisis. However, knowing that someone is there to catch you every time you fall makes you a little dependant and irresponsible. On the other hand, an only child is more independent and self sufficient. He knows how to deal with his troubles and learns to look after himself. With no sibling to seek advice from, the child learns to take his own decisions and solve his own problems. So if you do not have a sibling to spoil you and look after all your needs do not be disheartened! Being an only child, you can proudly call yourself a self reliant and independent individual.

2. A single child is more mature


An only child is more mature than those who grow up with siblings. A single child spends a lot of time around adults which teaches him to mingle and interact with them. The parents may treat the child like a little adult. Instead of being asked to go and play with his brothers and sisters, the single child gets to be a part of conversations and events of adults and this certainly makes him more mature and understanding! Spending so much time with grownups (although it may get a little boring for the kid at times,) will make things easier for the child when he grows up and enters the adult world.

1. Undivided attention


It is great to be a single child because single children get undivided attention and care of their mother and father. Now who does not like to receive undivided attention? Children with siblings (especially a younger brother or sister) may feel a little left out at times and may think that their sibling is taking away all the time and affection of the parents. An only child seldom feels left out or lonely when it comes to ‘parent –child relationship’.

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