Top 10 Best British TV Shows you should Watch

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Everyone loves a great TV show. And nowadays, we can’t complain of not having any, as there is a plethora of some great TV series that are currently running. So, it is a well known fact that the shows are the ‘in thing’ now. You have to be up to date with the latest seasons, episodes and characters. It seems that TV shows are one of the top discussed things amongst teenagers these days. You start a show so that you fit into the conversation with your friends, and by the time you finish it, it becomes old news and it’s all about the next big show. But who is to blame them? We are living in the time where we have so many varieties of great shows to choose from. American, British, regional, national are some of the different and broader categories. There is a show for everyone. The Britishers are however, different with their themes, seasons and duration of their shows. They usually contains maximum of 8 episodes in a season. The seasons do not necessarily air in consecutive years, this suspense makes them so desirable and puts them on the list of the “must-watch”. so, here are the top 10 British shows that you should watch-

10. The Hour


The British are known for their drama and their historic themed shows. The Hour, gives you both of that wrapped in beautiful direction and amazing actors. Starring Ben Wishaw, Dominic West and Romola Garai, this show revolves around the happenings at the BBC during the Suez Crisis and the Hungarian Revolution. Set in 1956, it takes us deep into the lives of the people working for the BBC network for a current-affairs show. Despite of its success, The Hour was abruptly cancelled by the BBC after two seasons. The reason is yet unknown but that shouldn’t stop one from watching this show.

9. The Misfits


Like science-fiction? Like comedy mixed with drama? Want to add a bit of supernatural to this mixture? There you have: The Misfits. The hit TV show, The Misfits is an ongoing British sci-fi show about a group of teenagers who acquire supernatural powers after an electrical storm. The comedy-drama quotient is added to the show because of its plot. These teenagers are juvenile offenders who are sentenced to community service. This TV show is a great hit amongst people of all age and has received some stellar reviews. The fifth season, which is the final season, will be aired in late 2013.

8. Coupling


What is British TV without its comedy? Coupling is a relatively old TV show circling the lives of a group of friends who live in London. This TV show could be called the British version of FRIENDS. It revolves around the love lives and sex lives of 6 friends who are trying to understand life as it comes. The story-line of the show is based more or less on the true lives of Steven Moffat and his wife Sue Vertue, who are the creators of the show. This show is known for its slapstick and situational comedy. It’s success was so huge that the show was adapted to an American and a Greek TV show as well. If you are up for some adult comedy, Coupling is what you are looking for.

7. The Thick Of It

the thick of it

This TV show is as British as it gets. Comedy-drama set in the office of a British Ministry. It is a political satirist comedy which takes a dig at the functioning and the mal-functioning of the Department of Social Affairs and Citizenship which is always undergoing cabinet shuffling due to lack of efficiency. It stars the famous Peter Capaldi who has immortalized the role of Malcolm Tucker as an abusive but adorable and profane director of communications who cleans after everyone’s mess. The show received many positive reviews and it has aired a lot of specials due to its popularity.

6. Come Dine With Me


You can’t possibly have a top 10 TV shows list without at least one reality TV show! And Come Dine With Me is a reality show with a twist. Instead of a cooking show where all the contestants come to a place and cook the same thing, in Come Dine With Me, some amateur chefs are chosen at random. At a time, 4 or 5 chefs are chosen and in each episode, one of the chefs invites the rest, for a meal at his/her home and cooks whatever he/she likes. This show has been going on since 8 years now and its success resulted in the concept being taken by Ireland, Australia and other countries. The sarcastic narration by Dave Lamb makes the show a great watch.

5. Top Gear


Any car-fanatic will know of this amazing show that is Top Gear. A BBC original show about motor vehicles, this is truly a one of its kind TV shows. In every episode of the show, the presenter of the show introduces new cars and vehicles and conducts races, challenges, obstacle rounds, Stars in a normal cars etc. Its presentation, editing, visualization and the humor added by the presenter makes the TV show a fun watch. The test-driver is The Stig who never shows his face. The character of The Stig is very popular in TV culture. Again like many other British shows, Top Gear has been adapted in many countries like Australia, Russia etc and it is the most widely watched factual TV program.

4. Luther


Luther is an award-winning BBC original drama about the Detective Chief Inspector John Luther. It is a psychological crime drama which shows how a very intelligent and dedicated officer Luther helps solve mysterious murder cases. Luther is obsessed with murder and gore and this makes him different from all the other inspectors. His confidante, Alice Morgan, happens to be a murderer. Such an interesting plot makes for a very interesting TV show. The role of Luther has been played by Idris Alba who won the Golden Globe award for best actor in a mini-series. Do not miss this TV show.

3. Doctor Who


To say in the context of Doctor Who, it is a wibby-wobbly, timey-wimey TV show about an alien who travels across time and space in his blue box, called the TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension in Space). The TV show is the world’s longest running science-fiction show. It first aired in 1963 and it’s reboot first aired in 2005. The show completes 50 years this year and is a pretty big deal for the entire British television industry due to its humongous success. It is such a hit TV show that it has one of the biggest market for merchandise for fans and a big fan-base.

2. Downton Abbey


Everyone loves a good period drama. And when it’s British, you know it just can’t go wrong. Downton Abbey is a period drama which is set in the Yorkshire estate of Downton Abbey. It is set in the early 1900s. It runs around the aristocratic Crawley family and it shows us various events that happened in that era such as the sinking of Titanic, the outbreak of the World War I, Interwar period and other such historic events etc.  It was recognized by Guinness World Record as the most critically acclaimed English-language television series of 2011 and it is one of the most widely viewed TV shows in the world.

1. Sherlock


No prizes for guessing the number of British TV show which you should watch. It’s Sherlock. It is very unlikely that a person hasn’t already heard of or watched Sherlock, but to reiterate the fact, that it is one of the best tv shows, is not an underestimation. It is the modern day adaption of the famous classic series of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle set in modern-day London where Sherlock solves crimes with the help of his doctor friend John Watson. Sherlock, played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Watson, played by Martin Freeman are perfectly suited for their roles. The TV show has received many awards, critical acclaims and the best reviews. But it is the fandom of this TV show which truly sets it apart from all the other shows.

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