Top 10 Best Business Schools in the World 2013

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The Business school is the temple with thousands of students making a beeline for the top-notch blessings. The choice of this B-school can cause more than sleepless nights for the able to make it to the creme-de-la-creme. The competition is intense and the MBA degree is surely going to pave your way into the world with a house and car, but the Right B-School will give you the penthouse you want with the slick Porsche parked out.The choice matters and deeply so, with the cropping up of B-schools in every other corner. Coming to your rescue, we have a list,as per Financial times, of colleges that will get you your fleets of dream cars.

10. University of Chicago Booth

University of Chicago booth


It was established in 1898 and is the second oldest business school in United states. The earlier name of the school was University of Chicago Graduate School of Business but was changed to University of Chicago Booth following a $300 million endowment gift to school by David G Booth, who was a school alumnus.  The academic staff here is 177 with postgraduate number at 3140. The number of alumni stands at 43,000.

9. MIT: Sloan

MIT Sloan

The university was established in 1914 and has 976 postgraduates with over 20,000 alumni all over the globe. It gets students from over 60 countries. With more focus on innovation and invention this college boasts of birth place of Black-Scholes model, the binomial options pricing model, Theory X and Theory Y, the random walk hypothesis among other lesser known hypothesis. It has only tie up with Harvard Business School which allows students to pursue graduate degree in both schools simultaneously with option of joint degree programs. The students are put to a rigorous training and hectic schedule but as they say extra polish makes the perfect diamond.

8. Hong Kong UST Business school

Hong kong ust business school

One of the youngest colleges in this list, the HKUST Business School was established in 1991 as a part of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. It is one first school in the area to receive accreditation by Association to Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business AACSB and European Quality Improvement System EQUIS. It is a top school in Asia and Australia. and is 8th at a global level. This school has scope to the untapped and upcoming Asian market. The school has made its mark on a global level.


7. Iese Business School


IESE stands for Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa,  which translates to Institute of Higher Business Studies or international Graduate School of Management. Established in 1958 IESE has credibility attached to its name. The start of glory was in 1963 when it launched Europe’s first two year MBA program under the guidance of Harvard Business School. It has campuses in Barcelona Madrid and New York with teaching facilities at Munich and Sao Paulo.

6. Insead


Established in 1957, the university is located in Fontainbleau ( Paris, France) Singapore and Abu Dhabi. It was the acronym for “Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires”  or the European Institute of Business Administration. It has over 1000 post-graduate students. Harvard, Stanford and Kellogg Schools along with INSEAD are part of agreement which allows them to exclusively access each others career opportunity and alumni has access to job opportunity databases of all four schools.


5. Columbia Business School

Columbia Business School

Established in 1916, the Columbia school of Business, with 1433 postgraduate students the school is located in New York and is affiliated with Columbia University. A part of the six Ivy League Business Schools with a top level selection procedure. It boasts of affiliation with 13 winners of Noble Prize in Economics. The Annual Diner of Columbia Business School is studded and awaited event in the calender for it brings together over 1000 business leaders, faculty, students, ex-students and every one associated for an evening of dance diner and support to this majestic school.

 4. London School of Business

London school of business and finance

The London Business School of Management is one of first that comes to mind when you think of finest B-schools of the world. Located at the heart of academic community of London, the students live in close proximity of this region to have access to academic resources. The library in the campus is a fully loaded with an option of special access to Birkbeck library. The degree offered at this institute is recognized in UK and also all over the world. With a stellar reputation, beautiful location and range of options the school ranks 4 on our list.


3. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton

University of Pennsylvania Wharton

The school was established in 1881 with grand history of 133 years. They have 1671 postgraduates students. It is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. It has strong 88,000 Alumni and is a Ivy League school under Wharton University. The MBA program has 19 majors 250 faculty. It has 11 academic departments with over 200 subject as electives. The university has 24 research centers and enviable network of alumni. The Palmer scholarship and Ford Fellowship are two of the major academic accolade a student can achieve during his/her time at Wharton. San Francisco got a Wharton campus in 2001.


2. Stanford Graduate School of Business


The Stanford Graduate School of Business also popularly known as Stanford business school , Standard GSB or just GSB is ranked second as per the financial times rating of 2013. It was ranked at number 1 but was replaced in 2013 by the current champion. It has 799 postgraduate students. It is located in Stanford, California. The annual operating revenue of Stanford is $156 millions. It is second wealthiest school with endowments of $825 million. The alumni count stands at 26,309 out of which 17,803 belongs to MBA school. Among the most popular alumni, is Phil Knight, founder and chairman of Nike.Inc. It has one of the toughest selection procedure, with highest ratio of application to seats available. The process followed here is of non-disclosure of grades but the top 10% students receive title of Arjay Miller Scholars.

1. Harvard Business school.

Harvard business school

This school doesn’t need any introduction or numbers to defend the reputation it has created over the period of 105 glorious years. With 1,917 students in MBA and approximately 200 staff the HBS tops our list. It is located in Boston, Massachusette,USA. In the beginning it had only 59 students. It has the Bakers scholars Designation as its top honor awarded to top 5% of the class.  The highest grade achieved in each year gets Henry Ford II award.The campus life here is colorful with 75 clubs, Students Association (SA) among many others. Some believe that the level of effort put in education is matched by equal fervor of social activities.

These are among the top business schools of the world. The entry into the school along with making through the pace of studies, the life is bound to become hellish. However the end will justify the journey and the knowledge gained with the paycheck will make the hell seem all worth it.


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