Top 10 Best Career Choices for Women

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In today’s world, there is no lack of opportunities for people of any gender whatsoever. With an ever increase in globalization, there are various sorts of professions evolving all over the world. We all would agree that men have numerous options to choose from for their careers. However, it is generally felt that women have a limited number of choices available to them. The qualities that are essentially considered to be feminine contribute strongly and effectively in the careers that are highly suitable for women. This does not mean that these professions cannot be undertaken by men. It is just that women tend to have an edge over men in these areas.

The top 10 professions for women are:

10. Air Hostess


Air Hostess

Air Hostess is a profession that is custom made for the womankind. The kind of persistence and cheerful attitude that is a pre-requisite for being a good air hostess is obviously more in a female than a male. This profession falls under the category of hospitality sector. And it is no secret that women prove to be better hosts and cater to the needs of the guests even at homes in a much more decent manner. In addition to this, even the pay is pretty handsome in this profession which makes it a lucrative option for woman.

9. Beauty Expert


Beauty expert

Women take hours to dress up and to do make up. They spend huge amounts of time in front of the mirror daily. The society has also put a lot of pressure on women to look in a certain fashion. One can easily spot two girls giving beauty advice to each other. Women understand the need to show up in a particular way to a particular event. The world of lipsticks, eye liners and compacts has women as their unbeatable throne holders. They can easily cull out heaps of money from this hobby of theirs. By lending a hand to their fellow beings in terms of beauty advice, they can pursue their interest and be financially sound at the same time.

8. Teacher



It is a known fact that women tend to have a much stronger interest in studies as compared to men. It has been proven scientifically through various surveys that women have an upper hand in multi tasking. Also they can pursue this profession along-with their personal responsibilities taking care of their homes due to the timelines. Women have a natural talent of handling children even when they are at their worst in terms of discipline and decorum. Thus, dealing with a number of students is not that difficult a task for women as it is for men. In addition to this, women love to spend time with children and that adds a feather to their teaching caps.

7. Banking



Banking sector is at the peak in its growth chart in today’s world. The contribution of women in banking has been increasing day by day. The top positions of various banks are occupied by females. Banking jobs require determination and consistent behaviour. Women are known for their rigidity in attitudes, thus making them totally suitable for this sector. This field has been long occupied by males and the time has come when the need of females in this hitherto male-dominated sector has been realised. Thus, women will definitely prove to be very successful in the banking sphere.

6. Counsellor



Counselling requires a person to be a good listener and keen observer of mundane things and incidents. A counsellor has to have good communication skills and also an empathetic attitude in order to fathom the intricacies of the issue concerned. Women, as we all know, are known for their problem solving capabilities in a just manner. Being a counselor has added advantage to it. Everybody knows, Women loves secrets! A counselor gets to know the secrets of everyone and is even paid to keep them to herself. The existence of “Agony Aunts” and not Agony Uncles says it all about women being good counselors.

5. Chef



Mom-made food is famous all over the globe, be it America or Australia for its unique taste that makes it truly sumptuous. With the kind of variety of ingredients that are up for grabs in a simple recipe are easily understood by women with the help of their hyper-sensitive taste buds. In some cultures, cooking is known as the territory of women. Being a chef is a promising job as it deals with both creativity and cautions. Women as multi taskers thus prove to be great in the culinary business.

4. Nurse/Doctor



When a child is upset, it looks for its mother before father. The nurturing abilities of females are no chamber of secrets. The way women deal with a crisis situation is also noteworthy and can come handy in the cases of medical emergency. Being a nurse or a doctor is definitely a noble profession that leads to a satiated soul by serving fellow humans. The care and affection of women also earns them brownie points as a nurse or a doctor.

3. Interior Designer


Interior Designer

Now we all would agree that no matter what is the purpose for which women are shopping, they would definitely have a look around the home-style section. The aesthetic senses of women are stronger and more intense than men. Only women can understand the need to have things at 90 degrees. The lighting and space, the colours and their shades can be grasped by women in a much easier way than men. If women have such a passion to keep their homes tidy and beautiful for ever, then why not earn some money out of it as well? Thus, it is amazingly beneficial for a woman to be an interior designer.

2. Modelling



Being a model is not cake walk. It requires hell lot of input in the form of rigorous workout and consistent training. The qualities that are essentially considered to be the stronghold of women such as perseverance and patience are needed to be a model or rather a supermodel. The glitz and glamour attached to the fashion industry also makes it all the more a dream world for women. Good female models also attract a large number of customers. This helps both the models and the industry as a whole in monetary aspect. Women can thus, by being a model, achieve fame, money and success highly.

1. Fashion Designer


Fashion Designer

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the sense of fashion of females is much better than their male counterparts. How many males constitute the readership of Vogue? A miniscule maybe (that is if at all they do). When women go for shopping, they have a constant urge to explore more options and are open to experiment with the kind of clothing that they wear. Men, on the other hand, are generally not so experimental with their clothes and have a straight jacket rule for their attire. In this sense, it can be absolutely said that women would make great fashion designers.

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