Top 10 Best Coffee Chains in the World

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The perfect coffee fix is something that every coffee aficionados calls the elixir of life. The right blend of beans and milk and maybe a little sugar and cream is what brings light to sunlight and create heaven on earth. The sunrise from balcony seemed incomplete without that cup of life. Coffee has become identity of many a cafe shops around the world. The fragrance, the feel and the ambiance ! This trifecta is what has plummeted following coffee chains into become top notch places for the that caffeine hit. Lets take a whiff even if vicariously.

10. Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf

 The coffee beans and tea leaf

One place to find the two most favored caffeinated beverage of the world. The coffee at Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf has one of the most promising coffee in the world. The Los Angles firm is not as well known as the others on the list, it has a growth curve which we simply cant overlook. It has already gone international with a stellar reputation. The coffee packs a punch and will give a great kick-off for your day and a quick reboot whenever the mood strikes.

9. Its a Grind Coffee House.

Its a grind coffee house

Its a coffee chain which has a large variety of  coffees, teas and many blended beverages.It was founded in 1994 and has been expanding since then. The taste and blend of this coffee is what has led to a fast expansion with 105 chains and 100 more in line. The grab and go concept is popular here along with a beautiful ambiance which makes it one of the most popular places to sit down for a sip.

8. Caribou Coffee.

Caribou coffee

This is the second largest coffee chains in USA with 415 company owned stores and 126 franchise located all over the world. Initially it followed a five day week procedure aimed at the the downtown office workers and after that it has exploded since then. It is associated with Frontier airlines and is in a expansion mode as of 2013, it has shifted bases from many states and has shut down few of its chains.



No one does coffee better than the Italians. It was founded by Turin in 1895 by Mr. Luigi Lavazza. That is actually the full name of the chain. The chain is now run by the third and fourth generation of the Lavazza family. the import coffee from countries like Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica and many countries in Africa like Uganda. With four production facilities in Italy, seven subsidiaries around the world, Lavazza serves in eighty countries. Espresso is one coffee which only the Italians can get just right and Lavazza boasts of that gorgeous espresso. So if you are looking for the perfect roast, try the Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Coffee. It has entered Indian market with a tie up with Barissta and has been making waves ever since.

6. Peet’s Coffee and Tea

Peet's Coffee and tea

Started in 1966 in San Francisco Bay area. It specializes in coffee roast and is the one who introduced darker arabica coffee, french roast to America. Peet practically grew up in the coffee business in Netherlands and started roasting in 1960s. It operates in transit centers like airports, bus-stations etc and also in college campuses. The coffee here is to swear by and America loves them. In 2014 it is said to take over over 100 Caribou store which has shut down. This is a big step up for the company and a warning for the other chains to make way for a new champ.

5. Aroma Espresso Bar.

Aroma espresso bar

With 123 branches in USA, Canada and Ukraine this Israeli Espresso and coffee chains has entered into the espresso world with a bang. A young company established in 1994 in Jerusalem, it entered international market in 2000. This chain has a strong foothold in the international market, it is set to expand in the coming years. With the two main reason for success gotten right exactly, the chain focuses on proximity and cost and this works out perfectly for

4. Gloria Jean’s Coffee

Gloria Jeans Coffees

Australian coffee chain with over 1000 chains in the world with 460 in Australia. It was started by Gloria Jean in 1979 in Chicago. It sells a range of espresso coffee drinks, cold drinks and estate whole bean coffees. It also has promising line of tea, It has recently entered into Brazil Market with purchasing a top notch coffee bean of Brazil. It has been criticized for the sugar and fat content with one beverage having 106% of adults sugar intake.

3. Tim Horton’s

tim horton

Founded by Miles Gilbert ‘Tim’ Horton. He was a professional Canadian ice-hockey player. The advent into the cafe chains started with the doughnut shop. in few years he added in his skilled recipes and turned it into a multi-million dollar franchise.  The doughnut chain expanded from Canada to USA to Ireland and UK  In 2011 it entered UAE. Founded in 1964 with the promise ensuring that you get a fresh cup every time.The have time written on every coffee pot which tell you that you get your coffee within 20 mins ! If this doesn’t get the coffee lovers to your gate, what will ?

2. Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts

With the logo saying America runs on Dunkin, we have less little left to figure. The chain established in 1950 in Massachusetts and is a top competitor of Starbucks when it comes to coffee. It has 10,083 stores all over the world with 32 international stores. With the market in JApan and Canada facing a bit of challenge, the other countries are all becoming addicted to the Dunkin Coffee.

1. Starbucks.


The famous coffee chain with the reputation of being on every corner of America, the lady in green serves the best coffee which has the fragrance, ambiance and feel trifecta ! The coffee will blow you over and the feel of the cup in your hand can put a spring in your step and smile on your face. Many youngsters find this to be a second home and with the advent in Indian market, the fan following is on rise in this subcontinent as well. It looks set to to become a synonym with coffee all over the world. It has over 20,000 stores in 62 countries. Though the hard-core coffee lovers label the coffee here as a coffee flavored milkshake, the population swears by the taste and that makes it more popular than ever. Seattle Best coffee is wholly owned by Starbucks and is working classes version with slightly lower rates than the parent company.  

These are among the most sold most popular coffee chains of the west. The world loves caffeine and the evolution of the coffee chain from peaceful, sit back and read places to a daily drop in drop out joints. From students to youngsters to couples and the elders, everyone has a favorite coffee shop that they just cant do without.

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