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The most scintillating thing about great TV shows is that they become a part of you for the rest of your life. TV shows runs for many years and we as viewers invest our precious years as well with them. The great thing about these shows is that the story is the ultimate hero. When a season finishes then we wait for a year eagerly waiting what is going to happen next? We form an emotional bond with the characters and support them in their journey. We support them when the nature of their character changes due to certain circumstances. We support them during tense of times or even during funny of times. We tend to associate ourselves with the characters to such an extent that we form a certain part of our personality inspired by our favourite character. As an avid fan of great show here’s a list of top 10 English TV series.

10. Friends


Created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, this is one show that will always be a part of you. The entertainment that it has provided for 10 years is beyond any measure of applause. The characters – Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey, we count them as our own buddies. That has been the impact of this comedy series. The number of reruns one must have gone through is countless and we know each episode by heart. The more I say about the show the more nostalgic I will become. So go for another rerun of this show thus, enjoying wacky songs of Phoebe and avoiding eating Joey’s food in the process.

9. Arrested Development


Being axed after 3 seasons, Arrested Development came back on Netflix and it’s as good as it was before. The show it’s for its loyal fans and even after so many years fan base is stronger than it has ever been. Created by Mitchell Hurwitz, the show is clever and funny. The play on words style of humour mixes with deadpan delivery to create maximum hilarity. The show is also fondly quotable. Some of the memorable quotes being “I don’t understand the question, and I won’t respond to it.” “I am having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich.” The prime reason to see this show is for its flawless star cast. From everyone from Jason Bateman to Michael Cera, everyone performs in a fantabulous manner that you are in awe of the dysfunctional family that simply defies logic.

8. The X – Files


This September marked the 20th anniversary of this classic series. The show has one the largest cult following for a television series. It was The X – Files that changed the landscape of television for several years. It has inspired shows like Supernatural, lost, Warehouse 13 and many more. The way it treated mythology was groundbreaking for television, indeed. Special mention should be given to the detective pair, brilliantly played by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Thank you, Chris Carter for creating one of the most memorable Science Fiction shows of all time.

7. The Wire


Created by David Simon, The Wire is suggested as one of the greatest American series that has ever come out. What makes the wire a staggering show is its consistency. Many great shows (ex – The shield) lose their plot during their third or fourth season. But, the wire did not falter during its four season run. Credit goes to writers David Simon and Ed Burns for their prolific writing to portray one of America’s poorest and violent cities. The most important thing they did is making the location i.e. Baltimore a central character in itself. And yes, it has Bubbles one of the most sympathetic characters to have ever appeared on the television.

6. The Simpsons


We should thank Matt Groening for creating the longest running sitcom of all time called The Simpsons. The series is a satirical parody of a middle class family. Well, know I will tell few stunning reasons why The Simpsons is a must watch. Well, The ‘three little sentences’ that Homer argues will get you through life. 1: ‘Cover for me.’ 2: ‘Good idea, boss.’ 3: ‘It was like that when I got here.’ Then, How not to play blackjack: Dealer:’19.’ Homer: Hit me! Dealer: ’20.’ Homer: ‘Hit Me!’ Dealer: ’21.’ Homer: ‘Hit me!’ Dealer: ’22.’Homer: ‘D’oh!’ Then, ‘How do I know I can trust you?’ Homer: ‘Marge, look at me: we’ve been separated for a day, and I’m as dirty as a Frenchman. In another few hours I’ll be dead! I can’t afford to lose your trust again.’ I think these quotes are enough to make you see this show.

5. Game of Thrones


Created by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, this show is the adaptation of the famous series of Novel by George R.R. Martin. Well, the show has got Kings and Knights, Crowns and Swords, dragons and what not. The writing is compelling. The story moves at a lightening pace and it surprises you out of your wits. What works in favour of Game of Thrones is that it gives utmost importance to its characters and develops them. Good news for the fans is that it is a faithful adaption and no stone has been left in the production itself to make this show tantalizing on the screen. Go, and witness this show and get surprised.

4. Doctor Who


“Who are you? I am The Doctor.” His name is simply The Doctor and nothing is more important than that name. In Doctor Who, you are a part of this great adventure in time and space, trying to save the different parts of the universe. And yes, in Daleks, you have the most deadly enemy that mankind can imagine. Yes, J.K. Rowling was not the first one to use the term expelliarmus. There are moments of great heart in the show where the meaning of sacrifice is truly understood. The show has been written by passionate people like Russell T Davies, Douglas Adams and the current show runner Steven Moffat( fact: he runs Sherlock as well). And yes, Doctor Who is all about good things in life – adventure, love, universal justice and ideal. Well, why are you still reading go and start following the great adventures of The Doctor.

3. Sherlock


Sherlock is one of the greatest detective stories ever written. Plus, it is adapted by writers like Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis and that, too, a Sherlock in modern times. Plus, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are played by the spectacular duo of Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. To add upon that you have a wicked villain called Jim Moriarty, stupendously played by Andrew Scott.  The drama portrayed is impeccable supported with a witty sense of humour thus, making you feel smart while experiencing the show. The confrontation between Sherlock and Moriarty is top rate and will make you will feel as you’re sitting at the edge of your seat biting your nails. Please, watch Sherlock right now will you.

2. Breaking Bad


The tagline of 5th season was ‘All Hail the King’. Yes, all hail to the mighty Vince Gilligan for envisioning such a classic series. So, what makes Breaking Bad a classic? Well, there are many reasons, frankly speaking. Walter White’s slow and steady change from good to evil is worth the wait and boy; Bryan Cranston nails the part to perfection. Jesse Pinkman’s characterization from a junkie drug addict to a morally conscious individual is heart wrenching. And wait a minute, Better Call Saul if you’re in trouble Yo. How everyone changes due to Walter White is frightening and kudos to the writing team for evoking such fright and thrills in our minds. So, like a good chap start watching Breaking Bad right now or the cartel led by Gustavo Fring will cause you some serious nightmares.

1. The Sopranos


The Sopranos is considered the greatest English show created in the history of television. Created by David Chase, the show is great due to various reasons. Firstly, its writing and direction is top notch. Each episode felt like a 50 minute film. Its visual style, narration, characterization and the performances by its lead were phenomenon. James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano; it just says everything, because, he was that good. The dream sequences were thought provoking as it had multiple meanings and gave hints on what was about to come. What made the show it is today is because of its season finale. Each finale of every season was so well written that it lead to new roads and paths and made people cling on to the show on what is about to happen next. So, if you’re finished reading, then go and witness the mighty Tony Soprano.

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