Top 10 Car Makeover Ideas to Impress Your Peer Group

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A good looking car is a dream of all car enthusiasts out there. It has its swag and catches people’s attention the moment it passes by. However, with time, it may start to feel old and tired and you may end up making excuses every time to let someone get inside.

If you can relate, then your next step should be to give your vehicle a makeover that not only you enjoy but is also fun to watch for the people around. All you need is a little imagination and planning, and voila – you can create something truly original and stunning and save yourself from splurging on a new car altogether!

Here are a few car transformation ideas to help you express your personality and individuality and set an example for your college friends and family relatives –

  1. LED Lighting

This is a super cool way of transforming your toy looking car into a high-end luxury one. There is literally ‘n’ numbers of LED lighting styles available; you just need to go to the market and explore.

  1. Vinyl Wrapping

Car wrapping can be your once-every-year modification way to refresh the look of your worn out car. Well, it is of course, not as cheap as car paints but takes your car appearance to a whole new level.

  1. Wiper Bracketing

This is a choice for those who want to stand out amongst the crowd. The normal windshield wipers look monotonous, but wiper brackets instantly add a distinctive color scheme to your vehicle.

  1. Sound System Upgrading

A good audio system is the most desirable element in cars. And since, most factory audio systems are not up to the mark; you can always find yourself a new one with a head unit, amplifier, and a subwoofer.

  1. Shift Knob Face Lifting

All manual drivers know the joy of using the gear shift knobs. But do you know that you can replace the existing knob with a customized one? There are enough companies out there that can print custom shift knobs with your name and favorite print.

  1. Steering Wheel Coverings

This is another way to express yourself and market your territory. Available from wool, feathers to leathers; there are several affordable options to choose from.

  1. Headlight Restoring

If you have old vehicles and face problems when driving in the dark, a headlight replacement is a smart way to bring back the night visibility and clarity.

  1. Premium Seating

Installing new seat covers is one the most popular and indeed the cheapest way to enhance the beauty of your car interiors. The best part is that they are very affordable and come in a myriad of options.

  1. Window Tinting

You can use window tints to add oomph to your car looks and save yourself from scorching sun at the same time. However, be careful about your state laws and regulations in that aspect.

  1. Body Armoring

If you have longed for an armored SUV all your life, then body armoring is something you can try for your existing SUV. You can always buy its parts and accessories from a reliable armor vehicle manufacturing company and experience privacy and security throughout.

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