Top 10 Celebs who look like they are always Dressed for Halloween

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With Halloween right around the corner, we’re all digging in our closets to come up with the scariest and the weirdest costumes that we can find. Because let’s face it, it’s the one day where we are allowed to let our imagination run wild and dress up as freaks, with it being socially acceptable. Though most of us wait for that one day, for some celebs, everyday is Halloween.  Be it going to some award function, a stroll in the park or be it simple tasks like grocery shopping or walking their dog, they are always dressed for the occasion, that of Halloween. Looks like someone forgot to tell these celebs that everyday isn’t 31st October. So if you feel creatively lost when it comes to Halloween this season, just take a page out of any of these celebs daily books, because they sure are walking, talking Halloween inspirations.

Warning:  Not for the weak hearted, as some of these images can be deeply disturbing. Also not meant for the fashion conscious folks out there, because the fashion sense of these celebs is sure give you a heart attack.

10 Ozzy Osbourne


Though not as famous right now, the older generation knew him as the lead vocalist of the English band Black Sabbath. Though well known for his singing talent, what he is not well known for is his dressing sense. Always dressed in black attire, with black glares, be it day or night, he looks like someone straight out of a horror story. His long black tresses that are always left hanging loose around his shoulders doesn’t, help comfort anyone either. Maybe his fashionable daughter Kelly Osbourne needs to give daddy some tips on how not to dress up, because someone needs to add some colors in his life, other than black.


9 Lil Wayne


Don’t let his long black hair and tattooed body fool you, he is a well-known hip hop artist and a rap star. Almost every inch of his body is covered by tattoos, so much so that he often doesn’t even require a t-shirt to cover up his body, showing up in his tattooed attire for many concert performances. His silver braced up teeth is enough to scare any young child or an adult for that matter.  Sorry Lil, smiling isn’t helping your case, nor are the awfully low waist pants.


8 Taylor Momsen:

taylor momsen

Mainly known for her role as Little J or Jenny Humphrey on the hit TV show Gossip Girl, she wasn’t always known for dressing garishly, until very recently. Gone is her impeccable style statement only to be replaced by dark clothes and black makeup. Her pale skin, with black eye shadow, black lipstick, and black clothes makes her look like a dead zombie. This is one girl who surely knows how to make Goth seem downright scary. Well it looks like her style inspiration comes from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. Sorry Taylor, that’s only acceptable if it’s Halloween.


7 Helena Bonham Carter



She is an English actress well known for her role as Bellatrix Lestrange, in the Harry Potter series.  She is one actress who always ignores the fashion police, and dresses up as she feels which is often dressing up, as if for Halloween. Often showing up for award functions with her messed up hair, in outfits, no one else would choose to wear. Looks life someone forgot to tell her, life isn’t a Halloween show.


6 Dolly Parton

dolly parton

She is an American singer songwriter, best known for her country music. No matter what she ends up wearing, she manages to look as if she is dressed for Halloween. With her loud clothes, and even louder makeup, kids are sure to run in the opposite direction from her. If her brashly makeup is anything to go by, it’s safe to say simplicity is a word absent from her dictionary. Someone needs to tell her that dressing up like the wicked witch of the west is not helping her win any points.


5 Kesha


This tick-tock singer definitely has a fashion sense that is out there, often finding herself on the worst dressed list. She is well known for mixing up combinations of clothes and colors, which just do not go well together. She can even make Goth seem scarier. She showed up at the 2013 MTV movie awards with sheer pants along with a black hat and black lipstick. That is just one of her scary outfits; she has many more in her closet, some which make her look so colorful, that you won’t even find so many colors together on the rainbow.


4 Lady Gaga


Some call her fashion sense edgy some call it scary. Be it whichever, gaga always manages to entertain us, not only through her songs but also her clothes. This is one singer who we would not be able to recognize without her trademark showy attire and heavy makeup. Gaga, can be used as a synonym for Halloween, after all no one has forgotten the raw meat outfit she wore for the 2010 MTV video music awards. This one even had the animals afraid.


3 Nicki Minaj:


The first thing that pops in peoples mind when you say Nicki Minaj isn’t her singing career, but her eccentric fashion sense. Blonde, brunette, black, pink, she has tried it all when it comes to hair colors. But that’s not all she has experimented with. Be it a ridiculous sheer dress, or a multicolored body hugging dress that makes her look like candy cane, she has tried it all. This is one singer who has tried all the colors on the rainbow, sometimes all of them together.


2 Boy George


He is a yesteryear English singer and songwriter. He was the stuff that nightmares were made of in the mid 1980’s. Always dressed eccentrically, he experimented with hairstyle, clothes and makeup, sometimes sporting long tresses, sometimes short, sometimes bald. He would often apply makeup on one half of his face, and a different makeup on the remaining half. If everyday life were a Halloween competition, he would surely be a top contender. Just ask your parents, they would know.


 1 Marilyn Manson

marilyn manson

This list would be incomplete without mentioning American artist, musician and metal singer Marilyn Manson. He is always dressed in a black suite and adds a little color to his black get up in terms of his makeup. He is known for his loud makeup, often with bright red lipstick and blue or red or dark eye shadow. His loud makeup, paired with his pale skin, reminds you of what the kids call, the bogeyman.

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