Top 10 Chocolates to Die for

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Already a multi-billion dollar industry, chocolates today are something which are identified globally as the perfect food for “all seasons”. People eat chocolate all the time, in sickness and in health, in happiness and in sorrows, in parties and when they are alone. These associations with a sweetened bar of baked cocoa have given rise to a perennial demand for the product which has also attracted many market players into its manufacturing. Our article today tries to identify the most popular chocolate brands in the market. Scroll down to have a look at Top 10 chocolates you should look for and are bound to find as you roam around. Find and identify your favorite in the list!!

10. Guliyan


Our list begins with a chocolate brand that is still relatively new as compared to the old biggies of the chocolate world. However, Guylian has been successful in being a favorite of people worldwide and maintained that reputation steadily. The perfect amalgamation of milk and chocolate is definitely going to please your sweet tooth. Like most of its competitors, it comes in multiple variants, giving you ample scope to choose your favorite.

9. Kit Kat

Kit Kat

Kit Kat

Next up in our list is another oldie from another Chocolate Giant: Nestlé. The bar comes in a wafer biscuit munching taste covered with Chocolate across different layers. The sleek and edgy diamond shaped design of the chocolate gives it a different look as compared to other traditional bars. Kit Kat has been and is still the favorite of many chocolatiers who prefer crunchy to chewy. Another fact about this chocolate bar that is not known to all is about its dimensions. As claimed by the manufacturer, Kit Kat is exactly a finger long and four fingers wide. These specs are designed to make it fit your hands in the best way. Now, that is something new and although not quite relevant but still entertaining. Another version of Kit Kat is available under the name of Kit Kat dark which is extra chocolaty and as sinful as it could get!

8. Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher known for its unique spherical design is a sold under the name of the Italian Chocolatier Ferrero. The chocolate comes in wide varieties in different flavors such as Almond, Pistachio, Coconut, Lemon and many more. Usually wrapped in the packs of several pieces, Ferrero Rocher has established a new trend in the way chocolates were offered. The single bar wrapped in a glittering wrapper is now old to the Ferrero lovers as they now like their chocolates in ball shaped form, wrapped neatly in a plastic case which gives it a sort of elegant look, thereby attracting many of those who have not tasted it yet.

7. Mars



On number 7, we have a chocolate from another planet!! Yes, It’s Mars Chocolate bar. Available in various sizes ranging from 19.7gm to 58gm pack, Mars contains the taste of soft caramel, nougat covered in Milk Chocolate which gives it a crunch as well as the chewy taste. Now keeping in mind the gluttony that is triggered inside us by the very mention of this chewy caramel crunch, I can sure tell you, it’s totally worth it.

6. Maxim’s de Paris

maxim's de paris

Next item on the menu, marks the presence of fine chocolates which capture a large share of elite chocolate eaters today. This is our old favorite Maxim’s De Paris Chocolates. These chocolates come in different varieties and packaging. The luxury chocolates come in tin boxes that reflect the elegance and strength at the same time. These are highly recommended for a luxurious gift to that someone special.

5. Lily O’ Brien’s

Lily O' Brien's

An Ireland product, this gourmet chocolate label stands out among all the others for its amazing texture and unique flavor. The sticky toffee or crème brulee, all the variants of this chocolate deliciously melt in the mouth and give you that moment of bliss. Lily O’ Brien’s also share the luxury market of chocolates and thus finds a place in our list. This chocolate is sure to take you on a whole new ride of smoothness, into a fantasy world.

4. Snickers



This one’s basically a candy bar but because of the manufacturer i.e. Mars and the texture it comes in, is regarded as chocolate. Snickers is arguably the best selling chocolate in the world. With a global sale of more than $ 2 billion, it is loved by many chocolate lovers who consider chocolate as their ‘Food’. Snickers is popular among the chocolate lovers for the completeness it offers as a chocolate, it is made up of caramel and peanut wrapped over nougat which is filled inside another layer of milk chocolate. Ergo, as the brand says, we urge you to “grab” a Snickers right away.

3. Hershey’s



Hershey’s is another name in the chocolate world that rings a lot of bells. It is popularly known as “The Great American Chocolate Bar” in the Western Continent. Going through a lot of changes since its inception, to this date, milk chocolate remains the key ingredient in all of Hershey’s chocolates, be it Cookies n’ Crème, Symphony or Krackel. The sinful appetite this chocolate bar engenders within oneself can only be dealt with the angelic feeling of indulging into it that very moment.

2. Lindt



Switzerland is widely regarded as the paradise of chocolates and that’s why; the best were saved for the last. Lindt is one of the finest chocolates available today for all of those who consider chocolate eating as a pleasure. Manufactured by Swiss chocolate giant Lindt & Sprüngli AG since 1845, Lindt comes in about more than 20 flavors to pick from. Lindt offers to its consumers what nobody else does, the pleasure of chocolate eating. If you want to enjoy this Swiss perfection, you will have to pay slightly more than what you would usually pay for a chocolate.

1. Toblerone



Toblerone is everything you know a chocolate to be. Created by Theodor Tobler in 1908, it was originally developed using a unique combination of honey, nougat and milk chocolate, Not to forget, the unique triangular pyramid shape given to it that were to represent the Swiss Alps. The size of a Toblerone bar varies from 10cm to about 1m and the weights too range from 35 gm to 4.5 gm. This chocolate comes in a number of variants like most of its contemporaries too. This is one chocolate you would not share with anyone. And yes folks, we mean A-N-Y-O-N-E!

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