Top 10 Countries Known For Their Technical Abilities

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1873 is the year when the computer was invented and was almost the size of a room. The birth of this machine was the first step towards an ingenious, innovative and entirely new world. The world in which we live today, the comfortable, luxurious and sumptuous lifestyle we enjoy is because of the advancements in the field of sciences and technologies. It took one and half century to bring the computers from a room in our palm. Such boosterism becomes possible after the arrival of integrated circuits, it consisted of a silicon chip, a silicon chip is a tiny crystal of semiconductor fabricated to execute a number of commands.

God gave wisdom to men and sent them to discover the deep secrets of the world, using the wisdom and intelligence men kept digging the earth and unleashed one secret after the other. The perspicacious men who changed the course of earth belonged to different parts of the world, for example in the beginning most of the scientist came from Greece. But these days the scientist are scattered in different parts of the world, depending on the how able the scientist of a nation are, the countries are ranked according to how far the country has gone in terms of technology, considering the inventions of the countries the top 10 countries known for their technical abilities are:

10. South Korea:


South Korea is the native land to some global leaders of technology like Samsung and LG. Samsung is providing electronics to the world at a very low budget and same with L.G. south Korea is taking giant steps when it comes to the nuclear power, it is said that south Korea has an excellent defense system which is possible due it’s achievements in technology. It is said that south Korea is about to becomes world’s major nuclear power.

9. Sweden:


Sweden is known for its high quality of scientific development globally, Sweden has done plenty of scientific inventions and has plenty of industries related to electronics and pharmaceutics, apart from these there are many other multinational co-corporations which are playing a great part in the technical development throughout the world. Some worldly recognized companies from Sweden include Volvo, ASEA, SKF and, Ericsson etc,

8. Singapore:


Singapore is the fastest developing country of this century; Singapore is predicted to be the third silicon valley of the world. The scope of technology in Singapore is very vast; the country is taking enormous steps towards advancement and innovation. Singapore is not just working on technology and sciences but the country is using its technology to do business in the global market, Singapore has become the centre of the technical market. The latest technology on which Singapore is working is known as cloud computation

7. Denmark:


Denmark has 500 years of researches regarding so many spheres of technology without which the invention of many products would not have been possible. The infrastructure of Denmark’s technology is part of tomorrow’s world. Denmark is the world’s leader in wind power; Vetas which is among the world’s biggest manufacturers is from Denmark.

6. Israel:


Israel ranks number 4th in the world scientific research activity, the researcher papers from Israel on certain technical topics are considers being the best throughout the world. Israel holds the highest number of technical engineers and scientist all over the world, even more than US and Japan. Israel has won numerous Nobel prizes on various fields on works. like many other countries Israel is also working on it’s technologies and has succeed to a large extend.

5. United kingdom:


UK has a very long history when we speak of technical abilities, Newton, the pioneer of physics belonged here, law of motion came from this place, hydrogen was discovered here, locomotive steam and electric motors were invented here. This is the birth place of electricity and aerodynamics. UK is the inventor of the World Wide Web, the study of black holes and quantum gravity was done here. It seems like this place gave birth to the most basic principles on sciences.

4. Germany:


Over the past many years Germany has played its role fully and contributed to the fields of science and technology through its scientific research. The researches done by German is considered to be the best ones throughout the world, the output results are remarkable. Germany is home to uncountable prominent researchers. German has been working in the field of technology ever since the scientific revolution started. Germany is working on energy saving computer which is to be a part of the future technology, this country is not working what world has today but Germany is working to provide the world with a new era of technology, which is our future technology.

3. China:


The departments of sciences and technology in China have been through reforms and the process still goes on. China has succeeded tremendously in finding new ways of creating electricity, the science programs in China are considered to be the most active ones globally. China has done marvelous improvements in its infrastructure and is working on high-tech manufacturing. China is very strong in terms of the super power. Basically China is working on overcomes the global challenges and the threats to human kind. China has splendidly proved itself as an unshakable nation and is rapidly going towards the top.

2. USA:


The first place to come in the mind while speaking of technology is the Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is the heart of technology where we have most of the innovators and manufactures of technology; Silicon Valley is part of US. Silicon Valley is where most of the gadgets are invented. The global companies like Intel, Microsoft, dell, AMD Apple have their head quarters in USA. US is current working on the military weapons and Software. This is the present, speaking of the past US sent the first man on moon, up till now only US has managed to send Probes past the solar system. Above all, America has NASA. Speaking of security US has satellites all over the countries which can dectect any crime being done in the country. There are many countries that are making rapid advancements in technology but still US has managed to stay intact at its place despite the tough competitions.

1. Japan:


Japan tops the list when it comes to the technical abilities, the best thing about Japan is that this nation was completely divested by the end of the Second World War but in such a short spam Japan has managed to reach the peaks of success as well as successfully distributed harmony among the citizens. If we slant a look towards the technical advancements of Japan then we see that Japan is the best in almost all the fields of technology, Japan has the fastest trains ,dimensional elevators which cover a very large distance in a second, the most advanced robots & electronics, Automobiles, chemicals. Japan has an excellent Nuclear Power. Japan has created many amazing gadgets, Japan is working on the development of gundam-like units which can produce fire lasers and will also be capable of floating in air. Japan is also home to worldwide recognized companies like Sony, fujito, Toshiba, Toyota etc.

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