Top 10 Creepiest Cartoon Characters

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Cartoons are the part and parcel of every child’s life. Be it Pokemon or Shin Chan or even tiny tots’ animation on Mickey Mouse and his friends, we have all grown up with Disney, learnt to compete in Beyblade Battles and secretly desired for Pikachu! Cartoons have always served to feed our imaginations…howsoever weird or wild they may be. There couldn’t be a boy who has never aspired to be a superhero- Batman, Superman or Spider-man and there couldn’t be a young princess dressing up as a Cinderella, Rapunzel or Barbie. Recently cartoons on mythology have caught up with kids who prefer to watch Chhota Bheem and Tenali Raman instead of listening to their stories orally. Cartoons have altogether brought to life many characters that could only have existed in a dream or a nightmare! They have opened up a secret world for children and have even clung to the minds of many teenagers as well as adults who still bear the taste for animation and cartoon movies. Among such enthusiastic audience, Cartoon Network, Pogo, Nickelodeon and Disney channels are a rage! But among those are some creations of either loathe or disgust that may have become popular due to their strangeness, but are creepy nevertheless. So, here is the list of 10 such Creepiest Cartoon Characters (some may even have given you nightmares in childhood!).


10. Mandark


‘Susan’ Mandark, from “Dexter’s Laboratory” series is a guy (ignore the first name!). He seems to have just one motive in life- destroying Dexter’s Laboratory, defeating him in technology and brains and becoming a greater genius than Dexter who owns his own secret laboratory. As the name goes, Mandark is evil and has a dark scheming mind. He is despised by his audience who always want to see Dexter win because Mandark is the revengeful antagonist who applies his genius brain only for destructive and negative purposes, which is quite wrong a portrayal for a child of his age! As fate would have it, generally he gets defeated but it doesn’t deter him from cooking up more evil plans.


9. The Mask


This one is funny and strange at the same time but entertaining on the whole. Yet, it leaves behind this creepy feeling hard to get rid of. A desolate average guy finds a mask, which when he puts on, sticks to his face and transforms him into a superhuman with a green face. He can shift shapes, change characters and also hits out at the wrong doers. He is notorious and clever and too quick to be handled by the cops. He can literally turn himself inside out! (Yuck!) but he loves his pet dog who can fish out his lost mask from anywhere in times of need!


8. The “Thing”

the addam's family

The Addams Family has everything abnormal about it. Although any random character from the ghost-like eerie Addams Family is scary, yet the creepiest one is the Thing. It is non-living thing yet quite alive. Thing is the name for a disembodied hand that scampers around the house on its fingertips. It can almost assist anyone in writing or or shock anyone with a consoling pat on the back!


7. Courage the Cowardly Dog

courage the cowardly dog

What to talk of courage… he does not seem to have any. He is a purple dog with  a pair of frightened eyes, a tooth with a hole and freaks out at almost anything and everything! He lives with an old couple, Eustace and Muriel and is too suspicious of anything happening around him… though the fact is that the house he lives in is itself very creepy! Ghosts, ghouls, souls and monsters are frequent visitors to the house of the old couple. This leaves Courage with no option but to rescue his masters and have a brave heart!


6. Cruella


Remember the tall lady with black and white hair from 101 Dalmatians? She is none other than Cruella de Vil (read, DEVIL). True to her name, she has a wicked mind and a heartless behavior! She allegedly nabs the cute little Dalmatian puppies for their soft black and white fur to be sold for a profit! Her hoarse laugh and cunning eyes are enough to scare the daylights out of those she wishes to destroy!


5. Mojo Jojo

powerpuff girls

They are the wonderful  creation of Professor Utonium. The girls with superpowers are strong, fantastic ans well as adorable… but there are a host of other characters that will make an icy chill run down your spine. The villains of the city are all strange- Mojo Jojo, Amoeba Boys, Serum and a pink bear (Fuzzy Lumpkins). While the others appear in different episodes, Mojo Jojo was the key antagonist, with his brains literally out of his skull! He looked rather like a monkey and always keeps hatching evil plans to destroy the Power puff Girls.


4. Angelica


Who could have imagined that even tiny tots could do some real scheming, attacking and playing a battle of wits? Well, Rugrats (on Nickelodeon) has it all! Tommy, a  baby wearing blue T-shirt and diapers is the brave adventurous protagonist and is the cousin brother of Angelica, the sly clever young girl who is pampered a lot by her parents. She is always after provoking and teasing the babies in Tommy’s gang! Angelica surprises the viewers by her cunning mind and scheming behavior which is quite impossible to imagine for a three year old!


3. Samurai Jack

samurai jack

This character looks much like the Professor Utonium of Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network but is different because he is a Samurai! He has to travel in time to destroy various aliens, monsters and also the evil wizard, Aku! As could be expected of a Samurai, there are lots of sword tricks, action sequences as well as bloodshed in this cartoon series (but it doesn’t induce nausea!). Although the cartoon is a favorite among young ones, especially boys, but bravely watching scenes with blood oozing out from the sword cuts and injuries from other weapons is not every child’s cup of tea!


2. Edd, Double D


Finally there is this cartoon with really strange trio, Ed, Edd and Eddy who are absolutely dumb! This one can actually make you roll on the floor laughing IF you are not busy saying YUCK for the buffoonery committed by the three and others in the series! Among the trio, Edd is the mastermind…he is always engaged in trying to mint money from the neighborhood kids for the sweet hard Gobstoppers he has invented. But, owing to the extreme stupidity of his mates, and his own creepy attitude, they end up empty-handed and Edd has to suffer from failure of his plan!



cat dog

Well, words are not enough to describe this character from Nickelodeon. It looks more of a case of conjoined twins gone wrong still! One half is cat and the other half is dog! They stick together (literally as well!) and have no tails! Both have different tastes, Cat is more sophisticated while Dog is not well-cultured! But Cat is cunning of the two and always aims to play a smart move to make Dog comply to his wishes, while Dog is generally busy in his own merrymaking, scrounging garbage bins and getting both of them into trouble by his un-mindfulness!

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