Top 10 Disadvantages of Social Networking

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Everything has two sides one bright and the other one is dark. We often enjoy the benefits of the bright side of the thing and neglect the danger of the dark one which at the end turns out to be harmful to us. Even social networking is not free from these two sides of the coin, it also has these pros and cons. We relinquish the advantages of social networking by making new friends, sharing information with them. These networking sites help us to stay in touch with our closed ones 24×7. But the daemons of social networking are huge and scary. The disadvantages of social networking are as follows:

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10. Excellent source of killing time:

Social networking is indeed one of the best ways to kill time. People spend hours and hours on such websites literally doing nothing except the unproductive comments and long unnecessary personal and group conversations. This time however could have been utilized in doing something more useful and productive. Even children and teenagers who should concentrate on their studies waste handful amount of time on these networking sites. This has a serious repercussion on their studies. Young minds who would otherwise be engaged in bringing up new ideas and discoveries are busy chit chatting and commenting.

9. Affects Health:

Long exposure to social networking has damaging effects on health too. People who have long sitting hours in front of laptops and desktops have ill impacts on their health. Prolonged exposure to laptops and desktops makes their eyes vulnerable to harmful UV-radiations which are known to cause various harmful and dangerous eye diseases. Young children have to wear thick glasses, which is quite saddening. Also the sitting posture is seriously affected which shows its ill effects in long term. Various diseases of spine and back have striking impacts.

8. Makes you Unsocial:

Social networking is a very serious “addiction” which most of the people fail to recognize. We spend hours and hours in front of digital gadgets posting and commenting on useless things. It is damaging our social life in ways which are unimaginable. We are getting away from our closed ones physically in order to be with them virtually. It has its impact on young children also. Children who should otherwise be spending time playing in gardens and being with their friends and enjoying their childhood are found engaged in different social networking websites.

7. Early exposure:

Social networking has no restrictions. It provides a common platform to people of all ages which sometimes prove dangerous. Since there is no age barriers children and teenagers are often exposed to the stuff which should not be otherwise known to them. This has serious and hostile effects on their upbringing. Various videos and blogs on uncommon topics attract their attention but is also a reason of damaging their pure and innocent minds.

6. Threat to moral values:

It is serious threat to the moral values and has great harmful effects on young minds which are on their way of development. In order to pace up with the changing cyber fashion they tend to overlook the lessons taught to them by their guardians and parents. Often they engage themselves in deeds they should not otherwise be engaged in. They also disrespect their elders when they come in their way of stopping them.  And once gone wrong, it is very hard to bring them to the right track.

5. Road to crime:

In spite of its very many advantages social networking also serves as a direct road for serious crimes. Since most of the people are unaware of how to use social media and when to use it they sometimes end up doing something which is not permitted by law. Most of the people are unaware of the cyber laws, thus forcing themselves to land in serious troubles and sometimes also “jail”. Posting of unethical photos and videos, writing disrespectful comments about any dominant social group or person are the major reasons of cyber-crime.

4. Encroachment in personal space:

Since social networking is an open platform for people to come and discuss personal as well as national issues, it forces no restrictions on what is said about whom. This leniency of social networking is sometimes misused by people to encroach in someone’s personal life. They say disrespectful things about other people and also download their photos and enter their personal space un-allowed. This has a very bad effect on the person whose life is encroached in. The victim’s mental health is affected which sometimes turn into serious depression.

3. Security:

Various social security sites obligate us to fill our personal information like address, contact number, marital status, etc. Though some security aspects are kept in mind, however these security measures can be easily surpassed by the hacker to gain access to our personal details which can then make us vulnerable. This information can be used against us in different forms which are unimaginable to us. Even the developers of the sites sell this information for some money. This proves to be very harmful to an individual.

2. Bullying:

Social networking is a wide pool of people of diversifying nature and behavior. It provides a hell lot of opportunity to people to trouble other people. Cyber bullies use the personal information provided by the individual to mentally harass the person. This is done with the help of various e-mails, online messages. Unsupervised networking of children without parent’s consent can have hostile effects in ways which are unimaginable. Various studies have shown that major percentage of students has agreed that they were a victim of “cyber bullying and its various forms”. Constant online bullying can have devastating impact on individual’s mind which can lead a straight road to depression.

1. Misuse of information:

People find themselves a victim of online abuses. Young children and teenagers are the prime targets. Various people misuse the information which is provided by these kids on social networking sites and harass the kid mentally. Some times this harassment can also take the form of blackmailing. This has a very bad impact on developing children as their parents are unaware of the trauma the child is undergoing through and there is literally no one with whom the child can talk and then the effect further amplifies.

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