Top 10 Most Disgusting Animals on Earth

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The world has put beauty on a glorified platform with the less attractive taking the backstage. The reason is simple; beauty is easy on the eyes.  This being said, the mind wonders who are these creatures who roam the earth with the tag of being disgusting. Those damned and shunned are gaining popularity for their strange structure or a peculiar character. Nature is beautiful in its own right and we may not have the intellectual level to shell out any judgments but sometimes Mother Nature throws a quirky creature at the world and we can’t help but wonder what went wrong! Here is a list which may spoil animals for you so proceed with caution. Let’s try to find some sympathy for these creatures. Shall we?

10. Leaf-tailed Gecko


This particular lizard is pride of eastern Madagascar and the Islands of Nosy Bohara and Nosy Mangabe. They are only 330 mm in total length and are basically nocturnal. The generic name is Uroplatus fimbriatus it is found in the tropical rain forests. During the day our little buddy plasters itself on trees and rests with its head down.  And when disturbed he raises his tail and head and screams out to let his disgust known.  It is an endangered species and needs protection. The eyes and the scaly skin help it in securing a position on this list. Who wouldn’t agree?

9. Naked Mole Rat


Rats are not generally loved creatures and when you add naked in front of rat it takes the disgust to a different level. The generic name is Heterocephalus glaber the common name is sand puppy or desert mole rat. This burrowing little rodent is a habitat of East Africa.  They have little or no hair; they have wrinkled pink or yellowish coloured skin. They can move forward and backward in the same speed. They are underground creatures and dig with their giant teeth. With the limited oxygen underground, these rats have adapted to it by having a very low metabolic and respiratory rates. Their skin has practically low sensation of pain. They live in groups with 20 to 300 rats. Remember Kim Possible on Disney channel, Rufus, Ron’s pet? That is the naked mole rat. In real life it’s not that cute, believe me!

8. Warthog


When we talk about unappealing animals, Pigs do come into the picture and the list seems incomplete. This list definitely has a pig and that too a wild pig at that.  The sub-Saharan African grassland habitat is called as the Desert warthog. The name is derived from the four large protruding’s on the head which are wart like in shape. These warts are fats which help the males in fighting and are major defence of the ‘pigs of the plains’. The short stature, the canine teeth’s and the warts qualifies its presence on the list. The tusks are ivory and the pigs are hunted down for it. They have mastered grazing in the Savannahs and are the only Pig species to do so. They are omnivorous.

7. Goblin sharks


Goblins are known for the strange structure and the trademark facial characteristics like the eyes and the snout. When we say Goblin sharks, the expectations are far from pretty. They are dubbed as Living Fossil and are found deep in the sea. The younger ones are found at depths greater than 100 meters with the older fishes treading the deeper waters. The fish is essentially flabby bodied, small finned with long and flat snout. The mouth is parabolic in shape. Due to these the fish is seen as lazy as and less ferocious than other Sharks. As the fishes live deep in water, their life is yet to be studied. But one thing can be stated outright, this fish just isn’t pretty.

6. Star nosed mole


Star Moles are found in wet low areas of eastern Canada and the northeastern United States; Records show their presence in Georgia. Like moles, they are small, cylindrical and have tiny paws.  The star nosed moles have 11 pairs of pink fleshy star like structure on its nose. This is used as touch organ as opposed to the smelling function of nose.  The star-nosed mole is blackish brown in color. The fur repels water.

5. Almiqui


The Cuban Solenodon closely resembles a shrew or a large brown rat. It is found in the eastern mountains of Cuba. The Almiqui was declared extinct in 1970 and rediscovered in 1974. It is still endangered species. One of the most distinct features of this creature is that its saliva is venomous. They have small eyes, dark brown hair and quirky nose. Due to sharp teeth, the bite of almiqui is severe.

4. Horseshoe bat


The Bats are among the not so loved animals. When we have quirky bats they make the list. We have Rhinolophidae or the Horseshoe bat. The name comes from the leaf-like, horseshoe shape on their nose. The bats hang upside down and this makes the horseshoe bat more repelling than ordinate bats. Apart from mammary glands, the female have false nipples which the younglings cling to for few days after birth. The Horseshoe bats can’t walk on the ill formed limbs but have broad wings for agile flight.

3. Proboscis Monkey


Science says that monkeys are our ancestors and it was okay to be compared to the arboreal creatures. However this particular species of monkey makes us wonder, are we really, even remotely related? The Proboscis Monkey has one distinct feature, its comically large nose. Found in Asia, this species have pot belly ad webbed toes. The overall impact of the hairy backs and elongated nose makes it an unappealing creature. The studies have shown that the nose is small as the baby is born and it grows with age, symbolizing the age of the monkey.

2. Pussy Moths


This moth has many different names like the southern flannel moth, pussy moth, puss caterpillar, tree asp among few. The larvae are covered in hair like coatings which makes it resemble a Persian cat, thus the name. This hair tends to be curly sometimes giving it a puffy look. The adult is also distinct in appearance with hair ranging in colors like dull orange and light lemon. The leg of the moth is hairy and feet are black and fuzzy. The overall appearance of this creature is like having a bad-hair day all live long. The fur causes skin irritation on contact and hence distance should be maintained. Now we have two reasons to keep away from this moth!

1. Blob Fish


With the titles like the ‘most hideous creature of the world’, ‘ugliest creature of the world’ this fish tops our list. As the name suggests the blobfish is basically a big, blobby fish which looks like tadpole. It is like a mass of pale jelly with its density less than water. As a result it floats above the sea bed in the depths of the ocean. It is found in coasts of Australia, Tasmania and also New-Zealands. The fish swims at depth of 600-1200 meters and is small in size. It is only 30cms. The fish takes a different shape out of water as opposed to being inside water. The ugliness has stirred up lot of interest in media.

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