Top 10 DIY ways to Decorate your Wall

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I think everyone loves and admire art but apart from this, other thing which is on most people’s mind is that it is not my cup of tea. But frankly speaking, one need not be a Picasso to try their hands out on it. If nothing much, you can at least start making something to hang on your walls, it will not only adorn your walls but also give you the proud moment of saying that you yourself did your walls. Buying those paintings and other art can sometimes be really expensive, so why shell out such a big amount when you can decorate those naked walls in a very small budget. So, read on to find the top 10 easiest ways to decorate the walls of your house, all by yourself.


10. Put up a scarf

put up a scarf

Let’s start with the easiest one. Take up a scarf with an art like print and hang it on your wall, with the full print visible. If you are not so comfortable with the idea of hanging it up directly, then you can even opt for getting it framed. Try going for some abstract and/or geometrical prints. And don’t forget to starch and iron the scarf before hanging it, this will make it stiff and wrinkle free.


9. Wrapped up fabric

wrapped up fabric

Take up few classy design fabrics, all in co-ordination. Co-ordination here implies that their color and design should go on very well together and should even be in sync with the interiors of your house. Take up the fabrics possibly in odd number and of same size. Take up rectangular pieces of Styrofoam or wood, wrap the fabric around it and staple it at back and you have a great piece ready for your wall. For the first time, do it on small pieces and put it up in your bedroom. If you are satisfied with the outcome, you can take up bigger pieces and richer fabric for drawing room.


8. Recycled window

recycled window

This one will even use some of your scrap lying out there in garage, while on the way of creating a designer piece for your wall. Take up a good sized wooden window probably the one with some partitions and the one which has seen enough wear and tear. Get some good pictures developed and put one each in every opening of the window. Though it does not need anything else but if you are still not convinced of hanging it on your wall, then before putting up the photos you can paint it in some dull shades of golden, copper, bronze or any other one suiting the interiors. And, you have a brand new photo frame.


7. Fabric on wall

fabric on wall

Covering the wall with fabric is a very simple and cheap way of getting rid of that monotony from your house and especially if you are living in a rented place where you are not allowed to paint the walls or put up wallpapers. All you need to do is take up a heavy fabric, preferably something like weight of upholstery of a size slightly bigger than the area you want to cover. For instance if you want to cover up a wall then the size of the fabric should be at least 2 inch bigger from all the sides of the wall. Put the fabric and the wall and keep it on the place with the help of thumbtacks. Now take up liquid starch and start painting it all over the fabric on the wall. Make the fabric saturate with starch. Then let it dry with thumbtacks in place. Once it is completely dried, do another coat and on the areas you left earlier. And you are ready with a brand new wall. It is advisable to try this on a small patch for the first time.


6. Sequin wall

sequin wall

If you are those daring types and love some spark in your life, then this one is perfectly for you. Cover a big piece of foam board with wrapping paper of the same color as your sequins. Start pinning your giant sequins from the bottom of the board and move ahead covering the area desired by you. If you don’t want to cover the whole sheet, you can even make some easy patterns like heart shape. It is a perfect idea for a photo booth or decorating a teen girl’s room.


5. Stencil letters

stencil letters

Do you have some old paintings, lying as a waste in your backyard? Worry not; it is time to revamp them to adore your walls. All you would need is; some old paintings, vinyl letters (these are self-adhesive vinyl alphabets), acrylic colors of your choice and paint brush. Start with placing the alphabets on the canvas in a meaningful message, cut them properly and stick them to the canvas in the appropriate position. Now cover the whole painting with any acrylic color of your choice and let it dry. Once it is dried, carefully remove the letters. And there you go; you have a brand new painting for your drawing room.

Note- Do not over color the painting, just do a light quote otherwise you will not get the desired effect.

4. Stenciled wallpaper

stenciled wallpaper

This one is extremely simple yet classic. Look out for some Moroccan style patterns on the net, and download the one you like. Print the pattern you chose, the bigger it is the better it is. You may even print it in parts and then stick all the parts together. Cut out your design, trace it on a piece of hardboard and cut it out, to get a more durable and handy stencil. Start with the tracing your pattern on the wall with a pencil first, when fully satisfied you can take a small brush and go over the lines with permanent paint. And your brand new, Moroccan style wall is ready.


3. Canvas wall art

Canvas Wall Art

On a small sized canvas, stick wooden alphabets to form a word of your choice. It would be better if you first finalize your placement and then apply glue. Once it dries completely, use spray paint to cover the whole canvas. You will need to do 2 coats to get a perfect finish. Your wall piece is ready to be hanged.


2. Shoe box display

shoe box display

This time when you are cleaning up your store room, don’t throw away those old shoe boxes. They will be your next art supply for decorating your house. All you would need is some acrylic paints, brushes, patterned paper and glue. Paint the insides of the shoe boxes in solid colors and the outsides in contrasting colors like orange and blue or red and green. If you are not very comfortable with painting the stuff, then you can even use patterned paper to line up the insides. Use these beautiful boxes to display light weight items on your wall.


1. Constellation art

constellation art

For this one, start by painting a stretched canvas in a color contrasting your house walls, for example if all the walls are beige, then you may opt for a light gold color on canvas and so on. Then decide your constellation design and start by plotting the dots on the back of the canvas with a pencil. Keep every dot, at least half inch apart and press a hole into every one which should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the bulbs you want to insert. Press a bulb in each hole and secure it in pace with some glue. Let it dry and your constellation art is ready. Set it up near some plug point and switch it on at night to see your own constellation in your hall.


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