Top 10 Easy Ways to Reduce Weight

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Increased weight can lend you in a pool of troubles ranging from what to wear to numerous    diseases. Keeping a check on your waistline is essential. Here are top 10 ways to reduce weight


10. Resist your cravings:

Generally, people are unable to resist their cravings. They would go for drinks or fancy food that             increases the carbohydrate level in the body. Create an environment that makes you successful in your weight loss plan. Store your refrigerator with healthy food and keep tempting food out of your house. Avoid eating outside as far as possible. Keep calorie count and adjust your diet accordingly. It requires discipline and self-control. If you can win over your temptations, losing weight will not be a very difficult task.

9. Bring Blue into your life:

You may not believe it, but the color blue acts as an appetite suppressant. It is a good reason as to why many fast food restaurants are not decorated in blue. It is suggested to bring around blue more often in your life. Eat on blue plates, cover your dining table with blue table cloth and wear blue while you eat. On the other hand, avoid orange, red and yellow as much as you can. These colors are known to encourage eating. So, go blue and reduce your weight.

8. Eat several smaller meals:

Doctors suggest that you should distribute your calorie intake throughout the day, instead of taking single wholesome diets. Smaller meals enable the body to execute efficient metabolism, than larger meals. Also, meals every few hours suppress the appetite. Besides, this practice prevents blood sugar spikes and crash that can happen with larger meals. Infrequent eating increases the level of insulin in the blood, which leads to fat storage rather than fat digestion. This affects the metabolism negatively leading to increase in the body weight.

7. Sleep properly

It sounds strange but studies have shown that weight and sleep are related. The people who tend to sleep less, tend to overweigh. Proper sleep may not cut down your weight, but it will prevent additional weight gain. The light sleepers tend to eat more and therefore increase the overall fat content in the body. Like, when you are sleepy at work, you drink coffee or eat a bag of chips. Sleep regulates the metabolic activities as well as the energy expenditure. Irregular or insufficient sleep jeopardizes the metabolic system, causing weight gain. Thus, you must ensure a good night’s sleep as a part of your weight loss plan.

6. Avoid Booze:

Boozing is a threat to your weight-loss plans! We usually keep a tab on the calories we eat, but not on the amount of calories in our drinks. Though low in fat content, alcohol contains high amount of calories. Alcohol is diuretic. It means it causes loss of water from the body along with minerals like potassium, magnesium, zinc and calcium. Alcohol is an appetite stimulator too. Additionally, alcohol can cause more acid secretion, thereby causing the stomach lining to become inflamed. Alcohol is metabolized differently too, increasing the load on the liver.

5. Yoga/exercise

If you want to lose weight, make exercise or yoga a part of your daily routine. Yoga has its own unique way of cutting the flab. It only drains the excess fats out of your body, making you feel lighter and better. There are several yoga poses which can especially help with weight loss. It is better to make yoga a regular practice. You may start with simpler poses and gradually practice complex ones. Though it is a slow process, the results are simply amazing.

4. Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast puts the metabolic system in place. Skipping breakfast shut down the digestive system for 15-20 hours at a stretch, not producing the enzymes necessary for metabolizing fats to lose weight. When we don’t eat for certain time periods, our body has a tendency of storing energy in the form of fats. Eating breakfast increases the energy levels and provides more chances to burn calories. If you skip on breakfasts, it leaves you famished, prompting you to splurge on treats later on. The breakfast should contain a serving of proteins, carbohydrates, and fruits provide all the necessary nutrients.

3. Eat juicy fruits:

People would generally stop eating in order to reduce weight. However, nutrition experts say that you should eat a lot of fruits in order to reduce weight. Fruits are high in nutritional content and have abundant water content. All fruits are good, but for reducing weight, berries like strawberries, blueberries, raspberries etc. should be eaten. Fruits are higher in water and fib and lower in calories. It is better to eat either fresh or frozen fruits only. Also, fruits enable smooth bowel movements and will help you cleanse your system and kick the body into fat burning mode.

2. Go Walking:

Walking, for around 30 minutes helps prevent weight gain. However, studies have shown that walking for a longer duration helps in losing weight. Walking is easy on the joints and one of the least intense form of exercise. It is advisable that beginners should walk 3 days a week and gradually increase the frequency. To make the walk enjoyable, you may listen to music, walk indoors instead of outdoors, or take walking meetings in the office, to save time. You can take walks before or after a meal, however, an early morning walk is the best.

1. Keep yourself hydrated:

You won’t feel famished if you drink water before meals. It is because water acts as an appetite suppressant. Water enables the kidneys and liver to work efficiently, thereby enabling proper metabolism. This ensures that all the excess fat is washed out of the body with excess liquid. Dehydration induces hunger-like feeling and you tend to over eat. You can also add taste to it, by adding lemon, mint leaves or honey, however, juices and sugary liquids have to be avoided. Interestingly, drinking ice cold water can help you reduce weight faster as the body has to work harder to warm it up, thereby burning extra calories.

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