Top 10 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

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Wedding brings in many important decisions to be made. The challenge of finding the partner planning the whole charade and final walk down the aisle/ the traditional sath pheres/ the signs on the paper is just the beginning. The better half will always have some strong opinion and if these opinions don’t align the trouble in paradise is inadvertent. The first big decision after wedding is the honeymoon. It will test your compatibility, taste and style. You need a place which has something for both the parties. The shopping hub may entice one and the museums may be a snooze fest for the other. This destination has to click for both of you. Here is list of ten such places which has something for each one of you a well as for both of you.

10. Island of Anguilla.

Island of Anguilla

Caribbean Island has everything that one would want in their honeymoon, it has that slice of heaven. With not one or two but 33 white beaches each with its own vibe and feel. If you like snorkeling or horse back ridding or bar hopping and are in a close, affair with the sea, then the combination here is perfect. The ‘it’ place here is a small intimate cay called as the Sandy Ground Beach. Its personal, its intimate and it gives you a feel of being in a different world and that is what a honeymoon should be.

9. South Africa

South Africa

The South African coast is relaxing and has attractive beaches, but sometimes the coastline is not enough, some people needs more and this more is offered in African heaven. The up-close and personal contact with the nature. The Leopards, lions and elephants in their natural habitat can make people experience nature in all different ways. The idea of waking up to a deer nibbling away near your tent and lion roaring away nearby is bound to get the blood pumping. The exclusive couples resorts are like oasis in desserts, so take a detour from the nature to the poolside and back to nature and make it an exotic honeymoon.
8. Greece.


The sun, the warm sea and the lovely landscape with history, culture and site seeing are all rolled in a Greek experience. The islands of Mykonos and Santorini have spectacular view with a defining character. The nightlife of Athens is a major attraction. The option here is to search all the islands and zero in on few and enjoy the terrace cafes, Century old ruins, endless sea and lovely people giving your Honeymoon the complete feel.

7. Florida.


If nightlife is what you want combined with the romance of the sea and adventure of lifetime, then Florida is your scene. The Miami seashore is one attraction one wouldn’t want to miss. For the children at heart couples, Disney world has a honeymoon package available!   Amelia Island is famous for its spas with their famous ‘Chocolate Decadent’ Massage. To win the honeymoon arrange a  private fireworks cruise, You will enjoy this time with romance of Caribbean and city life all at once.

6. Figi Islands

Figi Island

Iridescent water with private bungalows with private beaches and exotic view of the ocean. Its a plush Eden in itself. The island is not 1 or 2 but whole lot of 322 islands all in one place. This place is for adventure and relaxation all at once. Turtle Island is one place with private setting and strict 14 couple at  a time entry so make a bee-line for it. Surfing, skydiving and corals are the attraction here. The black pearls found here are famous and the shopping here is duty-free! The cuisine here is pure delight. The romance here is for the adventure seeking type who likes to rough it out by the day and return to a candlelight diner for a romantic evening.

5. Aruba.


When the couple has the same taste of vacation but the list consists of relaxation and craziness all in one place. What should one do? Head to Aruba that is what. One place for sun and fun. Its a 20 miles island and at the widest point its just 6 miles. Its intimate land with friendly people who will get you to fall in love with sun sand sea along with  casinos, clubs and also assortment of culinary options for every palate, Mexican food and margaritas with sushi and tapas. For the adventure types try renting a four-wheeler and explore this region for the secluded springs and shores.Try snorkeling in clear blue sky, horse ride under the clear sky and ride to different islands in a clear bottom boats. You will love this island.


4. Italy


This has a reputation of being birth place of romance. If old world charm and bistros by the cobblestone streets is something you want to experience, this is the place. You will fall in love all over again with the moonlight walks and the character of Rome, the romance of Venice, the sunflower hills of Tuscany, the night-life of Milan, with historic places like  Coliseum, Pompeii with  Vatican and Assis. Italy will have something for everyone. Check the options , match with your liking and bamm, you have a customized honeymoon .


3. Mexico.


“There’s nothing better and more inviting & tantalizing than a private Jacuzzi with an ocean view accompanied by a massage with oils and flowers followed by a dinner and wine on a terrace under a moonlit night.” This is the description of mexico and this says it all. This is the place where nature has orchestrated romance in every ounce of sand. Lovely cuisines will make you swoon and the honeymoon will never end for the promise here is you cant leave Mexico ever.
2. Tahiti.



This place looks as gorgeous in the moonlight as it does in the sunshine. South Pacific ocean has this tiny little island which has the best option for the honeymooners, the over-the-water bungalows, privacy seclusion and a house that opens to the ocean. The spas and the ride around the islands are the staples in this region. The Bora Bora Islands has a private area for picnics, this is one place to laze around, get a fine tan and enjoy the lovely bliss of wedding.


1. Hawaii.


Hawaii gives you both privacy and passion needed for the honeymoon. The charming coast with the sunsets and sounds of guitar, the food the long walks . The walks down the beach the different cuisines the dance in clubs all night long. The island of Maui is to be added to your not to miss list for you can see whales dancing away in the sea. The resorts offer you a package which makes this less thinking more action place where you can lounge in the sun with delicious food. This is one place that has proved to be a honeymoon favorite since ages. The world there is different than life we live and this makes it King of Exotic Wonderlands.


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