Top 10 Famous Food Dishes in India

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India is famous for the different varieties of dishes it offers. Due to the difference in culture and traditions in India there are so many options of dishes one can find. It is hard to number the dishes according to their taste or popularity as all the dishes cooked in India are appetizing. We have mentioned some of the yummiest and the famous dishes one must try.

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1. Butter chicken

You will get to taste chicken roasted in many different styles all over the world. There are so many famous chicken dishes which can delight your taste buds, but when it comes to butter chicken I assure you, you won’t find the taste anywhere else in the world except India. Punjabi food is very famous all over the world for the type of spices used and the amount of butter, ghee and paneer used in its dishes. Butter chicken is the best example of a Punjabi food with cooked in butter and deep flavored spices that will surely challenge all your taste buds. Chicken pieces are marinated for a night before grilling them so as to pack in the taste. These grilled chicken pieces are then cooked over low flames in tomato curry, lots of butter, chilies, yoghurt and niggle seeds. So if you are ever visiting to India do not forget to savour the taste of the yummy butter chicken.

2. idli- dosa- vada with Sambhar

India is famous for its diversity which is inflicted in the variety of dishes offered here. A very famous part of Indian cuisine is south Indian cuisine, which includes idli, vada, dosa eaten with sambhar. Eaten throughout the country, it is the main food for people living in south India. You might find all the other dishes mentioned here in the list cooked elsewhere in the world with a different style, but the same ingredients. It is hard to find this south India cuisine elsewhere in the world. It is popularly eaten as a breakfast and is cooked with fermented black lentils as well as rice. Sambhar is a dish made with toor dal and tamarind and occasionally vegetables are cooked in it.

3. Chole Bhature

As already mentioned, Punjabi food is famous in India and the next example of this fact is Chole Bhature. This is a famous dish which is made up of fried chick peas and fried bread which is made up of maida called bhature. It is a common street food you will find when you visit the northern part of the country. It is eaten as a breakfast and you can find this dish in the menu of any party hosted in Northern India.

4. Hyderabadi Biryani

Another mouth- watering, exotic dish in the list is Hyderabadi Biryani. It is said that Aurengzeb introduced this Biryani in India when he invaded it. The mixing of Telgu and Mughal dishes has resulted in the introduction of this yummy dish in India. For a very long time in India this dish was only savoured by the Mughals. This lip- smacking dish is made up of basmati rice, yoghurt, saffron, onions, lemons and mutton. People also use chicken instead of mutton as an appetizing variation to the original dish. It is garnished with onions as well coriander leaves when served.

5. Dal Makhani

There are so many different varieties of dal made in India in different parts of the country. No two types of dal have all the same ingredients and the same way of cooking. But, when it comes to mentioning the most popular Indian dishes then among all the dals, dal makhani has acquired the first position. It is another Punjabi staple food which has black lentils and Rajma as the main ingredients in it. This dish which originated in India is now served almost in every indian restaurant in the world claiming to serve Indian food.

6. Samosa and Pakoda

It won’t be right if I forget to mention the most important appetizers in India, which are samosas and pakodas. Smaosas can be considered to be baked pastry made up of maida with fillings of crushed potatoes, spices and peas. This triangular dish is lip- smacking and it will make you crave for more, when you’ll have one. Pakoda is a fried dish which is made up of besan powder with fillings like potato, onion, paneer and cheese. Pakoda and samosa are usually enjoyed during the rainy season and you can find it on any street in India.

7. Kheer

Kheer  is the most popular sweet dish of India. It is the most loved dishes and the list won’t be complete if it’s not mentioned in the yummiest dishes of India. . It has many names like kheer, phirni, payasam, payesh etc. It does not have a specific recipe and every household in India make it in their own style. Mainly cooked on cultural festivals or on some religious occasions, this dish can be cooked any time and it does not even require much time and culinary skills to cook it.

8. Mutton Rogan Josh

A very famous dish of the paradise of India, Kashmir is Rogan gosh. It is another example of the evolvement of Indian dishes from British and Persian roots. It is believed that Rogan Josh was firstly cooked in Persia and it was brought to India when the Persians invaded the country. Packed with intense flavors of ginger and fennel and the dark red color of this dish has surely made it one of the most popular dishes of India. It is cooked in garlic and onions with red chillies to give it the mouth- watering taste.

9. Pork Vindaloo

Goa is known as the favourite destination for people who love to party. Not only Goa is famous for its beaches, but it is also recognized for a variety of food dishes that are served here. You will find a touch of Portuguese cuisines in almost all the dishes cooked here. The main ingredients of pork vindaloo are chills, potatoes, cut in cubes, wine, chillis and most importantly pork. Some people use lamb or chicken instead of pork, according to their taste.

10. Pav Bhaji

Pav bhaji is a very famous dish served in Maharashtra. It is made up of a mixture of boiled vegetables, crushed and cooked with spices, onions, tomato curry and garlic. To amke the dish more tasty cubes of butter are added to the dish. It is eaten with a fried bread which is made crispy in butter. It is said that Pav bhaji has originated in Mumbai, but now it is relished in every part of the country.

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