Top 10 Famous Love Stories That Didn’t Work-Out

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They say that love is eternal, everlasting. There are some love stories that overcome all obstacles. Despite the universe, and everyone conspiring against them, they overcome it to be united. There are moments of separation, anxious doubts but in the end love conquers all. They emerge triumphant on the other side, glorious victorious, very much in love and walk off into the sunset, hand in hand. Then there are the other stories; stories where love isn’t enough. Despite being madly in love with each other, they are torn apart; either by circumstances, or destiny, or by their own pride and ego which gets in the way. Though people commend the former kind of love stories, the latter too are worthy of praise. Because no matter what the reason for them notwithstanding the test of time, they too were great loves, epics in their own way. The love stories that make it leave us with a warm sensation in our heart. While the ones that don’t, leave us tingling with anticipation, despair, what ifs and a sense of thrill, wanting the ill fated lovers to unite. There are many lists dedicated to the epic love stories that survived, but here is a one for those who didn’t make it.

10) Jo and Laurie:


As kids when we read Little Women, we all secretly and some more openly rooted for the characters of Jo and Laurie. Jo, the rebellious headstrong sister, with big dreams and ambitions, and Laurie her best friend who is head over heels in love with her. They were the pinnacle of childhood romance.They were the perfect couple who understood each other, had fun together and most of all were childhood friends. But sadly, we encountered our first heartbreak as Jo refuses to marry Laurie, who is clearly madly in love with her and instead gets married to her sister Amy.

9) Romeo and Juliet:


This age old Shakespearean tragedy is a story we are all familiar with. Drawn to each other despite their families being enemies, they brave all odds and decide to get married only to have an unhappy ending. We all know how the story ends. Romeo killing himself, thinking that Juliet is already dead, and Juliet waking up to see Romeo’s corpse only to be struck by grief and in turn killing herself. Theirs is a tale fraught with misunderstandings and millions of what ifs. It’s their circumstances that drive them apart, leaving us with an unfulfilled yearning for these star crossed lovers to unite.

8) Desdemona and Othello:


Theirs is a love that is passionate and strongly devoted to each other. But sadly they fall prey to Iago’s evil tactics. Though Iago has a huge role to play in their downfall they too are partly responsible for their love reaching disastrous conclusions. Their undoing lies in Othello’s jealousy, fueled by Iago’s manipulative lies and Desdemona’s innocence for not realizing what was going on. Othello and Desdemona’s love is strong, but it’s the weak human characteristics that ultimately end their relationship; with Othello killing Desdemona because of his anger, jealousy and possessive love.

7) Jack and Rose:


This is one story that needs no introduction. Our hearts done a flip and we found ourselves falling in love too, as Jack a social nobody manages to win over the heart of the rich Rose with his wit, charm, sincerity and passion; You jump, I jump remember? We all felt our hearts sink in despair as the massive Titanic sank bringing to a tragic end their short lived romance. But what touches us most is the glaring sacrifice that Jack makes for Rose, and how Rose never lets go; and goes onto live the life they both envisaged together.

6) Heathcliff and Cathy:


This is one of the unconventional romances, with people often deeming their love as passionate yet dark. But nonetheless theirs was a love that was so compelling and powerful that it consumed them. Their love was so encompassing that Cathy is heard saying “I am Heathcliff” and Heathcliff is heard as referring to Cathy as his soul mate. But unfortunately their love succumbs to their pride. Cathy, despite being in love with Heathcliff since she was a kid ends up marrying Edgar Linton due to his social standing being higher than that of Heathcliff’s, bringing their love to a disastrous end.

5) Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler:


These two are two of the most self centered, arrogant and strong willed people when it comes to characters in books. And that’s probably one of the reasons why they are perfect for each other and also why they aren’t. Their relationship has always been intense and filled with turbulence that never reaches a harmonious end. But what pulls these two intense lovers apart and keeps them from ever working out is the nature of their personalities. Their head strong selfish characters that lack patience and understanding is the reason why their love story reaches the end that it does.

4) Edward Scissorhands and Kim:


The reason for this love story not working out is somewhat obvious, what with Edward having scissors instead of hands that are potentially endangering. But yet this love story always manages to leave us with a sense of sadness and sympathy for the character of Edward who despite being a considerate, understanding and passionate fellow has to live his life in solitude due to his condition. Edward makes for a perfect guy to fall in love with it, as he is charming, sweet and caring, but his biggest undoing, sadly are his scissor hands.

3) Gatsby and Daisy:


All throughout the novel The Great Gatsby we see different versions and stories revolving around Gatsby, but he is his truest self around his love Daisy. Once before they couldn’t get together because of Daisy’s pride and her refusal to marry Gatsby because of his poor social standing. This prompts Gatsby to achieve greatness and become a wealthy man, all in the hopes to attain his dream, Daisy. Thus his love is true and pure, so is hers, only she lacks the courage to follow her heart and once again they end up parting due to Daisy, this time because of her lack of courage to follow her heart.

2) Rick and lsa:


Casablanca was a movie with an un-classical ending, leaving us hoping that Ilsa and Rick get together, but sadly that doesn’t happen.  Right from the start theirs is a relationship that is passionate yet superficial with them never getting to really know each other very well. But in the end it’s the nature of their love that drives them apart; as though it is passionate it is shallow and lacks depth. But so what if they didn’t end up together, they’ll always have Paris.

1) Joe and Ann:


This couple from Roman Holiday have one of the sweetest stories. She a crown princess runs away and he an American journalist; and he helps her enjoy and have the time of her life but at the same time decides to use her to write a story. But eventually he falls in love with her and she with him. But it’s her princess duty that drives them away, with she eventually returning to her responsibilities. Having fallen in love with her, he doesn’t end up writing the story. This is one story that leaves us feeling happy, despite its end.

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