Top 10 Fun things you can do when you don’t have Internet

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What do you normally do when your internet stops working for some time? Keep refreshing the web page or call up your internet service provider? It does Seem like your life has just stopped for some time no? No. It’s true that internet has made our lives pretty simple. It saves upon so much of time and make many activities hassle free. But aren’t we getting too dependent over it? From shopping to keeping up with old friends, for just everything internet comes easy to us. But let me remind you there was a life before internet. We did used to live without it, and managed to have an enjoyable childhood. That implies, internet does help us in more than one way but we still can have fun without it. So, here are 10 fun things you can do without internet.

10. Go on a Shopping spree

shopping spree

Yes yes we have moved on to the wonderful privilege of online shopping where just a click can get you your favorite products right at your doorstep. But what about strolling in a mall from store to store looking for something that catches your eye? Going to showrooms, checking out different stuff, trying them out and buying them. Or if you are a street smart shopper then go out on the streets and get some pretty cheap deals on variety of stuff.

9. Have a card party

card party

Today’s generation may or may not have ever played a real game of real cards but they surely have spent hours over Texas Hold’em Poker or other card games available online. They sure can charm you for a while but they cannot have the real essence of an actual card game. So, what are you thinking about? Call up some friends, get snacks ready and take out the pack of cards to have a card party blast!

8. Cook

preparing food

Cooking is often done out of necessity but a lot of people find themselves extremely passionate about it. If you are one of them then why wouldn’t you love to take back on your cooking affair rather than wasting your time online. And if you have never done it before, give it a shot. And hey, you do not need to see YouTube videos for cooking recipes, recipe books are still very much in existence. Take in a family member or a friend as your cooking partner to get set on your kitchen experiments or get behind that counter alone. Who knows you might have a great potential chef hidden inside you.

7. Television

TV Time

Television came more than a decade before the first computer was ever created. And since then it has always been a great source of entertainment as well as information. And if you are a lazy bone then this might interest you that technically while watching television, you do not need to move your fingers as much as you do while on internet. Watch sitcoms, movies, news channels or lifestyle shows. Television has got something for everybody and it can be great pastime for your “no internet days”.

6. Find a hobby and get started with it

find a hobby and get started

You may argue that how net surfing gives you pleasure and it is a hobby for you but it’s high time you need to think about some real world hobbies too. Like reading a book, or drawing, or playing a sport maybe? Try different things and see what you find most enjoyable and get started with that activity. You will be surprised to see that how a simple thing which doesn’t require an internet connection can be actually fun.

5. Play outdoor games

outdoor games

Online gaming does have spoilt us for worse. Sitting in front of the computer screen playing games can entertain you well but they do no good for your body. Whereas outdoor games like football, handball, badminton not just refreshes your mind but also works as an exercise regime. And once you start playing any such game you will find yourself enjoying it much more than you expected it to.

4. Sleep

sleep (2)

Umm, your definition of “fun” might be a whole lot different from mine but sleep is a great thing to do when you have been shunned away from your internet connection. Many of you will agree on how this necessary evil has taken over our sleeping time and ruined our sleeping patterns. Most of the youngsters spend late night hours over their laptops which cost them a lot of sleep. So when you do not have internet, take this “opportunity” to relax your body and freshen up your mind by getting a sound sleep.

3. Go for a movie with friends

watch a movie with friends

Blazing speed of internet and easy access to movies have made us all rely upon internet to download latest movies and watch them at home instead of going out to watch them on theater. But that doesn’t mean that all the movie theaters have been shut and you cannot go to them anymore just because there are online versions available. Plan a nice movie afternoon with your friends, grab a tub of popcorn and coke, and enjoy the movie. It is a whole different thing when you watch it on a huge screen with high definition sound quality and gems of your life.

2. Spend time with your family

Family Eating Lunch Together

“Last night my internet connection was down so I had to spend some time with my family members, they seem like nice people.” Ha! I read this somewhere over internet. Is this true for you too? If yes, then you do need to do something about it. With modernization, we have seen people spending more time on social networking websites, online gaming and other stuff over internet while they spend the least with their family members. They will be more aware about the eye blinking of ‘The Royal Baby’ and less about what is happening in lives of their own children or siblings. You need to stop this. Sit with your family, go out for a dinner or take a vacation together and you will actually feel good being around the people you share your DNA with.

 1. Get Out!


Don’t think this is me being rude but seriously, you need to get out, of that room, of that home and of that confined internet bubble of yours. Go to a park, a beach or wherever you want, take a walk, meet new people, talk to them, make new friends and do everything you like. Just don’t keep your life limited to that one room of yours where you have got an internet connection and at any cost do not let internet take control over your life.

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