Top 10 Fun things to do when it’s Raining

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Rain…the word in itself gives us a sigh of relief. The first drops of rain bring out a smile on our face. The smell of wet soil, damp grass and the slosh of puddles compel us to dance with wanton joy. Rain brings out our romantic side. For most of us, a rainy day is a day of celebration, while for a few workaholics it is an interruption to their normal routine. Well… for the former lot, I am sure the title itself must have plucked the strings of excitement. But if you are among those who are allergic to rain, even the mere feeling of getting wet in rain makes you shiver and you consider rainy days to be a halt to your work… don’t be disappointed. I’ve got an escape for you guys too. Here are 10 real fun things to do in rain.

10. Things you have postponed

10.things you have postponed

If you’re not in mood for anything in particular, you should consider doing all the activities you haven’t had the time for in the past. Does your computer need little bit of attentions? Are there too many folders on your desktop? Maybe your closet is eagerly waiting for you to clean it up! Take this time as an opportunity to do things you have to do sooner or later. You can watch a blockbuster movie you have missed due to your busy schedule. This way you will feel less stressed.


9. Get Nostalgic

9.get nostalgic

Why not whip out old family Photo albums and remind yourself of your good old days rather than wasting time hopping around in the house. Take a trip down the memory lane. This is the time for you and your loved ones to get extra cozy on the couch and share those old stories that your grandpa once told you. This will certainly be much more refreshing, even more than taking a long nap.


8. Satisfy Your Taste Buds

8.satisfy your taste buds

The smell of wet soil stimulates your taste buds. They get extra naughty. It’s time to reward yourself with Hot chocolate or Coffee, paired with a delicious home-made snack, keeping aside your diet plans. It’s time to flaunt your cooking skills. Get into kitchen, cook something really spicy, and try out a new recipe. If you are among those ice-cream lovers, this is the best time to enjoy your favorite desert. All you have to do is compromise with your diet plan for one day.


7. Catch up with Friends and Family

7.catch up with friends and family

Life is not just about work, we all get complains from our dear ones that we don’t have time for them. Juggling family, friends and work is difficult at times.  This is the best time to turn out gregarious. If possible plan a get together, Visit a nearby cafe or host a tea-party. Click out some nice snapshots, maybe it’s time to add on ‘a rainy day with friends’ in your scrapbook. Nothing can ever replace these memories. They are always cherished. You can also catch up your friends and family over phone, video calls. We always keep on planning to call or meet friends but we never actually get time to do so. While it’s raining you get into relaxing mood, and relaxing with old buddies sounds wonderful.


6. Swimming


When you swim, you are actually meant to get wet. Swimming while it’s raining actually enhances the feeling of getting wet. Let the soothing sound of raindrops falling over water heal you. Feel the magic of nature. You can also play some pool games. So, why not maximize the pool fun and do it while it’s raining? It’s even more adventurous if you do it on a beach while fighting all those huge waves. Don’t forget safety rules while going out in rain. Check out weather forecast before heading out to beach, try to avoid stranded beach. Remember, Safety First!


5. Pamper Yourself

5.pamper yourself

It’s best time to spend with yourself. Match the soothing sound of pouring raindrop with your favorite track and Relax. Get a soothing massage. Pamper yourself with a steam bath, it will enhance the feelings. Get a manicure and pedicure. Let lose all your worries and despair. Spend some time appreciating the scenic beauty outside. If you are a nerd, this is perfect time to read a book. Either Pick a novel you always wanted to read but never got time, or you can complement the rainy weather outside with poetic compositions you always adore.


4. Romance


The sparkling drops of rain, the beautiful surrounding, soft breeze and a magical feeling – who doesn’t want to get drenched in this romantic season? It’s the best of all romantic seasons. Plan a date with you partner, spend some quality time cuddling, gossiping. Talk about each other, get to know each other’s’ likes and dislikes sipping your favorite beverage may be Coffee or hot chocolate or tea. This way you will develop feeling of deep affection. Strengthen your bond of love. Admire the scenic beauty together. Go on a walk outside. And if you like to remain dry, head out for a long drive. Believe me; you are certainly going to fall in love with weather you hated a week ago.


3. Camp Out out

It must be sounding crazy, but pitch out your tents in your backyard or terrace as the cloud starts to gather with lightning. You will stay nice and dry when the rain comes, and the change in scenery will make it feel like an adventure brightening up a dreary day. Enjoying the rhythm of raindrops hitting the tent and leaves, smell the wet soil and damp grass. Feel the divine beauty of nature. Spend some time in the arms of nature, you will feel connected to the source of your origin.


2. Let the Rain drench you in its Beauty

2.let the rain drench you in it's beauty

Ever felt like you have that passion to create a literary masterpiece? All you need is peace of mind to follow up your passion. It’s perfect time while it’s raining outside. Rain has always been special for the poetic ones. Let it’s deepness engulf you, take out pen and paper, invoke the writer, the artist, the painter within you. With the sound of raindrops hitting over the leaves in your garden let lose your mind in the deep ocean of thoughts. Who knows you might plant seeds of some Masterpiece.


 1. Make a Splash, Be a child

1.rain dance

Yeah … It’s time for you to feel insouciance. Make a paper boat and watch it sail through that stream on the roadside that appeared out of nowhere. Gear up in raincoat and galoshes to head outside and stomp through pools of water in your garden or terrace. Hop around tapping some most stylish dance steps. Jump around in puddles… be a child. Dancing in rain has always been a bandwagon. And if these lines brought shiver down your spine don’t be disappointed, take out Board games. Take the pleasure to play a game of Monopoly or Ludo, rather both.

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