Top 10 fun things to do when you’re Pregnant

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Pregnancy is regarded as the miracle of nature. And of course, that is exactly what it is because without it, how can the world repopulate? Carrying a baby is nothing short of a Herculean task and it is more often than not, tiresome. From doctors’ visits to listening to old women give their advice on each and every aspect of pregnancy; the process can be quite monotonous overall. But why shouldn’t a woman be able to have fun when she is pregnant? Of course she should! Doing fun things raises the endorphin levels in your body and makes you happy. So having fun while pregnant is just as important as going for your next ultrasound! The number of things you can do to have fun is not as restrictive as it might seem. Here is a list of 10 fun things you could do while you’re pregnant.

10. Start Scrap booking

start scrapbooking

Scrap booking can be a lot of fun when you’re pregnant. Maintain a pregnancy scrapbook and show it to your child later on, it’s a great memory! Click lots of pictures of yourself during different stages of pregnancy and with different outfits on. Paste pictures of your latest sonogram. Record peculiar and funny incidences that will surely make you laugh in the future.  Ask others to fill in their thoughts about your pregnant self! Let the creative juices flow and go all out.  And if the thought of glue makes you shiver, there are a large number of options available online to make E-scrapbooks and they’re really easy to share with your friends and family!

9. Look through your old baby things

look through your old baby things

Take a trip down the memory lane! Go over to your parents’ house and spend a couple of days with them. Ask them to show you your old stock of baby stuff; they’re sure to have saved up a plethora of things! Look at your old baby clothes, frocks and dolls. You could even reuse your old cot and pram. Get inspired by your old bedroom and think about all the things you could reuse from your childhood that would make your kid happy. There must be tons of paraphernalia which you could reuse. Looking at all your old things could give you a lot of perspective and be really fun at the same time- almost like treasure hunting!

8. Plan a baby shower

plan a baby shower

Planning a party is always a lot of fun and now you have a valid excuse to splurge on one. Don’t let your husband and friends do all the planning on their own. Get involved! Decide the theme you want, the decorations, what kind of food you want to serve, the guest list, probably even call a band to play? You can have whatever you want as long as you think it through. So bring out a pen and paper and start planning! It can be as big or as small as you want it to be. It is your day so plan carefully and make sure there is a lot of scope for enjoyment.

7. Relax


Whoever says relaxation isn’t fun really hasn’t enjoyed their life! You’re carrying another human being inside you- it is your right to relax and you should exercise it. Enjoy your well-deserved afternoon naps. Sleep in in the morning. Read all those books and watch all the movies you’ve been missing out on. Go to the park and take in the greenery. Meditate to find your inner peace. Watch the world go by. Do whatever calms you down and relieves you. Taking a break from your ever stressful life is always a lot of fun so don’t let go of this golden opportunity!

 6. Misuse your privileges

misuse your privileges

Being pregnant comes with a whole lot of perks and advantages which normal people don’t get. What’s the point of all these fabulous privileges if you don’t go over the top and misuse them? Grab that seat in the bus even if you don’t feel the need for it. Caught speeding? Fake an emergency and ditch the cop.  Walk slower and look at all the shops on the street even if it annoys the other pedestrians because after all, you’re pregnant, you can’t be expected to walk too fast. Claim excess baggage on airlines without paying a penny extra. Just seek and you shall find a number of hidden opportunities!

5. Make new friends

make new friends

It’s always good to expand your network and make new friends. Join an antenatal class and meet other women who are pregnant. You might establish bonds which could last your whole life time as well as your children’s! Finding other women isn’t hard. Yoga classes, pottery and a number of other activities have special classes for pregnant women. Look around your neighborhood and choose one that interests you. Meet different people, socialize and build a healthy friends circle. It will not only keep you occupied but also make sure that you have something and some new people to look forward to.

4. Make others do your work

make others do your work

Being pregnant, you have a number of excuses to make others do your work. Feeling too lazy to clean out the house? Get someone to do it for you. If you’re craving ice cream in the middle of the night, send your husband out and don’t let him in unless he has the right flavour. Make people do simple things like open the door for you more often to driving you around and running all your errands. Even random strangers are more than happy to help out a pregnant woman, so go ahead and feel like a queen with everyone at your service.

3. Pick out a name for your baby

pick out a name for your baby

Your baby’s name will decide his or her personality. It is rather important that you spend some time selecting the perfect one. Selecting a name is a fun activity. Bring out all the old books or go through the abundant resources available on the internet. Look up names, their meanings and origin. Look for something unique yet not weird. Ask your friends and family to help you out. Get inspired by your favourite characters from books, movies and television shows. You could even name your child after someone you really look up to. The list is never ending so get going!

2. Pamper yourself

pamper yourself

Treating yourself is really essential to be happy. Being pregnant is the biggest excuse you could ever have to pamper yourself. Go spend a day at the spa or have your nails done at the salon. Go shopping! With that ever growing bump, you’re sure to need new clothes. Explore the maternity section into which you’ve never ventured before and pick out outfits that would match your style. Buy expensive jewelry. Go shopping for your new-born. Buy absolutely gorgeous rompers and have a blast testing different prams on multiple surfaces. Buy that new nail polish which you have wanted since weeks. Buy new sheets for your bed- whatever interests you and makes you happy. Shopping is always fun!

1. Binge


It is every woman’s dream to eat without getting fat and there could be no better opportunity to eat anything and everything your heart desires than when you’re pregnant! Besides, you’re eating for two and your body needs all the extra nutrition. Try out different cuisines, bake all the sweet treats that you want and simply hog. And watch as others stare at you with pure, unadulterated envy. The weight can be taken care of after delivery. For now, live to eat as these chances don’t come every so often.  So go ahead and BINGE!

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