Top 10 Funniest Characters in Bollywood

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How do you make a typical Bollywood movie? Take a muscular hero (preferably with moustaches), a coy heroine (damsel in distress), a crooked villain (with a pet tiger), a desolated old mother (clad in white saree) and mix them well with a lot of colorful dance numbers. But if you are a movie buff, you would have identified the missing element by now. Yes, the much needed comedian. A Bollywood movie is incomplete without giving its audience a fair share of laughter. We don’t need James Bond to create a cult figure or deliver dialogues which become immortal in the film industry. We can work wonders with the sheer genius of talented actors who make people laugh their asses off! Here’s a list of 10 finniest characters in Bollywood who have become unforgettable:

10. Circuit


Arshad Warsi played the character of Circuit, a loyal sidekick to Murli Prasad Sharma aka ‘munnabhai’ in Munnabhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabhai. Although he was a hoodlum, we never hated him for his works. What made him so lovable was his blind faith in munnabhai, his readiness to help people without any inhibitions, his infectious Mumbaiya dialect and his black kurta. Who can forget his attempt of bringing ‘hridya parivartan’ by speaking with ‘vinamrata’?

9. Bharat Bhushan


Vinay Pathak did full justice to the title of the movie Bheja Fry by playing the character of Bharat Bhushan- a talkative, self acclaimed singer who worked as an income tax inspector. He talks without any punctuation marks which is annoying for the co-actors on screen but hilarious for the viewers. The fact that he has a crystal clear heart who wants to help everyone but unintentionally messes up everything makes him adorable. His continuous jibber-jabber in one-hundred percent pure Hindi is the USP of an otherwise low budget film.

8. Lucky


I think I would be speaking for everyone when I say Tusshar Kapoor is a pathetic actor. I’ve never met a single person in my life who has liked him as an actor in any movie, except of course, the Golmaal series. His character of a mute boy became surprisingly famous and provided him with whatever fan following he has, if any. His annoying, squeaky sounds and rapid hand gestures made us all laugh and his ‘maya-o’ became an everyday expression. According to news reports, he will continue to play the mute boy in upcoming Golmaal 4.

7. Majnu Bhai


Anil Kapoor’s portrayal of the brother and wingman of the underworld don Uday Shetty in the movie Welcome was a treat to watch. His out-of-the-world talent of painting, his attempts to woe Ishika (Mallika Sherawat), his tingue-in-cheek remarks, his handsome dressing style and his killer aviators (which were disjoint in the middle!) made him a complete entertainment package. His painting of a donkey riding a horse and what followed after was one of the funniest sequences in the movie. He managed to make viewers laugh both as an angry don and a love-struck man.

6. Chatur


Omi Vaidya became an instant hit with the blockbuster 3 Idiots when he played the role of a jealous, success monger nerd of an engineering college, Chatur. Also known as The Silencer in the movie because of his stinky, silent farts; he enthralled the viewers with his famous ‘balatkaar’ speech which some people even remember by word! What made him famous was his slang, his puffy body, his photographic memory and his quest to race ahead of everyone by mindlessly memorizing facts, a role which clicked with almost every student in India who is sick and tired of our choking education system.

5. Pappi Bhai


Out of the numerous characters Johny Lever has played in more than 300 movies till now, one of my personal favourites is the role of Pappi Bhai in the movie Golmaal 3. A petty thief, working with two accomplices, Pappi bhai suffered from short term memory loss which creates a series of hilarious events in the movie. From his colorful clothes to his perfectly timed comic dialogues, he provides a large chunk of the comedy element in the movie. The phrase ‘bhoooola’ was played every time he lost his memory. The scene where he describes the face of the robber and ends up describing Amir Khan’s face from the movie Ghajini is one of the funniest scenes of movie. The comedy of errors is a very popular genre and he fulfills the requirement perfectly.

4. Chachi 420


Playing a one-of-its-kind role, Kamal Hassan did a marvelous job portraying the role of a fiery, lively, energetic Laxmi Godhbole in the movie Chachi 420. The very appearance of Jai (Kamal Hassan) as a Marathi lady was hilarious. Her (or his) tactics, the way she fights goons in market, the way she saves Bharti’s life by throwing her in water, the way she handles her landlord Haribhai’s (Paresh Rawal) advances, the way she tries to keep up the makeup and the pretence in front of the suspicious secretary Banwari (Om Puri); all sum to an exotic comedy movie.

3. Baburao Ganpatrao Apte


One of the most popular and widely loved comic characters is that of Baburao Ganpatrao Apte, played by Paresh Rawal in the Hera Pheri series.  His role of a dim-witted, clamorous yet kind-hearted Marathi landlord in the film gave it nationwide success. The way he glared out of his thick spectacles, wearing vest and dhoti and strutted around in a duck-like manner always manages to tickle our funny bones. His signature dialogue ‘utha le re deva’ became extremely popular.

2. Crime Master Gogo


“aankhe nikal kar gotiya khelunga” , “aaya hoon toh kuch toh le kar jaunga”– these dialogues are enough to remind you of one of the funniest movies of 90s, Andaz Apna Apna. Though every character in this laugh riot is a comedian in his own way, but Crime master Gogo, the masked man with a cape played by Shakti Kapoor, carved his own niche with his hilarious dialogues. His famous dialogue at the climax “Dhakki tiki dhakki tiki dhakki tiki thaa” is almost as popular as his above mentioned signature line in the movie.

1. Masterji


The list would be incomplete without the mention of the legendary actor Mehmood Ali. His skill of making people laugh with his subtle expressions, his gestures, his dance moves, his dialogues is memorable. The way he carried out his performance without any extra efforts showed how comfortable he was in his skin. His role of a south Indian music teacher Master Pillai or Masterji in the movie Padosan is something which is beyond imitation. The hilarious competition between him and Bhola (Sunil Dutt) to win Bindu’s (Saira Banoo) heart still makes you roll on the floor laughing. I bet you all know the song ‘Chatur Naar’ in that original slang!

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