Top 10 Gifts Girl’s love to Get

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Gift is a synonym of present or it is defined as token of love/affection from one person to another. Usually a gift is given to somebody in case of a particular occasion be it a birthday, anniversary, baby showering, laudatory gift etc or it can be in the form of a souvenir. Human beings are passionate for gifts and the feeling of being important is undoubtedly irresistible. Same is the case with girls but with higher intensity and greater enthusiasm. Every girl loves to get pampered, be it through gifts or treasured time. A girl is circumscribed with so many people varying from her family members, friends, office mates and spouse. No matter the gift is from any of them it is always cherished by the girl as it engulfs beautiful memories of love and affection from that person. Here I present a list of ten such gifts that a girl admires the most.

10 Love:-

Every individual is hungry for love. A girl seeks for love in her family, teachers, friends, partner etc.Every female desires to feel a sense of significance and admiration from her companionship. If a girl is glutted with love then for sure she’s the happiest person in this universe and that becomes the most prized gift for her.

9 Time:-

We all want time from our loved ones. If we are spending time with someone this signifies that, that person holds importance in our lives.Also, in this hectic world very few can spare time from their busy schedules for their loved ones. If someone is dedicating quality time with a girl, this implies that, that particular girl holds importance in that person’s life. Consequently time becomes one of her appreciated gifts forever.

8 Dresses:-

Whenever a girl dresses up for any party/outing, she takes This is a unanimous fact that every girl loves to get dressed up satisfactorily. This indicates that a girl is keen to be gifted with beautiful dresses. No matter the dress is a traditional wear or a western wear, girls are crazy for new clothes. When a girl dresses up nicely, this inculcates a sense of confidence in her and she feels beautiful and confident. This ultimately makes her girl happy and glee which in turn proves the fact that girls love new drapes.

7 Footwear:-

You all must have had observed that in every second advertisement of footwear there is a girl advertising the same. This defines the popularity of footwear among st girls. Therefore next time you are thinking for a gift for your female acquaintance try for footwear’s.

6 Accessories:-

Since I am a girl, I love adorning accessories. This penchant is very much common in most of the females. We love to dress up exclusively with hand piece, neck piece, earrings, hair accessories etc.Be it Hannah Montana, Lizzie McGuire or Lady Gaga, majority of females adore accessories and love to embellish them.

5 Flowers:-

Fragrance is something which is cherished by every individual be it a girl or a guy. Flowers are a pictogram of existence and exquisiteness. For this reason the best way ever to gift something to a girl is flowers. Whenever she receives a flower it inculcates a sense of joie de vivre and liveliness her life. Rose is the most cherished flower and various meanings are associated with its varying colors. Yellow roses signify a true friend, white rose is associated with sanctity and purity, red rose signifies love and lavender ones are designated for enchantment. Girls feel dazzling and vivacious whenever they accept flowers from their dear ones.

4 Chocolates:-

Chocolate is historically famous and consumed. Initially in Europe it was consumed as a drink but later It got modulated into chocolate bars. It has been proven scientifically that 99% of girls love chocolates. Be it any occasion Valentine’s Day, Birth Day, Anniversary etc this gift can never disappoint or displease a girl because of a pragmatic reason. There are certain contents in a chocolate that enhances and uplifts our mood. In every movie, we have seen the actresses being pampered by the male actors by gifting them chocolates. Chocolate is something which makes your relationship sugary and sweeter. Therefore next time you think of gifting your female acquaintance something go for chocolates.

3 Soft Toys:-

Here comes another cherished and loved gift amongst females. Teddy’s are really famous amongst girls. They love to decorate their rooms with soft toys. A teddy is her companion and best buddy when she is alone. Girls hug their teddy while sleeping to assure that they are not alone. Soft toys are most of the time very cuddly, supple and naive, therefore they treat it like their kid and adore its company. Teddy’s are typically termed as the cutest endowment for any female.

2 Diamonds:-

Now comes the most awaited and precious gift ever i.e. Diamonds. In every special juncture, females are usually gifted with diamonds from their loved ones. In marriages, engagements and other propitious moment, this precious stone finds its significance and importance. Diamond is a gift that every single girl adores. It comes in many beautiful and exotic colours. Each color has its own significance and every girl is thrilled to see a diamond in her present list. If given a chance I can bet every female would go for a diamond souvenir and diamonds pinnacle her catalog of gifts. A girl feels very special and is on cloud 9, when she is gifted with a diamond. This is an undisputed fact that diamond is most esteemed, proved and dear amongst girls. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend; this phrase further strengthens my point and hence proves that the best gift for a girl is a diamond.

1 Respect:-

respect is something which is most admired and hunted amongst girls. A girl can compromise with anything but definitely not with respect. Respect is of utmost significance and relevance for a girl. Foremost thing that any girl seeks in his/her company is a sense of respect and security. So finest and most praised gift a girl could ever get is dignity and respect.

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