Top 10 Healthy and Tasty Foods to Feed your Dog

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Although there are innumerable number of brands that have come up with dog food of different flavors and types, it might not always be a daily food option for dogs. While some of them refuse to eat them because they weren’t trained to, others always have problems after the consumption of these foods. Moreover, these foods are packed with preservatives, chemicals and various artificial agents which might not serve as a healthy option for your dog especially in the long run. There are many fussy dog eaters who only eat a few specific items and only if they really like its taste. Some of the food that we eat is considered suitable for dogs and at the same time is loved by them. One needs to experiment by trying out different types of safe foods with his/her dog to determine the taste and preferences of his pawed friend. Remember that canine and human nutritional needs are completely different. Check with the vet to know about types of food and quantities required by your dog to live healthily. Optimum nutrition demands that protein, fat, carbohydrate and micro nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and enzymes are in balance with each other. But at the same time the food should appeal to the wants of a dog and shouldn’t be inedible in the name of nutrition. Here are the top 10 healthy and tasty food items to feed your dog

10 Peanut butter

peanut butter

A popular favorite amongst many dogs, peanut butter is like a favorite dessert for many pawed friends. However owners always worry about the health factor when it comes to feeding their dogs this. The fact is that it not completely unsafe or unhealthy if fed in moderate amounts. They can be fed as trick treats or probably on a weekly basis if your dog is a big fan of peanut butter, you should preferably feed him homemade peanut butter to avoid the extra pile on of calories or preservatives. This can be used as a topping to various dog foods if he has an adamant sweet tooth. If he eats bread, peanut butter sandwiches can be made for him.

9 Melons


Watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew are all healthy food options for your dog that he would love to eat. They are extremely rich in anti-oxidants that can help in cleansing your dog’s system. It’s also a really good option during summers and prevents dehydration and its effects. These delicious melons make a tasty and nutritious treat for dogs. They pack lots of vitamins C and B-6, plus fiber, niacin and potassium. Here’s what else cantaloupes have a lot of: beta-carotene, which may be good for your dog’s vision. Studies have shown that beta-carotene can help prevent or reduce the growth of cataracts

8 Yogurt


Yogurt is a quick and yummy snack but one needs to be careful and ensure that the dog isn’t lactose intolerant. This can be assessed by determining reaction of a dog to various dairy products. This should be used only as special treats or as a topping to other dog foods because too much of a dairy product can prove to be harmful for dogs. If you’re planning to increase the intake of yogurt and make it a little more than usual, make sure you use low fat yogurt to reduce calorie intake. Your dog might also enjoy flavored yogurt but the flavor varied from dog to dog depending on his palate. Your dog will enjoy a bowl of yogurt especially on a hot summer’s day and will also help in prevention of dehydration and fatigue.

7 Sweet potatoes


This vegetable ingredient is commonly used as a kind of filler source food and aids in digestion thus preventing upset stomachs and other related problems. They are considered to be more nutritious and tastier than the normal potatoes. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients, these vegetables can help in stabilizing blood sugar levels and lowers the insulin resistance in dogs. Vitamin A present in them also protects these dogs against deficiencies and diseases such as emphysema.

6 Seeds


Sunflower seeds are good sources of minerals, vitamins and healthy fat. The vitamin E present in these seeds can improve dog’s fir coat and also meet the regular requirements of vitamin E. They are also high in iron and low in saturated fat. They can be used as snacks or treats for a dog because he’s not going to have a bunch of these seeds as a meal. Researchers also state that, these seeds can aid your dog to relax and reduce stress. Many others also say that a moderate dose of sunflower seeds can lead to a generally healthier and happier dog.

Flax seeds are also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which are good for the dog’s skin and coat. Whole flax seeds are best if ground right before feeding as this type of fat can go rancid quickly. Flax seed can also be added to your dog’s diet as a source of fiber.

 5 Carrots


Fresh, crunchy carrots are good for your dog’s teeth as they scrape off plaque and food particles present in their mouth. This is absolutely necessary since they don’t regularly brush or clean their teeth. These Carrots stimulate their gums and creates excessive saliva production that balances out the cavity-forming bacteria. Also the essential minerals present in carrots prevent tooth damage and decay. Moreover Dogs love to eat, and play with raw carrots by slowly chewing on them.  More than meals, these should be given as snacks. They can also  protect a dog’s coat from the inside by being a rich source of  Vitamin A and antioxidants Vitamin A also prevents premature wrinkling, dry skin, pigmentation and other blemishes. The Vitamin A present also assists the liver in flushing out the unnecessary toxins from the body of the dog and reducing the amount of bile and fat present in the liver. It is a fibrous vegetable and thus cleans out the colon thus mobilizing movement of waste

4 Fish


Fish is an increasingly popular item to feed dogs and they also love how it tastes, especially salmon. Although usually considered as cat food, many people don’t know that their dogs will savor this happily. Fish contains vital omega-3 fatty acids which are helpful in smooth functioning of your dog’s joints. The oils present in the fish also give your god a thick and shiny hair coat and reduces shedding of hair. However you must make sure that the fish is de-boned carefully or made into a paste form before feeding it to your dog so that he doesn’t suffocate or choke due to the bones being lodged in his airway.

3 Eggs


Eggs are a great source of digestible protein, riboflavin, and selenium. This is especially beneficial for dogs that have frequent digestion issues. The protein boost will help in fixing stomach related issues. They can be used as treats, snacks or even a meal. However make sure they are served in moderate quantity. You must also make sure that you use cooked whole eggs and avoid raw egg whites since they can be a cause of biotin deficiency.

2 Liver


Meat liver, especially chicken liver contains a more than considerable amount of protein, fat, and vitamin A thus acting as ideal supplements to your daily dog food. Its high fat content makes it an excellent option for young, growing and underweight dogs. Also, Vitamin A plays a vital role in ensuring strong eyesight and the high quantity of protein found is beneficial for the overall health of the dog. Liver is also rich in minerals such as copper, iron, niacin, phosphorus and zinc. It also contains B vitamins, omega-3 omega-6 fatty acids and essential amino acids that your dog requires in his diet to keep him fit.

1 Chicken


One of the most popular dog foods, dog owners is totally relieved that their dogs love something which isn’t even unhealthy. Ignoring their love for bones, we must avoid giving them meat with bones because the small ones might get stuck in their throat. Blanches, shredded or slices of chicken are perfect forms which are also easy for them to consume. This chicken can be either boiled or baked. Avoid deep frying and cooking them in oil because it is unnecessary and on a regular basis becomes fattening. Dogs love food items that are even cooked in chicken broth or carry its flavor and smell.

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